Friday, December 26, 2008

Saddle Ridge crater - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in the territory of Xiuying District, 20 km away from Tainan, the shape of a saddle. Chengkungling to build a "concept of Hai Ting", is expected to see from here Qiongzhou Strait and the crater, and enjoy the beauty of Barry Lai Chi Yuen. Saddle Ridge crater is the world's most complete one of the extinct volcano mouth, around the size of the distribution of more than 30 blocks from where they stand Gushan, which are formed by volcanic crater or volcanic cone. When a volcanic eruption of magma underground movement to the left here, criss-crossing the underground cave group is currently available for the tour to visit the immortal, Wolong second hole, larger cave is still under development.

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