Friday, December 26, 2008

Mountain amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King Shan Ling Shanzhen area located in the sea 16 kilometers east-yu, from Haikou up to about 15 minutes by car can take the bus to the green. This is the first large-scale Hainan amusement park. In addition to the water park bumper boats, the Lotus Cup, shooting, and other museum projects, there are brave wheel, the crazy mouse, slide-long, self - Dozens of large sets of flying saucer, and other recreational facilities. In particular the "jet venture", 600 meters long water slide, slide the maximum surfing from the ground 28 meters, is said to the world. Through terror in the world, the Great Wall of water, tropical rain forests in the "Air Train", "underground maze" and "underwater Kang Legong" is a more attractive Sheng, a very stimulating. The Chinese Classical Gardens Park into a modern large-scale arts and recreational facilities in one. Tall and gorgeous antique of St. Paul is the largest of St. Paul; painting gallery imitate the Summer Palace, Beijing, plus Tingxie up the house, in order to give people a taste of oriental culture. Featured in the park, visitors can pleasure after Enjoy scenic tours, food products, souvenirs to buy.

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