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Notre Dame hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Orthodox Church in Shanghai in height in 1931 when Japan invaded northeastern China, then foreign Orthodox into the country from Shanghai, had 7 churches. After the founding of foreign nationals to leave one after another, gradually reducing the Orthodox. New music only way to preserve the church is still very much intact. Traffic: 94 North Road, Xiangyang Road end , Shaanxi South Road Subway Station, 02,24,41,42,45,104,128,831,835,911,920,926, travel Route 7, 10. Address: Xuhui District, the new Lok Road 55

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Mu-En-Tang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mu-En-Tang Tibet Road at the junction of Jiujiang, in the face of the People's Square, a United Methodist Christian denominations Adams, also known as "Le Mu Tong." The appearance of the building in the United States Institute of Gothic revival. Brick. The southwest corner tower and a hall block. At the top of the tower to install a five-meter tall neon cross. Particularly under the brilliant night, as People's Square a great landscape. Transport: Subway People's Square Station Address: 316 Tibet Road, Tel: 63225029 Opening hours: usually not open to the public on Sundays 7:00,9:00,14:00,19:00 to do four times a week, visitors can To visit

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Aquilaria Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aquilaria Old House "Wan Monastery," an area of 2378 mu (159 hectares), with King Hall, Main Hall, Guanyinge, Garan Hall and Memorial Hall, such as Master-chee. There are three four-post before the Court, Zhong Yan arches, there are Sha Menghai the title of "Aquilaria Court" words. Aquilaria Court to worship the "Guanyin sinensis," is famous, the original The concept of audio-visual Shinianhaojie have been destroyed. Guanyinge is enshrined in Hong Kong that was donated by followers of the water Haiqiong Ruyi Lun Chen Xiangmu of audio-visual concept. In 1988, Aquilaria Court of the State Council have been listed as the first batch of 142 national focus on opening up one of the temple, the seat is unique temple nuns. Traffic: 9 Rd 2 (Fuyou Lishui Road junction) terminal, the way 569 (Henan Star South Street) terminal, the people on the road (the north gate of the new 801,920,926,930, Jinjiang tourist bus. Henan Province in the South (Fuyou Road Station) has set up 66,929 points, Fang Chuan line. Address: Huangpu Aquilaria Court Road, 29 Tel: 63203431 opening hours :7:00-16: 00 tickets: 2 yuan

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Chuansha ancient city wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sichuan is located in the new 171 Chengxiang Road Primary School, built in the Ming Dynasty, is still the southeast corner, there are Kuixing Court, Yue Monument Court, pens and so on tower construction.

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Huang's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lan-Fen is located in Chuansha town hall 74 get 1 to 8. Huang (1878-1965), is well-known educators and businessmen. San Heyuan for the former residence of the old building, former residence of which are equipped with "the life of Huang Shi showroom." Transportation: Travel Line 3, Shen Chuan line, Dongchuan line opening hours: 8 00-18:00 ticket: 2 yuan

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The former site of the central organ of the Communist Youth League - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is an old-fashioned brick house Shikumen. Shanghai was where the communist group's activities. August 22, 1920, as advocated by Chen Duxiu, YU Xiu Song, Shi-deposit system, Yuan Zhenying, at the end of Ye Jin Feng Deng Baren home here in Shanghai announced the establishment of the socialist youth league, YU Xiu Ren Shuji song. 1 21, the beginning of the establishment of the Chinese Socialist Youth League, where the central authority for the mission. In 1920-1921, the Communist Party of China's first news agency (China and Russia news agency) and was set up here and start editing the work of the issue. Here are the State Council, has been listed as national key cultural unit. Traffic Tourism on the 10th line, 02,42,146,911,920,926,945 Road, Huaihai Road, free sightseeing vehicles Address: Huaihai Road in Luwan District get 567 (Yuyang Village) 6 Tel: 64576327

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Step high, - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Step high, is located in Luwan District in Shaanxi South Road and West Road at the junction of the founding of the PRC, for the typical old-style residential neighborhood group from the French Business was built in 1930, belonged to the French Concession. A total of two-story brick building Shikumen 78, to form a complete pattern of neighborhood neighborhood, I Nongtang the unique Chinese-style arches. Well-known for Mr. Ba Jin had lived in this, his former residence is located in a high-step 52. Here he created the "Sea of Dreams" and other works.

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Shou-an Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Treasure Island is one of the four ancient temples, located at the southern end of the Aoshan Kim, was founded in 2002 Chunyou Song Dynasty (1241 AD), Chongming Island is the oldest of the ancient temples. Former "life-an Temple," had "Si Wai foreign Castle Hill Hill, Ting Ting Zhong green water in the water" reputation. After the war, and as a result of harassment of Japanese pirates, as well as unrest in the disaster were looted, Japan must destroy event. Life of an existing temple in 1983 is the reconstruction. The door has a wonderful together, Mr. Zhao Puchu for the title - "immeasurable Nyorai life, the years-an Pure Land." In addition to the magnificent main building qualities of the Main Hall, Third Temple, the Hall of Heavenly Kings is also unique charm, and Wood Sakya Muni Fo like gods and colorful gold , Nyorai III, Monju, Fugen, the 16 islands, such as Guanyin Buddha. One wing of the West Building 2 of a giant Yuzhiwofo. Weighing 13 tons, more than 6 meters long, is Shanghai's largest Yuzhiwofo.

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Dongtan migratory birds - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the eastern part of Chongming Island, a beach area to protect migratory birds, an area of 30,000 hectares, is the world's few wild bird populations, habitat, is currently the world's important wetlands declaration. Dongtan has 116 kinds of birds, especially the small number of swans wintering in the Dongtan only up to 3000-3500. More precious White-fronted Goose, the Green Heron, Black-faced Spoonbill, and so also. From Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries of transit habitat for migratory birds, as many as the total number of 3,000,000. Bird-watching season in which we can see large birds like the sky and white clouds drift like to, the scene is quite spectacular. To the bird-watching in the East China Sea, is the best time for early , Chongming is the sunrise in the East China Sea as a natural scenic spots, Chongming Dongtan is located in the forefront of the East China Sea. Morning bird-watching not only can view the sunrise, it was the second one.

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Song Ze ancient cultural sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingpu county is located five kilometers east of the village of Chak-song. After a series of archaeological investigations and excavations, discovered a primitive village, now there are about five or six thousand years, and save a lot of cultural relics and historical sites. It is the first in Shanghai to date ancient cultural sites. Song Ze ancient cultural sites of the upper deck: Tuse Malacosoma Archaeological finds in the late Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period and pottery, porcelain, bronzes and a small number of stone tools. Among them, a green color, exposure Tan Fu, rotating wall covered with patterns of porcelain, reflecting the working people of our country at the time of the manufacture of porcelain has a very high level. Middle: Tusehuihe, is a primitive commune of A total of burial place. The characteristics of buried human skeletons Yang Shen straight limb, to the southeast of voluminous, the bulldozers buried in the ground. In general, people cytoskeleton around the funerary objects. There are two tombs of middle-aged women and children buried together, reflecting the period from the children's mother, is still in the matriarchal society. Lower: Tusehuilan, including ancient Tibetan food for the excavation of the original cellar, as well as the means of production, reflecting the lower productivity. In the cellar, can be found in artificially propagated and indica rice grains of rice to prove that the ancestors in the Qingpu district of about six thousand years ago has mastered the technology of rice cultivation, but also proves that China is the world's earliest cultivated rice Countries.

