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Chun Qiu cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in the suburbs of Water Village, the tomb chamber of about 2500 square meters. For the state-level key protection units. Chun Qiu is well-known politicians in the middle of the Ming dynasty, China's outstanding scholars in the 15th century.

Chun Qiu (1421-1495), Zizhong deep, deep, Um, No. Yufeng, Hainan and Taiwan, alias Hill Road, Jinhua City, the city is King Shan village, the people of the world "Qiongshan" of respect, also known as Mr. Hainan and Taiwan. The death of his father's childhood, on through the mother, study hard, smart man. Examination of 17-year-old should be first, into the soil in the post, a succession of editing Hanlin, Shi Jiang, Shi Jiang degree, University of disabilities, Jijiu Imperial College, placing the country Libu You Shilang Services supervisor, and Libushangshu charge of government affairs matters, and Wenyuan Pavilion Taizishaobao Libushangshu University with a disability, less security and Prince Edward Taibao Shang Wu Yingdian University Department of households with disabilities to participate in maintenance of the imperial court, thanks to funeral after the death of the emperor, Yi-Wen Chuang . China's Ming Dynasty in the mid-Ming Chen of Science, 15 eminent scholars of the century, life learned knowledge, the Very rich, there is a "history of the world is the key link", "Yan Yi of the University make up" and "family festival etiquette," "poetry Hainan and Taiwan will be issued" and "idiom test", "Annals", drama "Notes for" hundreds of Volume, won the "poetry over the world," Yu, Zhang and Tang Dynasty (near), Song YU, with Choi (Zengcheng) and called Lingnan four-ru. "Hai Rui and, Wang, Zhang Yuesong said," four-way Hainan. "Hai Rui he called" double-wall Hainan, "Hainan is known both young and old well-known historical figures.

Chiu Chun-stone tomb of the Department of the dome, six meters high, the tomb is divided into six-storey base, including 16 steps, a base gossip, gossip among "##"( Million) symbols, the symbols in ancient times on behalf of the auspicious meaning. Li a grave stone, about 4.4 meters high, engraved on the top of the dance of Ssangyong, inscribed around the edge of green pines, crane, cloud patterns, and so on. Monument surface of the side: "Emperor Ming Albrecht funeral," words, the middle: "The doctor Guanglu Zhuguo less security and Prince Edward Taibao Shang Wu Yingdian Shite University Department of gifts left Shi Wen Chong Tai Fu Zhu-Guo Qiu Gong. Letters closure of a deceased mother is his wife, Wu goods Tomb "(husband and wife buried together). Tombstone before there are about 2 meters a stone altar, the home altar incense burner, stone candlestick. Is a work of stone carving of St. Paul the previous legislation, arch inscribed on "Science aims to Ming Chen," There are two behind the Square Modeling of ancient stone Wengzhong. Stone Wengzhong about 4 meters before there is a marble monument, the monument engraved with the North "Celebration life-ho" words, engraved with the south of Daming emperor oration encyclical, the entire oval-shaped tomb chamber, the left and right, after the three sides surrounded by railings, the railings outside For the slope of the green, facing a pond on the grass before the reservoirs are Shima, stone , Lions each right. Garden Tomb of the reservoirs, clear spring constant, year round full of water, cool in the summer, not winter cold. In the face of Jiangmen Ping, pillow after Cui hill, elegant simplicity, with a solemn silence.

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