Friday, December 26, 2008

Seamount wonders - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanya City is located 40 km west of the beach, some 13 km away from the ends of the earth. The scene in the Song Dynasty had very famous, strange and beautiful sea view each other in Mountain View, a beautiful coastal uncanny workmanship are everywhere on the size of the rock group, constitute the mountains like a beautiful ancient scroll painting and calligraphy. Here Four spots, respectively, for the Buddhist culture Court, Dong Tian size of the tourist areas, the Gu Yu Guanyin Pavilion and longevity. Guo tour in 1962, on the scenic scenery of the sea light amazed, "Yu Ya Shan County, hydroxyl," a poem as "South Australia's odd." Tour in the region is still left a number of famous sites, there is "little Dongtian , "Diao Tai", "wonders of seamounts," "Sin ladder", "celestial sign," "test Jianfeng," Cliff poetry stone ages. Admission: 50 yuan Court Buddhist culture; Dongtian tourist area the size of 28 yuan; Kim Yu Guanyin Pavilion 20 yuan; no long-tickets

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