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Sheshan on Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Autumn 2000, Shanghai's largest artificial lake - Lake on Sheshan, such as a temporary peak number of "mirror" face makeup "landscape" to show the people in front of. On the waters of Lake area of 456 mu, green Sheshan East, Xue Shan, surrounded by Phoenix Mountain, the lake is expected to see only Sheshan large and squat, clear water, light microwave Yang, The northern end of Lake, looks at the southern end of the Jing, more than 800 m long embankment into the water Tsui. Around the gentle slopes, plant more trees, flowers, artificial hills dotted with pavilions and small bridges; on the side of Hubei, Shandong Province on the south side of Phoenix, built a "stone for a better tomorrow fasting", "Spring Qing-chi," and "nirvana Xingping" "Evening glow Sheshan" Ten. Shandong three sides open lake, the planning and construction of the Sun Plaza fountain light music, and the construction of commercial, cultural, sports and entertainment district. In the near future, the lake will be on the formation of mountains, rivers, forests coordination, King, one of the objects into the beautiful landscape.

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White drunk tank - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Drunken white pool of five well-known Shanghai Jiangnan one of the ancient garden of the Qing Junji 2007 (1650) principal and Industry Advisory Board to build big. Layout of the garden to water as the central pool ring on three sides are Qulangtingxie, Shangjing barometer can lean on a railing. White drunk tank at the check in the name of Su Shi, "Bai Tang drunk", that the prime minister Han Qi Song Dynasty poet Bai Mu Tang Home In old age for drinking Wing Lok and build Baitang drunk. Gu Shen Tai good at painting, good poetry, music and Mu Bai Ju-yi's "Drunken white" for the pool, the park name. Drunken white pond pool area more than 600 square meters, and a pile of rocks, unique. There are old Xuan, Ikegami cottage and scenic spots, such as kiosks and Mandarin Song, Ming stele since the Masters Stone. Nagqu Wai Ting Xie Yong-water, according to bar visitors Shangjing English the fun. Inter-profile South pool wall "between the cloud Kunihiko map" stone, Juan Ming and Qing Xiang Xian Songjiang county government is a famous portrait of more than 100 people, the very portrait of workers. Jiaqing 2002 (1797) to Yuying Tong. After the founding of the PRC, the restoration of gardens. 1959 Amendment Open and expand the area to 76 acres. Zhang more than the park, Ligustrum lucidum, Guangxi, and other old trees. Are building in 1983 with the "reward Office of deer, Magnolia House, deep study Liu Tong, carved Office." Address: Songjiang District People's South Road No. 64 Tel: 57814763 opening hours :8:00-17: 0 Admission: 12 yuan

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Tang Jing Zhuang Songjiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Shanghai's oldest buildings, built in the Tang and medium-sized 13-year (859). The Tang Jing Zhuang A total of 21, 9.3 meters high. 8 000 who face, engraved with "Fodingzunsheng dharani by" the full text, and there are questions in mind. The rest at all levels, such as child care seat, waist, and so part of the canopy, carved, there are patterns of sea water, Po Lotus, Bao-zhu, cirrus, Book, King, Buddha, support and dragon, lion, such as squatting. Building a whole big beautiful, delicate carvings, mellow lines Xi Lian, who are full of flowers and even the animal's sense of a Tang Dynasty style. "National key cultural unit." Address: Songjiang District, Zhongshan Road Primary School in Tel: 57,822,157 (prior appointment, free)

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Jin Jiang Sheshan drifting in the world - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China's largest water park, an area of 180,000 square meters, the park has 1.5 km-long river rafting, building wave pool, various types of Chute, water-screen movies, music and so on the square, is a water-entertainment, leisure, sports restaurants In one multi-functional entertainment. Address: 100 Shen Brick Road Opening hours: In June-September 9:00-21:00 Tickets: 40 yuan, three House price 100 yuan (food package)

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Confucius Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucius Temple is located in the Jiading District of Shanghai Jiading Main Street, Town, Jiading Southern Song Dynasty, founded in 12 years (1219), now covers an area of 17 acres or so.
  Confucian temple door "Star lattice door" before "Xing Xian", "talent", "Bianco" three lions of St. Paul and railings. 72 attitude of the different rock , A symbol of yin only 72 Confucius. The wall around the Confucius Temple, "Ren-million wall." Inside the pool, "Chi Pan," Yuan-tai will be drilled in the first year (1324).
Pan Chi Shing is the North Gate, the middle of the five pillar, the one thing Jiaomen Ying, 29 meters wide with a stone turtle Block 7, 2 meters high negative Large stone, repair ancient Confucian Temple in the case record. Dong Jiao Men walls have embedded a few precious stone, Song has set 2002 (1229) Pu Shen wrote, "Jiading County's school", 10-year-ming Xuande (1435), "County political situation in mind," bell documented status of any Suzhou Zhifu, punish corruption, clean up a miscarriage of justice, Xing Water deeds, and so on.

Great in the courtyard in front of the post, there are few Cooper dragon and phoenix, it has been recorded in local records in the yuan to shun the cultivation of three years (1332), a total of 16, only now in front of Dacheng's a live, very rare.

Veranda of the two things, the original disciples and worship Kong Men ages of Mingru , Is now a museum of the history of Jiading showroom.
  Da Dian Zhong Yan Qiao Fei, the towering majesty. Shitai front, even more momentum. Miankuo hall 5, 3 into the deep, high Liang Jia, Fang purlin painting, to retain the structure of the Ming Dynasty. Display is a statue of Confucius and the Confucius Temple and Confucius.
The east Minglun together, and when Beilang Lake College, and other construction. Minglun Hall is the history of assembly of scholars to give lectures, unique architecture, 3 spacious hall, the former Baoxia located, and on both sides of the Fenqianglouchuang, outside the wall a small hospital, the hospital in Guibo planting trees, there are a hundred peonies. Minglun hall displays ancient Chinese imperial examination. Minglun Sai Tong a Beilang, is the Confucius Temple in 1958 to repair, the tablets will be collected over the years, various types of stone epitaphs and embedded in the intramural, an important historical value. When the courtyard of the eastern Lake College, the museum into showrooms. College wall along the river more than 30 meters, there is a built in 1987 Bei Lang, with family history of painting and calligraphy art, including Huang Tingjian, Wen Zhengming, and other valuable manuscripts.

