Friday, December 26, 2008

Haikou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in Haikou City, was founded in 1954 with a total area of 440 mu. Park open for the park, the park planted with tropical and subtropical plants more than 1,000, almost a tropical botanical garden. In addition, the Liberation Monument Park in Hainan, the monument was built in 1954 specifically to commemorate the long-term Qiongdao crossing revolution and the war martyrs. There is also a statue of General Feng Baiju and Jinian Ting Feng Baiju. Park is in front of East Lake and West Lake in the urban areas of the sea as if a pair of eyes show. Lake Donghu Lake in the heart Island, an area of about 40 acres, linked by Jiu Quqiao with the land.

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