Friday, December 26, 2008

Rock Hill Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hainan Province is located in the north, in the southwest of Haikou City, 28 kilometers away from downtown, the area of 33 square kilometers in the region, the "volcanic wonders," "stop up the volcanic sheep food" known to crater, the crater and the local group Rongdong The "two-pool", "Temple Hill" and other major attractions for the landscape.

The area is a Multi-million years ago the late Quaternary new century must break sharp, take-off and landing exercise led to differences in terrain NORTHERN HAINAN ISLAND area of the central area of volcanic eruptions. Saddle Ridge is a volcanic crater in the group to keep the mouth of the most complete one, "the existing world's most complete ancient extinct volcano's mouth," one of North Peak 222.2 meters above sea level, south peak above sea level 86.75 meters, and its distribution around the size of more than 30 blocks from where they stand of Gushan, which are formed by volcanic crater or volcanic cone, Saddle Ridge and echoed, in order to constitute a saddle ridge of peaks as the center of the cone-li Strange landscape. In addition, due to volcanic eruptions, when the movement of magma underground, leaving the vertical and horizontal cross The underground network of volcanic rock holes, geological experts have been called the "natural museum of volcanic hole." There are groups in the western area of the Song Dynasty built "Temple Virgin" and other monuments. In the area of food flavor, "Rock Hill stop up the sheep" because of the unique way in captivity and beverages, meat to delicate texture, soft bone, but not greasy smell of mutton is not known at home and abroad. Rock Scenic By the end of this stage has been the development of sightseeing, geological study, convalescence holiday, a taste of "stop up the sheep".

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