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The top three in Hong Kong beach - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pudong is located in the top three in Hong Kong's "mother river" Yang Chuan River estuary, the only section of the Pudong New Area has a 6 km long coastline of life, where days of water connected, Miles cloudless blue sky and pleasant weather. The top three in Hong Kong coastal areas to travel for leisure tourism thrust, high-tech as a carrier of tourists as a means to participate, have formed a beach scenery, is Construction, rural atmosphere, green world, and other characteristics of the four to meet the needs of multi-level tour of the seaside resort. The top three in Hong Kong Beach Water Curb use of the sea embankment, to clarify the method to filter the water filter, and scale up to 350,000 square meters of clear water and blue sky stretch of golden sand 1300 meters. Blue Days, the clear water. Walking in the palm, coconut, feeling the sea bathing, sitting in the sun under umbrellas, the taste of pure alcohol Yu coffee, and then go Pudong Folk Museum, the Museum Cang Shi Feng Xing-day, adventure play slide, live seafood taste . As night fell, the mood on the activities of more. You can look at the water-screen movies, Listen to music, play beach volleyball, lying on the beach to see a meteor to meet the rising sun. 300 tents, 100 Village is prepared for this. Would like to "out"? Small boats have been more than ready to go. In the forest would like to listen to the voice of the sea breeze you? Not far away, there is a 10,000 square meters of the coastal forest area US-clear water, blue sky on the beach, the red coffee trees and watch the sunrise sea, seafood products stones, you would like to return to nature, went to the beauty of the top three in Hong Kong it! Transportation: travel to the Line 3-for-chuan Chuansha after the three-direct. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Long Dong Avenue - Avenue of the Far East - China Road Address: East China in the first East Tel: 68909803 Tickets: adults 20 yuan, 10 yuan for children

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Qinciyangdian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Millennium ancient concept of" Yu-Chin Chee-Yang of Temple, Shanghai is one of the earliest Taoist temple. Legend has it that when the three countries is Soochow Sun Quan built for his mother, Qing Emperor Qianlong changed to "Chee-Chin Yang Temple." Dongyuetaidi worship. It is also known as the "palace Dongyue." Hall of the Qing Emperor Qianlong in 35 years (in 1770) after the reconstruction, Dong Yue, the three-ching, Dry moat, more than 10 Hall of Guan Di, and so on, all kinds of respect for more than 600 statues. Lunar New Year each year three, four, seven, September pilgrims should not rush, the Chinese New Dongyue birthday on March 28, the "Lotus will ship", a more flourishing incense. During the first day, or 15 Taoist festival, one after another four-believers, wind around cigarettes, crowded Transport: Road 736,746,772,773,778,785,791 Address: Pudong New Area, the source of deep routes, 476 Tel: 58828689 Tickets: 5 yuan

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Xujiahui Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Church is located in Xujiahui, Xuhui District, Po Road 156, Shanghai is the third Catholic Congress seat of the self-love. Qing Dynasty before Sanshiyinian (1905), Xuantong 2002 (1910) concluded that rehabilitation in 1980. For the medieval Gothic architecture, Cheng Chang-plane cross, to the east front, on both sides of the building House, the towering.

  Xujiahui Catholic Church after the Opium War, Shanghai was the first Catholic church. End of the 19th century, the area near the tomb of Xu Guangqi of the Shanghai Catholic Center, 1906 New Church Hall, completed in 1910, that was the Xujiahui Catholic Church, is China's first built by the West Style church built. 79 meters high and 28 meters wide, the altar is 44 meters wide Department. Suzhou halls are producing Jinshan Stone Diaozao rooted in the 64 columns, each have 10 small cylinder combination. Fangzhuan shop floor, the channel is in the middle of a flower shop tiles. A pointed arch doors and windows are Gothic style, stained glass inlay, and set into a pattern Like. There are 19 altar in the middle is the big altar in 1919 from Paris, Easter brought a higher artistic value of religion. Halls can accommodate 2,500 people at the same time doing mass. Is a typical appearance of the Gothic Middle Ages in Europe, double-brick structure of the steeple, 18 m high ridge together, the whole clock tower about 60 meters high, spire 31 , On the steeple of the two crosses, in-line roller. Hall also found a cross-shaped wheel Posi - just as life-wheel control, the appropriate analogy. Church body is the middle-relief plate, gorgeous complex, very From a distance, like the shape of the watch Rome. External structure adopted all-red brick, graphite laying tile roof, decorated with many Son of God stone, pure and serene.

  Shanghai Xujiahui Catholic Church is the largest Catholic church, as the Far East who had the most spectacular Hong-li of the Church. Every morning there are more than one Mass every Sunday and religious festivals, bringing together Catholics, a grand ceremony.

  "Cultural Revolution" , Xujiahui Church was severely damaged, have not even removed the cross and steeple of the two major organ was not spared, the church was used as a warehouse, the interruption of religious activities. In 1978, after the restoration, renovation in 1980, Christmas in 1982, to repair the steeple cross, Gothic-style cathedral to reproduce.

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Lu Xun's tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Xun in China is well-known modern writer, thinker and politician. Lu Xun Memorial Hall was built in 1951 in Hongkou Park (now Lu Xun Park). Museum exhibits focus on the performance of Lu Xun in Shanghai 10 years of social and cultural life. Lu Xun's Tomb of the country's key cultural units in 1956, Lu Xun The 20th anniversary of the World, by Lu Xun's tomb million Qianzang cemetery in this country. Traffic: Pearl Hongkou football field station, 18,52,139,939, four-Lu Xun Park Airport terminal, Terminal Road 70,97,597 Duolun Road, 854, Hong Chuan green sweet love the way the terminal, via Hongkou sports 51,101,502,508,531,537,541,942 of the road, travel route 10, through Dalian West (Shanghai International Studies University) were 79,222,529,937,853,875 Road, via Sichuan North Road (Duolun Road), there are 21,4 , 592,848,863 way. Address: East Bay Road, Hongkou District No. 146 Tel: 56669711 opening hours :9:00-16: 00 tickets: Lu Xun Park: 2 yuan, Lu Xun Memorial Hall: 9 yuan for adults, students 6 yuan.

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Former residence of Soong Ching Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Former residence of Soong Ching Ling was a German-style red tile roof of the white boat-shaped building. Soong Ching Ling in 1948, moved this winter. Housing is the former residence before a large lawn, surrounded by green all year round camphor tree, a quiet elegant environment. House Office of the ground floor is over, the living room, library and restaurants. Office have been on display in a given Comrade Lin Boqu "Bainiaochaofeng" Decoration stone and landscape oil paintings donated by foreigners. Small living room, but clean, simple, elegant, the table laid with flowers in full bloom, and temperament commensurate with the hostess. North middle of the wall hung a portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the south wall in 1961 when Mao Zedong came to visit her, she warmly shook hands with the pictures. The living room, she met Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, and other Party and state leaders, a number of foreign heads of state such as Kim Il Sung, Sihanouk also have a guest here. Traffic: 44,48,72,113,126,138,506,548,911,920,9 3,926,945,946 Road, travel Route 7. Address: 1843 Huaihai Zhong Road, Xuhui District, Tel: 64376268 Opening hours: Mon-Sat 13:00-16:00 Tickets: 7 yuan

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Shanghai Art Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Art Museum is a socio-cultural public utilities. She is located in the bustling Nanjing West Road, backed by the People's Square and Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, adjacent to the People's Park, is a function of sound-the-art facilities at home and abroad have some impact on modern and contemporary art Museum The building was built in 1933, was the old race track in Shanghai, is the age of 30 English-style buildings. To complete the expansion project to retain its original neo-classical exterior features and functions in accordance with the requirements of the Museum of Art conducted an internal transformation in the design of the inherited language of traditional European-style buildings, and strong The crisp modern style, is an elegant, open the Arts Center. When the audience entered the hall, dignified, solemn look of the column, and then along the spacious staircase rising, touched the 1930 Copper Tau, visit the artist's fine to make, will be a taste of old and new in Shanghai Historical changes, feel cited To win the cultural charm. Shanghai Museum have 12 exhibition halls, exhibition area of 6,000 square meters, equipped with modern facilities for organizing various arts exhibition provided a good condition;-the-art equipment and the Lecture Hall, conference rooms, library, fine arts and fine arts database Workshops for school Education for all discussions and other activities provided to ensure that. In addition, the art bookstore, souvenir shops, galleries, cafes, have also created an audience for the arts, full of casual atmosphere. Shanghai Gallery of the existing collection more than 8,000, based on collections, and actively carried out in China's modern history focusing on art theory Museum of Science study and research, collection and custody of the exhibition on display, the promotion of education, and foreign exchange operations, such as work to create the conditions. 2002 special session of the "Shanghai Biennale" China is the most important exhibitions, academic activities, has become the international influence of a certain brand items. Shanghai Hall is a new gesture to welcome guests from the Quartet, she and the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum together to form the modern city's landmark cultural circle, where the beating pulse of the times, the focus of the world's attention. Address: 325 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Tel: 63,272 29, opening hours :9:00-16: 00 (16:00 stop ticket) Tickets: adults 20 yuan, 5 yuan students.

