Friday, December 26, 2008

Harbor village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiongshan city on the northeast coast of Hong Kong in Dongying, a northern port and Dongzhai Harbor in Wenchang County, the former Des Hong Kong and other places of the waves, a hidden 72 "Harbor village." This is more than 300 years ago of a rare caused by the earthquake, our country has so far found only in the history of a land subsidence of the sea into the ruins of the earthquake. According to historical records, State earthquake occurred in Wanli of the Ming dynasty that year on July 13, 1605 at midnight, the magnitude as 7.5, the intensity of the epicenter at 10 degrees. King Shan County, the epicenter in the tower and the city of Wenchang County between Des ago. Is the hardest-hit Qiongshan, Chengmai and temporary, four-Wenchang County. Earthquake led to land subsidence in the range of general To 4 meters, land subsidence into the sea in the largest 10 meters or so, the threat of an area of more than 100 square kilometers. The earthquake is a vertical drop in body mass settlement of the situation rarely seen in the history of the earthquake at home and abroad. Several hundred years later, after the earthquake site has become a strange underwater landscape. Dongzhai Harbor not far from the beach , To seeing an old stage, and numerous stone on a sea filled with oysters, shellfish. Dongzhaigang from the north, in the former Des Bay about 4 km north of the coast about 10 meters deep underwater, there is a "Hui village," the ancient village settlement where sitting on a motorboat through the water, when the village The courtyard, mixed housing Remains faintly discernible. In the shop before the North Bay and hit a crossing between Hong Kong, people can clearly see a fine Diaogong "arch" standing water, flocks of fish and shrimp in the spleen Square, next to the shuttle as if mythology "Dragon King's palace Harbor." "Harbor Village" is a great potential for development of the tourist area of the seabed.

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