Friday, December 26, 2008

Great in the East China Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luhuitou at large in the East China Sea and Yulin Gang, eastbound from the city for 10 minutes to reach by car. The bow was in the Gulf, southeast of the two parallel mountain ranges like the two small embankment wall built into the vast South China Sea, the Gulf and make a barrier. Tai Shan three sides in the East China Sea, a sea, surrounded by rows of green coconut on the beach, apparatus Bi , Castle Peak, green coconut, white sandy beaches of unique visitors in the United States won praise at home and abroad. In the winter, was surprisingly quiet in the East China Sea, the vast sea of crystal as a mirror, overprint the blue sky, white clouds, Daishan of reflection. Shuitianyise far in the deep blue sea, seems to be the absence of the spray, the 3322 fishing boat slowly slip . Like an elegant, crisp and calm in the magnificent show of ink Shanhai map. Standing in the East China Sea, overlooking a vast sea view and quiet, there will be wide Long imaginative power, gas Man-ching of God, or even feel there will be all there is to reverse the course of events Shan spirit. This is the largest gift dedicated to those in the East China Sea or from the cold North Or from the arid inland desert; or from the rugged mountains or from the hubbub of the city and other places of tourist gifts. Qi Jing's big in the East China Sea can mold, and the big water in the East China Sea more attractive charm. There is no cold wave of bleak, not the lingering rain, the average January temperature of 20.7 Celsius . Valuables on the beach level, slowly extending up to 1000 meters. "Plumbing white sand ......

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