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Coastal Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coastal tourist resorts in the region of the coastal resort Magnolia, is a bright "Pearl of the sea resort." Founded in 1992, is a three-star foreign tourist resorts. Resort-food, lodging, transportation, purchase, travel together with a standard off (sets of) 156 rooms, 10 luxury villas (62) and Mongolia Group composed of a number of ethnic villages, there are various styles of small private rooms, an English pub, discotheque, KTV private room, Steppenwolf room, billiards room, auditorium, beauty center, sauna centers, such as the Chamber. There is a large outdoor swimming pool, fishing pond, race track, tennis courts, sea and yacht racing club . Coastal tourist resorts in the region still live ammunition into a world-class shooting range, water recreation, resort to shooting one of the Pudong Recreation Co., Ltd. (Tel: 58058234), Euro-Asian style show, the largest in East China's coastal Golf Club, and the only Chinese One of the largest in the Far East-car entertainment market -- Fujitec Circuit (Tel :58291000-646) and full-featured entertainment seaside resort palace night. Here you can play with genuine firearms, the live ammunition, gun fight, driving pleasure, the car, playing golf, fishing villa, you make a rough fight, the Wild have suffered a life of the strong. Transportation: car Nanhui South Station bus lines directly to the foreshore. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Luo Shan Road - Outer Ring Road (A20 highway) - Yingbin Avenue (A1 highway) - Far East Avenue (A30 highway) - South Road - South bin Highway Tel: 58058 11

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Guilin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Area of 3.55 hectares. The whole Park South classical style using traditional sets, the layout of sophisticated chic. Wrap-long wall in the park Huaqiang, bridges, stacked Li-Feng Shan, Ting Xie up the house, its winding streets. Kim planted the whole garden, Gui Yin, Tan Kwai, such as 23 varieties, more than 1,000 trees. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the floating garden . The annual festival is a sweet-scented osmanthus it one of the major characteristics. Address: Guilin Road 80 Tel: 64360042 opening hours :8:00-21: 00 fare: 6 yuan

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Gongqing Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongqing Forest Park located in the Yangpu District of Shanghai, east near the Huangpu River, the military road west, the entire park covers an area of 1965 mu of the total, 1870.6 acres of open public green space.
River Park was the location of the beach, in 1956 the Shanghai Municipal People's Government in river dredging, reclamation dredging, into the nursery; 1958 Chun secretary of the CYL Central Committee with Comrade Hu Yaobang in Shanghai to lead a meeting of the national youth activists planting fruit trees in the garden to establish a youth experimental orchard, nursery named Gongqing; early in 1982, the expansion of the city as a public green area of the practical focus of the project, a total of Green nursery into a block north, "Gongqing Forest Park", 1 86 years in March, General Secretary Jiang Zemin's visit Zaishu Park and Forest Park personally wrote Huibi "Green Shanghai for the benefit of the people", since forest park in Shanghai as an urban oasis officially opening to the outside world; by the end of 1995, Gongqing South Block nursery into a "million Chuk Yuen", and opening up one after another.
Gongqing Forest Park "in order to plant-based landscaping, tree planting nearly 200,000, more than 200 varieties, with hills, grasslands, lakes, streams, forests, bamboo and so on constitute a rich Wild in the natural deep space, the formation of a "Valley Song" and "wild forest" and "Love Qiulin night", "Yingxiuwan water", "sik Lin commemorate the "12 major scenic spots, a" natural, Wild, quiet, rough "for the characteristics of the forest landscape.
Entertainment features
Verdant green of the Gongqing Forest Park in Shanghai is not only an oasis, is also a paradise for entertainment, shade in the shade of a pair of feature entertainment for people in Shanghai do not have Fan attract and charm. In order to meet the park at different levels and different preferences of the needs of tourists, setting the Wild, challenging, sports, exciting, fun and entertainment, and other types of more than 30, people familiar with the Shanghai and the popular barbecue field, horse riding, Rowing hands, and so on a train full of small forest and forest taste of the Wild EC characteristics, there are new young fashion items, such as the challenge of rock climbing, bungee jumping, sliding demand and so on. Of course, cheap and not lose the joy and stimulation of public entertainment, such as Liu Yong Jin, pirate ships, dragon boat pulley, target practice shooting, abundant water projects are also in the visitors feel the joy of the green in less Choice. Favorite sport of young people, also have their own happiness the world, play tennis, play football, play paintball, ride a double bike, a lot of choices. Young people can enjoy good time, and the most challenging to the introduction of the new park a few brave the roads, all of the items imported from Japan, is the first in Shanghai The introduction of the Eco-Entertainment, run by the Trojans, ancient explorers, Renyuantaishan, cliffs, the air Stagecoach, net, and so on Lingboweibu more than 30 land-based group projects and water projects, from the full range of training young people Running, jumping, casting, climbing, climbing, cross-movement of the ability to cultivate a strong will-power, by Team spirit.

Holiday fun
To improve the park service, recently launched a project Business Services holiday. Forest Resort is located in a natural shade of the leaves taste, and water and dependency, Chuang Chuang a unique model of European, Japanese-style villa, away from noisy city, to On the work of the busy urban people increased by a quiet, natural, fresh, elegant resort field. Treasury rally and entertainment functions into one multi-purpose activity center is located in the center of the park area, there are size 4 conference rooms, which can range from 10-150 people at this meeting, as well as billiard room and outdoor network The market is enterprises and organizations to conduct business meetings, and gather to discuss the new world of entertainment.
Jiangnan style with water, "Wan Yuen," located in the Nen River Road south, along the Nen River near Pier, the park is South Park. Wan Yuen "bamboo culture" as its theme, to build a "southern Zhu Yun, the clear-You - Penny King's beautiful. Chuk Yuen relief, Lin glauca, long stream, bridges, Bamboo send Shannon, has formed an attitude of "fine-clearing day, as on the clear film" Fun abundant bamboo scenery. Yuen was the main building in the Ming and Qing style, and backed with bridges, water seems to come to southern beauty. Antique "Silk and Bamboo Town" to fall back on, "Zhu Tang mirror," visitors to this point, the impressive bamboo pavilion, decorated with bamboo tours, food and bamboo rice, designated bamboo boat, to buy bamboo. "Zhu Ying Bridge," "vegetarian Maizhokunggar", "Zhu Yun Pavilion", "Dai floor," features clever construction site in Yuen cloth, streams, bamboo and building the perfect combination of painting on a quiet The Rural screen.
Gongqing Forest Park for its unique natural landscape to create an urban area can not enjoy the natural scenery and outdoor bamboo garden of a color picture of an integrated resort, is the park was named "Shanghai unit of civilization" and "Shanghai New beautiful scenic spots. "

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Yangpu Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangpu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge is the second after another across the Huangpu River to the design, construction of the Twin Towers two-cable-plane cable-stayed bridge beams together again and again. Bridge full-length 7658 m, 602 m long main bridge across the River like a rainbow in the cable-stayed bridge of its kind in the world in the first ranks. 208 meters tall and straight high-rise towers like a main benefit Into the firmament, the tower on both sides of the 32 pairs of steel cables to connect the main beam, the Sector was launched, such as the giant strings, is playing a sonata of the dragon off. Comrade Deng Xiaoping personally written to the bridge to bridge, he boarded the 94-year-old when the Yangpu Bridge, said with emotion: "Hi look at the way today, the book wins years time!."

