Friday, December 26, 2008

Wan Lvyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the coastal city of Haikou in the middle of the road with a total area of 1070 mu. The main stage to the main public green space, 16 sub-areas, that is, the gate area, plaza area, Neihu, children's play area, lawn area, the area of bamboo, ornamental plants, tropical areas, golf driving range and so on. Wan Lvyuan unique characteristics of tropical ecology and wind Landscape features, and the blue sky, clear water, modern high-rise into one of the city to become a charming landscape.

  Haikou is the largest open coastal tropical garden landscape ecology, but also visitors and the public access to the sea of sports entertainment. Garden planted nearly 10,000 trees with coconut trees mainly of heat South subtropical hundreds of ornamental plants, one showing a tropical garden scenery. Wan Lvyuan leadership VIP tree planting areas, social groups will be planting areas and planting areas of individual citizens. Wanlv Yuan in the beautiful, blue sky and white clouds, green grass Jessica, Bi Haibo sparkling light, you are noisy in the city to enjoy the quiet corner, and the people A harmonious blend of beautiful natural taste.

  Haikou Wan Lvyuan high visibility, when living in the sea, little did not have been to the Wanlv Yuan. She bounded by the boundless expanse of blue water of the Qiongzhou Strait, the South Hill high-rises of the financial trade zone. This was an area of reclaimed land, after several years of construction, conservation Have shown green grass, lush flowers and trees of a beautiful scene. Wanlv Yuan in the beautiful, the most amazing people she's vast steppe-like - long on the acres of lawn Wang Budao an edge; in the coastal side of the road, nearly 10,000 more trees to tropical coconut trees mainly of trees, whirling Dance, green and luxuriant ... ... Wanlv Yuan is I Municipal People's Government in order to green the city for the public with a beautiful ecological environment and the rest of the construction in 1994. At that time, the city government called out, the community reacted strongly, studied business, workers, peasants and soldiers, whether contributions or to participate in voluntary labor is actively and enthusiastically. To pay the money, the Youlichuli Is very touching. In a total investment of more than 300 million in the first phase of construction, there are 10,000,000 yuan is individual donations.

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