Friday, December 26, 2008

Coastal Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coastal Park in Haikou City, the coastal road south-west of the junction Thailand and China, the dragon at the junction of the north-west Queensland, fall back into the sea, adjacent to the financial and trade zone, which are easily accessible, very advantageous geographic location, its fronting the coastal road, back into the sea, so named Coastal Park.

Coastal Park in 1991 began to build park For a beach, the only building is an ancient fort, reclamation in the region are gardening. October 1995 was formally opened, in May 1996 the park began to dream park tourists. Coastal Park covers an area of 730 mu (about 480,000 square meters), set horticulture, tourism, entertainment as one of the great Comprehensive modern amusement park.

Park for the four-door, designed for large-Roman columns, hemispherical roof, magnificent, with high school and Western restaurants, dance halls and so on. With large tree in front of the car park, an area of about 21,100 square meters, the two wings of the door to the promenade level 7208.1 M, will be integrated into shopping malls. Lawn in the park have been planted 112,000 square meters, 9508 trees, flowering shrubs 6000 square meters, but also man-made lake (area of 24,573 square meters), a rockery waterfall, fountain, and other scenic areas.

Park Playground - Dream of a dozen amusement park All measures introduced by Italy, with international advanced level, children's play for the round of the butterflies, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mini-train, double-decker merry-go-round, coffee cup, sliding the slide, Dan Dan bed, and so on; there are adult friends and for young people The pleasure of the thrills of fighting anti-shuttle, flying submarine, the roller coaster, wireless Vehicle collision, the house of terror, such as small cars; Japan imports a variety of new electronic amusement equipment, the province's largest car simulation, the air war, shooting, gliding, motor boats, Battle City, as well as for children 1-6 years old to play the small motor Games; also in the park game stalls, Yechui area, a variety of literary pleasure Business projects, all have adopted the European style architecture. Park Huguang water color, beautiful scenery and beautiful one, it is refreshing.

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