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Jing'an Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jing'an Temple in Shanghai is a famous ancient temples. Jing'an District by the Jing'an Temple is famous. It is hard to come by in downtown Qingxiu place. Legend has it built in the Red Soochow Ukraine when the three countries 10 years (247 AD), the Southern Song Dynasty Jiading nine years (1216 AD) moved to the site. Lvjing after the construction of the Yuan Dynasty, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom destroyed in the end, only the permitted large, 1921 Third Temple building, one by one into today's scale. To 1999, the temple to carry out a large-scale renovation, Relics from Mountains Afar more quiet long. Temple Hall of Heavenly Kings a whole, the Main Hall, Temple III, and other construction. Abbot upstairs room with a few lines which were altar market, down Porphyra 5. There are also a few lines were holding Dade Song Master Read together. Song Guangzong surviving inscription of this monument and the two Dae-jung Hongwu, and other cultural relics. Chuba lunar calendar every year in April, held here every 3-day temple fair, very lively. Address: 1686 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District, Tel: 62566366 opening hours :7:30-15: 45 Shannon period open 5:00 Tickets: 5 yuan in peacetime, Hong phase 2 yuan

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Tianmashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheshan Tianmashan south-west of Shanghai is the highest point above sea level on land, Tianmashan in many temples, the largest may be considered "a round-chi Education Temple." Sihou in the Mid-levels between a Leaning Tower of the Millennium, by the name of "protection of jewelry Minaret," the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanfeng 2002 (1079) by the local people Yokoyama Wen-wide building, now has 915 As long as eight seven-tower, 20 meters high. Although the small tower, standing Shan, Qi Jun Tingxiu. 27 Shaoxing Southern Song Dynasty (1157), Gao Chee-colored Tibetan Buddhist relic in this column, when Baoguang significantly. In the Qing Dynasty, incense Tianmashan very strong. According to the Qing Dynasty from the Alliance, "Chai-ming know little," it reads: Fifty-three Qianlong (1788), the temple ritual act, set off firecrackers, which caught fire, burning wood to the heart tower and escalators, and so on the floor, the tower ladder, canopies waist, flat seat are destroyed, the remaining brick tower, tower body is cut-off south-west Kok section of wood residue left is proof. It was later found in Zhuanfeng Yuanfeng coins of the Song Dynasty, was constantly demolished brick Bao, so that gradually turn north-west corner of bottom removed to form about 2 meters in diameter big hole. Due to changes in the foundation so that the tower gradually tilting a south-easterly direction. According to the survey in 1982, the tower has been tilting to the southeast 62 � 51'52 ", the top center shift 2.27 meters, it is commonly known as" Leaning Tower. "According to the" people Daily "reported: jewelry care than the Leaning Tower of Pisa Minaret also tilt more than 1 �, can be said to be leaning tower in the world. Tower tilted 53 degrees up to 6 hours, a greater angle than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, known as the "Leaning Tower of the best in the world." Tianmashan Tianmashan Buddha is a great spectacle, usually retaining beads around the tower, or sometimes the early morning of Day , With the sun through the clouds of water vapor in the tower reflects the surrounding halo of colorful and beautiful. Tianmashan under a newly-discovered the Grand Canyon, will be built here Tianmashan Grand Canyon Park, will soon become a new tourist area Sheshan "bright spot." Transportation: Shanghai Stadium on by too green tourism, the Western Station and Shanghai Automotive Queensland Direct Line. In addition, the Jinjiang Park subway station, a bus station in Songjiang car line up. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - the Yan'an Elevated Road - Huqingping highway into the city paragraph (A9 highway) - in the spring - Shanghai Highway Song - Shen Brick Road

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Shanghai Natural History Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Natural History Museum built in 1956, is China's largest integrated one of the Museum of Natural Science. A total of more than 24 pieces of specimen collection. The Library has ancient human history, the history of ancient animals showroom, as well as invertebrates, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, such as the Mummy Chen Room. In addition, often a wide range of topics exhibition disciplines. Shanghai has been planned in the city's Pudong New Technology, Natural History Museum will move into its site, and use of electricity, light, sound and so on-the-art technology, display model to be closed to open to visitors to promote participation in the exhibition of experimental To promote better S & P knowledge, to promote the role of scientific development. Address: No. 260 Yan An Road East

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American Dream Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

American dream theme park in Shanghai is China's first true sense of the theme park. It provides visitors to enjoy the leisure life of the United States. Jiading in 450 acres of space, the theme of the five regional add radiance to each other, all kinds of colorful construction. Day by the theme of the five major road in the western cowboy, Adventures in Wonderland fairy islands, look for Europe USA Today and composition. Bring visitors to the United States in today's popular entertainment themes. People can experience the fun, enjoy access to China for the first time Hollywood stunt performances, exuberant, as well as special effects movies, music, dance, magic and sports performances, but also serves as park of 15 special meals and shopping Places. Fantasy Land application of the Group of the United States more than three decades of its global theme park operator, as well as a lot of experience in the United States, Hong Kong and the Chinese entertainment industry experts to create talent, you have a brand-new world of entertainment. Transportation: Shanghai Stadium travel by line 6B (6:30 - 17: 20), the town of Pearl Line North Station Road, an direct line. She took the West (Shanghai West Railway Station - Sheshan), Huang Lu (three gas companies), Kerry Huang (Jiading terminal), Huang (Qingpu), Huang Xu (Xu Jing) line, Huang Xiang (Nanxiang), and so on Can also reach the green. Address: Jiading District Huang Du Zhen Cao Road, 4498 Telephone: 595 8686 Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 weekend fare: 20 yuan since the drive line: the urban areas - Wuning Road - Cao Highway (Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, or Huangdu exports).

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Universal theme park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanxiang Town, Jiading District is located on the north side of Shanghai Kerry on the eastern side of the highway, adjacent to State Road 312, about 23 km away from downtown, an area of 1200 mu, in September 1996 to open a formal garden, is a full-scale theme park. World renowned world-famous theme park attractions 36, more than 100 other landscape, the majority of Point by 1:1 imitation prototype, there are spots all over the world, architecture, landscape style, so that visitors experience the exotic wonders, tastes home atmosphere. Visitors can take part in the jungle adventure, space theater, horse racing, racing, boating, water skiing, and other large-scale entertainment. Hungary Square on a high standard of large-scale song and dance fireworks night revelry , Can visits to a climax. Park, there are special tree house, castle, such as Dai Walled catering, accommodation and so on a new tourism environment.

