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Hairui Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the western suburbs of the city of Haikou in Hainan Province in the village of Ya-bin Hairui Tomb, the mausoleum is a rectangle. Four weeks for the stone wall of evergreen trees and vegetation in the park, the environment clean, quiet and solemn.


  King Shan Hai Hainan Island County, was born nine years Tak-ming (Year 1514). His 40-year-old in , The first official in Fujian, Zhejiang Province, was promoted after the Chunan County magistrate, Jia Zhou, and other post-sentence, in 1564, Hai was promoted to principal Mitobe Secretary of Yunnan, the official Korea, during his term in office, boldly get rid of the drawbacks, the right to punish the traitors , The interests of the people, a miscarriage of justice rehabilitate, popular, but it offended a lot of those in power. At that time, Ming Satyric court cases, just want to look for longevity drugs, up and down the court and no one dares to criticism. Hai death, their own coffin, Shangzou a "law and order sparse" As a result, in jail, after the death of King Sejong, the release of Hai Rui, reinstated the post. In 1569 as right-Yu Shi Qian all, the imperial governor of the Governor grain Road should be ten days of House He enforce the law, crack down on corrupt officials so that the extravagance and dissipation of the wind greatly disappeared. But soon be out Jianning, was dismissed from office for the people return home, in Qiongshan Hsien-home for 16 years. 72-year-old, Emperor Ming Hai has been using to officials in Nanjing. In 1587, Hai died in Nanjing.

  Hai Health outspoken non-Arab, is a distinguished statesman, a well-known in the history of clean government. Only the permanent property after the death of two 8 silver, a few pieces of the old gowns, but it left a "South Bao" and "blue sea" of good reputation. His coffin returned home the day of departure, the people of Nanjing strike a few days to mourn him. When the coffin carried on Hainan Island County, King Shan-bin Village site, the coffin carrying the rope suddenly cut off, people think that this is the burial of the deceased of their choice, they built a cemetery here.

  Green cemetery gate of the gray stone engraved with the cross of St. Paul on the "righteousness eastern Guangdong," 4 red Chinese characters. A wide granite arch under the direct road from the base. Connected on both sides of the Shi Yang, Shima, lions, Shirengou, or stand or sit or lie down, and life. Holds the tomb of a stone turtle Road. Tomb with the pattern of Hangzhou Yue's tomb is similar, but smaller. A stone altar, the stone platform, five bars, the circular stone graves. Grave 1.6 meters in diameter, 2.6 meters high. Engraved on the tomb stone " Imperial Emperor burial good doctor-owned Nanjing Qian all right Doucha Yuan Yu Shi Shi Zhong gifts Taizishaobao referred Tomb of the public and the sea "30 words. Stele 4 meters high, 0.8 meters wide, 10 cm thick, is made 400 years ago When the original tomb.

  Now the only Hairui Tomb of a grave space. In Shiniandongluan, the Hai Rui bones were dug , First paraded in public, the last in Haikou City Plaza, was burned. In 1982, the local government re-construction of the park Hairui Tomb. Lunar calendar every year on February 20 Hai memorial day, local people have come to worship him to the grave. Hai was a feudal officials, but his honest and clean, and thus subject to later generations King and miss.


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