Friday, December 26, 2008

Boao Tourism Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Boao is located in the eastern coastal city of Qionghai, a tropical northern margin, 19.3 degrees north latitude, 110.5 degrees east longitude, the east and south of the South China Sea, away from the town of Qionghai City, 17 kilometers Kerry plot, Haikou City, 105 km, 180 km of Sanya City.

Boao has a population of about 27,000 people, the land area of 86 square Lane. Government under the jurisdiction of the town of Boao in 17 villages, 175 villages group.

Boao is a well-known international organization - the "Forum for Asia," the permanent location of the venue. In the region which are easily accessible, well-developed communications, infrastructure converge on perfect, with Sofitel, the Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel, such as 7-star hotel Zone 2. Binhai Development Zone of the Boao Tourism Development Zone and the Boao International Convention and Exhibition leisure resort. "Asia Forum" on the permanent site of Boao is located in International Convention and Exhibition break in the resort.

Boao has rich tourism resources, protection of ecological near-perfect, rich Perovskite, such as hot springs and resources in the waters wide area of Canton, River, 9 River, Long River roll with the Department of Sanjiang Benru here in the South China Sea, the three rivers junction, Dongyu, Shapo, Yuanyang risers across the three islands, Fell across the mountains around the islands, lush coconut and into the river, sea and the foothills, in one island, set on the beach, rock, country, sea , Hot Springs, in a coconut, as the world's rivers to the sea to preserve the natural landscape of the most perfect place.

Are encouraging prospects for the development of the Boao. With the "Forum for Asia," the building of the Boao has been the cause of the booming business visitors to the territory, ever-changing landscape. Boao is moving in the international Show and tropical tourism resort and leisure giant strides forward in the direction.

Boao, where there is water Island, the island in the water, beautiful scenery and historical sites set in one place, it was as wonderful scenery of southern picture.

Boao in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, the vast domain, Xianyao terrain, the complexity of the regimen, which is 10,000 , The dragon roll, 9 brought together from the three rivers and then into the sea has to go through the mouth, Dongyu River mouth to the sea, the island two mandarin ducks, so that the Boao Hong Kong Island there in the water, the water in the island, scattered waves , The beautiful scenery. Here, wide flat beach, soft white; the sea water color blue, the doors stand rock group; sea As with green wood, palm quite empty, the smoke curl upwards. This view Nerita cotton more than 10 years in the Gulf of Tan An, the same as God in weaving a colorful Choudai, many famous Chinese and foreign travel of the view that this is the world's rivers to the sea to maintain the natural landscape of the most perfect place.

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