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Shanghai Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Library is the largest comprehensive public research libraries, in July 1952 in the hall. In 1996, Shanghai Library is located at 325 Nanjing West Road, in 1996, moving into the new Museum.
  The new Shanghai Library, Shanghai Museum is the hallmark of the 10 cultural facilities, located in the Huai Road, covers an area of 3.1 hectares, the construction area of 83,000 square meters. The new museum building from 106.9 meters high and 58.8 meters of the two-tower high-level and composition of the five-storey podium, with knowledge and wisdom of the Plaza Square, around the green area of 11,000 square meters.
The new museum at the foundation in March 1993 Public Works, in December 1996 part of the opening to the outside world, in May 1997, opening-round, in December 1997 was basically completed. Libraries and reading rooms with various types of post-secondary Room 32, viewed more than 3,000 seats, 20 individual research.

In addition, there are also first-rate schools, based teaching Advanced education and training base, as well as for international cultural showcase domestic, academic exchanges, cultural entertainment, art appreciation, film and television to watch the large and medium-sized exhibition hall, lecture hall, multi-functional hall, activity rooms, as well as academic music, such as Office.
  The new museum also has Library and Information Science Institute Institute of historical documents, manuscripts of famous Chinese Cultural Museum, Art Museum.

Library-the-art equipment in the world of computer management systems, local area network connecting more than 700 library sites, with major domestic and international information network, and readers outside the museum can be visited via the Internet website of the Shanghai Library, including Bibliographic information, daily news, science and technology and Expo, and other renowned collection.

The new museum is also configured to receive satellite communications antenna systems, the introduction of the world's most advanced self-propelled vehicle of the book sent to the system, electronic Faso book information transmission system, equipped with advanced automatic linkage central air-conditioning system, fire alarm monitoring system and steal high-definition , The fidelity of the audio-visual system.

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Ta Yuan Fang Fang tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Square tower that is, "Xing Sheng Jiao Temple", as a result of the tower while Shengjiao Hing Temple named after. It stands in the center of the park, park on the north shore of the lake, was built in Xining Yuanyou years of the Northern Song Dynasty (1068 ~ 1094), 900 years ago. 42.65 m high tower, a total of 9 layers of the Tang Dynasty copy Zhuanta made of square-shaped, so-called side . Side for the brick tower, pavilion-style, brick wall are the bottom of each 6 meters wide, are built around the gallery Wai, floor by floor over to contract, brick by brick wall are divided into three columns, is located between the pot door for Side room, wooden ladder was set up to connect at all levels. Fu Pen is at the top of the tower, which is round, composed of Aquarius as high as eight meters in Tasha, a 4 iron From the steeple to the ninth floor of the trailer Yanjiao, as the cable winds and waves. Tower canopy 1.40 a Department of Tong-ling, fine-sounding name "bird police," rang the wind, attractive, is to prevent the birds off the tower to do the home and Waterloo. Boarded the tower overlooking the square around the ancient city of Matsue panoramic picture. Millennium Tower side can not stand back, with its clever structure and Science Inseparable. First of all, the Tata-side, a lot of wood materials, with the exception of the Department of the stairs, flat seat, canopy tower, brackets, each tower in the body also has three wooden hoop. This construction is prohibited, because the structure of construction (brick, stone materials, and other companies) are not allowed to have a folder of wood, because wood can cause perishable building Loose. But the tower to retain all of the wood (refers to the original Song Dynasty), no moth-eaten and decadent, did not even termites, it is a miracle. (Renovation of the square tower, a Japanese professor, to see the wood decay deeply surprised that it is your ancestors left behind priceless.) War of Resistance Against Japan, the Japanese army In the side bomb exploded next to the tower, but did not blow up the tower side, which is a miracle. Tongji University, according to Chen Zhou, Lu Binjie two professors analyzed sure the timber has been flexible to deal with anti-corrosion, the Millennium is never stale, the shelling was not certainly related.

  Second, in 1974 to repair tower was found to Tata Is labeled as wood piles, the use of wood characteristics of their ancestors, "the Millennium dry, wet millennium, too Gangan 2023" (Proverbs woodworking) truth, successfully built on the side of the tower, so that the party would not fall in the Millennium Tower, Tilt and a very small (53 cm tilt to the north-west).


  Once again, the tower side of the tower and the public With his tilt to the south-east, north-west corner of land for the top 40 cm, while the south-east corner of only 20 cm, were standing in the tower will be clearly felt the ground tilt. Is this is the ancestors of the tower under construction when they neglect to do? In fact, this reflects the wisdom of the ancient craftsmen. Songjiang because the sea to the east, south-east wind in the summer, typhoons More, so Taki conscious tilt to the southeast. The Northern Song Shen Kuo in his "Dream Pool Essays" in his book, wrote a story, said there was a tower made the old craftsmen, old age, he made such a tower, we do not understand, ask him why he wants to build this This tower? He said: "We are these people Less than, the tower in two hundred years later, it will become a straight tower, and will never be a tilt. "This shows that the side with the old tower built by a carpenter on the same tower, in a study of the local meteorology, geology, as well as the pyramid, materials, production, and so on the basis of the results of a series of built up, so we can see Tower Block, the value of a major.

  Square tower with "beautiful" reputation of South East crown, very artistic. Tower side of the tower is characterized by long and thin, wide canopy tower, You Si body dressed in a dress, Tingtingyuli girls. Songjiang in the Qing Dynasty poet Huang Ting of a "Bamboo" is such a side spoke highly of the towers: "Thirty offshore Futu How to tower as the most exquisite. "A few words they tower side of the art features the image and vividly painted out.

  Construction of the square tower also has a beautiful legend to. (See story legend)

  Side of the tower is also not limited to dealing with the arts tower, light tower, there are many special treatment, such as In order to repair the US-tower, tower in vitro to remove burdensome, and all the stairs in the tower in the design. Eaves on the second floor of the tower to each of the nine-storey Yanjiao connection both the parabolic arc, called "Volume brakes." It's also different from Tasha, and the tower, other than the more slender tower.

  Tap the side of historical value can not be assessed . Chen Zhou, a professor from Tongji University in his book "Tower of Jiangsu Province," the book said: "The tower is the Songjiang side of the Tang Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty, a similar tower in the first wife on behalf of the Shan." Mean that it follows the shape of the Tang Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty During the completion of the tower, and the tower regardless of form, materials and construction techniques, is a typical Tang Loft-style brick tower. In view of this major historical value, in 1996 Shengjiao Hing Temple by the State Council promulgated a national key cultural unit. Hundreds of years, the square tower there were a number of major repair. 21 million Yuan (1284), the high monk line repair fund-raising. Dade 2006 (1302) Hurricane with rounds of Chuiluotasha, destroyed railings, monk-money fund-raising margin repair. Yuan Mo, was Bingxian Temple, destroyed temples, and the only tower clock tower alone keep. Three years, Wu Ming-hong (1370), the monks built next to the tower in the Church feel remorse, said the amount of "Xing Santa House." Ming Zhengtong 12 (1447) governor Zhou Chen contributions to the reconstruction. Million in calendar year (1573 ~ 1619) for the repair fund-raising tower, Zhen Brokeback monk to show piety. Junji 17 years of Qing (1660), 35 years of Qianlong (1770) and Daoguangnianjian (1821 ~ 1850) to repair many times. Xianfeng 10-year-ching (1860) and the clock tower Tayuan are destroyed. Republic of China 16 (1937), Temple most of the temples were burned Japanese bombers, and the only tower in front of the temple Zhaobi survived.

  Before the liberation, the tower blocks are cracks in wooden structures at all levels of the tower all the damage. In 1963, relics of the Shanghai Municipal Commission to a comprehensive survey of the tower structure and damage In 1973, the development of "Songjiang Shengjiao Hing Temple renovation program," in 1975 to start the renovation, completed in 1977. The overhaul, for the tower to the heart wood, Tasha Uninstall, up-for-phase round, repair the stairs on each floor, floor, flat seat, canopy and waist often used in building the Northern Song Dynasty "look-stick" railings and rebuild the Wai . During the third level found in the West Yanxia wall brackets between the two groups, known as the triangle arch eye wall, a color of the Song Dynasty 2 Murals Buddha. At the same time retained in the 177 finishing brackets to identify, found that 111 for the original Song Dynasty. Experts frankly, the southern brick pagoda of many, but To stay in the Song Dynasty so many brackets are extremely rare. More valuable is that in the restoration, archaeologists in the middle part of the ground-floor tower opened a Zhuanmian of 1.5 square meters, digging out a brick palace, unearthed a Dragon engraved pattern, engraved with the two ends The white tiger two-Shihan, the cover placed on a copper Sa fell to the north and sit cross-legged sitting, are spread around the 42 coins of the Song Dynasty. Shihan open, and inside a lacquer box, inside the box wrapped with silk Tongfo Xiang Yizun, two Yinhe, the relic containing a pair. These are precious cultural relics from the Shanghai Museum.

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80,000 people Stadium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A capacity of 80,000 people with world-class stadium. Is the set of "sports, tourism, distribution, sports performance, fitness and entertainment, accommodation, catering, shopping and exhibition business office" as one of the large multi-purpose venue. Transport: Bus 15,42,43,56,73,87,89 92,111 Address: No. 666 Tianyueqiaolu Shanghai Tel: 62466666 opening hours :9:00-11: 00; 13:00-16:00 fare: 20 yuan (a vote) 10 (b votes)

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World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Recreation Center, located in the Tibet Road, Yan'an Road intersection. "World" was founded in 1917, variety and entertainment to the North-South drama, folk art to its characteristics, 12 concavo face a "World" unique attraction. "World" of the distinctive architecture. It consists of 12 hexagonal columns support the multi-storey Yellow constitute a steeple. 3 from the main building 4-storey building linked to the group co-wall, and another two construction subsidiary, World Recreation Center "in the world of pleasure," "World Expo", "World Games", "World Food" four parts, launched a Eight series of recreational projects. In particular the "competitive world", in World Challenge "and the Guinness Book of Records challenge of the game all over the country must lead.

World was built in 1917 by businessmen in Shanghai Huang Chu-nine run. In 1930 transferred to the Shanghai Green Gang leader Huang Jinrong operation to be staged across the opera-oriented, we welcome very popular, so people Big noise, constant visitors, becoming the biggest playground in the Far East. In addition to the World every day to perform more than 10 kinds of Chinese opera, the most characteristic is "distorting mirror", twelve large mirror can change people long Bianai, fat, thinner, and so are thousands, attracted into the new year , It is referred to as "concavo." People's Republic of China after the establishment of the World had changed its name to "Shanghai People's Playground" and later to restore original name. 1974 "Shanghai Qingnian Gong." World resumed early in 1987, with performance theaters, concert halls, the Office of Diogenes, the Office of Film, Lu Xiangting, recreation hall, Mokit Community, maze, dance halls, KTV, karaoke OK, video cafe, roller skating rink, and new snack feature of the Shanghai galleries, restaurants, boutique shopping, and so is entertainment, performances, watch, Expo, sports, food, etc. As one of the amusement center. World is to maintain the national character, and the public viewing of the traditional Color, has been added to the participatory, with the pleasure of the new atmosphere of the times, all theater, all-day rotation to perform in Beijing, Kunming, Vietnam, Shanghai, Huai, Yang Yong, tide, Pingtan, funny, acrobatics, magic , And other traditional operas. Athletic competition was also held, including "World Challenge", chess, quiz, Music, dance, clothing, Kouji, and other projects show that it has become a tourist attraction in Shanghai.

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Shanghai Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Museum is the first of the premises of the Nanjing Road, Shanghai Library, the Museum built in 1935, seven years later, moved to Henan Province in the South Tower Department. The new Museum is located at the southern end of downtown People's Square, covers an area of 33 acres. Underground two-story, five on the ground, the ground 29 meters high, with a total investment of 4.3 billion. 19 3-year start in September, in September 1994 to complete the main structure of the wall and decorative veneer, officially opened by the end of 1995. It is a cube with a circular base Chutiao combination of architecture, with Chinese style "Tianyuandifang" meaning. It not only Chinese traditional architecture of the base, the level of the intended shape, the landscape Party style, modern science and technology and reflects the spirit of the times. Look from a distance of museums, together with a circular arch of the roof of the upper part of the arc, the whole building is like an ancient Chinese bronzes; if looking down from above the museum, the roof of the plane as if a huge mirror the rules of the Han Dynasty design. That night, in the middle dome 13 meters The degree of lighting glass ball, as used in floodlights, more like a shiny the legendary luminous pearl. There are four high-rise Museum of Art's sculpture arch, the historical record of the text and the process of evolution; right in front of a lion on both sides of the 8 Tian Lu and the art of stone carving, expressed China's great cultural dazzling.

On Haibo Museum of the total construction area of 3,800 square meters on the ground floor level 2, 5, on the ground floor, building height of 29.5 meters with a total investment of 3 to 400,000,000 10,000,000 yuan. Museum within 6 hours according to the functions of the district. For one to four bronzes, ceramics, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, jade, coins, ethnic minorities, such as technology 12 Hall and 2 temporary exhibition hall, the old museum display area increased by 2 percent. Shanghai Museum of the equipment design are in line with the earthquake, lightning, fire, theft, pest control, moisture-proof, anti-stem, anti-light, dust, pollution of the "anti-decade". At present, Shanghai Museum possession of a total of 120,000 treasures, and professional books in foreign languages 2 10,000, there are cultural relics in the "half" said an international reputation.

In the internal functions of the new museum-the-art facilities, reasonable layout, scientific process, to meet the exhibition on display, scientific research, protection of the three basic functions. The whole museum is divided into open areas, public areas, school Areas, areas of scientific research, management area, equipment such as the six regional areas. Regional distribution of a clear, independent of each other, cross-rational, non-interfering.

Shanghai Museum exhibits all divided into 12 special museum, that is, the Museum bronze, ceramics Museum, Museum of painting, calligraphy museum, sculpture museum, the Museum coins, jade, furniture museum, Yuxi Hall, the Hall of minority process, Mr. Hu Huichun donated porcelain showroom, the Western Museum of Art.

  Bronze Museum: Shang and Zhou is a Chinese ancient bronze culture treasures. Bronze handed down diaspora in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries of the museum, each with a certain amount. The last 40 years, Shaanxi, he , Shanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan Province, a large number of archaeological finds, but the system into a collection of the National Palace Museum in Beijing, Taipei Palace Museum and Shanghai Museum of the most prominent. Shanghai Museum's collection of bronze inscriptions and again with a long record of featuring more weight. The new display is also nearly full Ma Chengyuan years at the head of Hong Kong to save a part of important cultural relics, especially the Western Zhou and Qin Jin-designate early-Qin Gong. Bronze Museum will also set about ancient bronze casting process simulation and display.

Ceramic Museum: It is a microcosm of the history of Chinese ceramics, pottery from the primitive society to the Shang and Zhou Porcelain before, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the three countries, the Western Jin Dynasty porcelain, ceramics along the path of development, until the Ming and Qing dynasties of the kiln in Jingdezhen, are on display. At the same time, there are ancient porcelain kilns and workshops to produce analog display.

Painting Museum: Shanghai Museum painting Painting in the Ming and Qing Dynasties mainly civilian. Exhibits will include Tang Bit, "Gao Yi map", the Five Dynasties Dong Yuan, "Summer Hill map", the Northern Song Ju-ran, "Among a Myriad Matsukaze map", Huizong, "Liu Yan Lo crow map" national treasure, and other treasures, as well as the Southern Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing of the original masters.

Calligraphy Museum: painting and calligraphy museum is divided into two post-secondary, is the older generation of experts painstakingly collected and gradually form Collection of solid results. There are on display here on behalf of Oracle, Kim Moon-week, as well as Qin Shi Guwen, to the Han Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties era and other words and works of calligraphy.

Sculpture Museum: In addition to the display part of the wood carvings, pottery, stone to the main statue. Here are the Northern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Tang and the Northern Zhou Dynasty and the eagle , As well as a rare Southern rock carvings, bronze statues, and so on.

Coin Museum: China's 3,000 years of history of the use of metal currency, the Shanghai Museum's collection of Chinese Gubi relatively complete. At this time not only a collection of ancient iron copper, gold coins of the Warring States, Kim will also be on display, note-free version of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the gold and silver currency, The countries along the Silk Road gold, silver, and other currencies.

Jade Museum: will be specially designed lighting display, as well as prehistoric past three generations after the jade treasures.

Furniture Museum: located next hall-style, study and bedroom three showrooms, display a collection of Ming and Qing Dynasties, will also be featured in Hong Kong, Mr. villagers donation A large number of Ming furniture. Ancient Chinese furniture has always been cherished by the people, on display here is bound to cause great interest in the audience at home and abroad.

Xi Indian Museum: Yuxi, China and India are ancient dynasty period to study the political, economic, military and Officials literature, art and a kind of important information. Museum exhibits Xi is the focus of the Warring States and India, the official Han Dynasty and the Ming and Qing Dynasties Indian schools.

House Minority Technology: China is a unified multi-ethnic country, the Shanghai Museum for many years to collect a number of national minorities, all types of clothing and handicraft museum set up a new museum dedicated exclusively for the Museum of the minority to a majority of the arts and crafts The public.

Mr. Hu Huichun donated porcelain showroom: Mr. Hu Huichun exhibition of ancient porcelain donation, such as the Northern Song Dynasty on white glaze and a group of the Qing Dynasty kiln glaze colors, are very valuable.

Western Museum of Art: Any national of any country and the best of traditional arts, should be Human wealth. The new museum is currently also the lack of Western art collection, through various channels that it will organize exhibitions of fine art in the West to introduce to the audience.

Shanghai Museum's exhibits, more fully reflects the six thousand years of China's ancient art of the glorious course of development. Museum's collection of 12 00 square meters of display area, in the automation control environment of temperature and humidity conditions, regular replacement, will play a more wide range of items in social benefits. Several special exhibition hall will provide the provinces and cities to display the latest cultural relics unearthed treasures. Shanghai Museum of Art at home and abroad will be an exhibition, exchange and research center The new museum on the international use of the latest scientific and technological means to manage. Showroom on the topic, all procedures for the preparation of input into the computer, instead of listening devices on the guide. According to the Heritage audience numbers under the press button, you can choose any speech on cultural relics, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and other languages, you can choose. Showroom in preparation Computer-controlled video player to provide a variety of related cultural relics like and expertise.

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Shanghai Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Into the Shanghai Street, as if you back 100 years ago, Shanghai's bustling market. The Yuyuan Tourist business in the region's unique style, travel-tourism, shopping, leisure-entertainment, cultural display in one multi-functional characteristics Street, in the history of the name of the street in front of the temple has brought together a group of Shanghai as early as the Banks, shop, silver , Jiusi, tea house, Xi Lou, the firm has always been connected Shiliupu (small East Gate), and Temple, and Yuyuan Garden area of the corridor crowd. The unique geographical location and along its scenic rich in cultural business. Shanghai Street, formerly known as Fang Bang Zhong Road, west Henan South Road, the road east of the people, a total length of 8 5 meters from the west to the east of the architectural style and format to display the layout of the Ming and Qing Dynasties from the old Shanghai to the Republic of China until the influx of Western culture during the period of historical and cultural evolution. Street business feature of the traditional industry to the mainstream, highlighting the traditional folk culture, to create a cultural atmosphere of Shanghai. Guan Yi of Shanghai Street to Street for the sub-sector Two things, through the eastern section of the decoration and transformation, to retain the residential characteristics of the late Qing Dynasty early years of the Republic, on both sides of the street grid restored to spend a window, door scheduling, Fan railing, landing door rocker, and so on, matched to the roof Qiaojiao cornices, dripping lace and Ma Tau wall. Housing, like the western section of the Ming and Qing architectural facade, prominent Shanghai Lao Chengxiang Customs, Daiwafenqiang, cornices Hong Zhu, Shanghai Street to reproduce the Tong Han Chun, with the old-sheng, Wu able person, there are 10,000 full-and Qiu Tian Bao, the old tea house in Shanghai, restaurant wine Deshun, Chunfengdeyi floor, tofu beauty rooms, D Lady cloth Zhuang, Rongshun Hall, a century-old store, such as Hiroshi Yintang, Danfeng restaurant to open at the same time, doctors Church Full of traditional shops. And it is on the north side of the "Star Street" together to show you the old Shanghai business and industries and urban attitudes of a "Painting Scroll."

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People's Bank of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linking Puxi and Pudong Lujiazui Bund two tourist areas of business, import and export of Puxi and Nanjing East Road, Beijing East Road, Bund pedestrian tunnel connected, Riverside Avenue Pudong entrance is located inside the Green Zone, respectively, leading to the "Pearl of the Orient" cruise ship terminals and land Lu Jia Zui direction of the People's Bank of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. Visitors to view closed-end seat Inside, in just a few minutes to complete in order to "cross the Earth" as the theme of the high-tech dream journey to see the stars mysterious and vast oceans, in the boiling magma in the mantle passed, the earth's core, to listen to interact with the landscape of the Bang Bo Sound.

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Century Avenue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Century Avenue, from the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong Century Park to a total distance of about 5.5 kilometers and 100 meters wide. Oriental Pearl west, east to Pudong New Area Administrative Cultural Center, known as "the East Champs-Elysees."
  The road for the asymmetric design, green belts and a wide driveway over the sidewalk, people, transportation, construction The relationship between the more reasonable. Next to the sidewalk on the north side, has the theme of 8 prominent features of the Botanical Gardens so that the effect of the road with gardening.
  Century Boulevard as a function of the urban landscape Avenue, Charpy France - Germany to Sri Lanka provided by the program design, Century Avenue will be the center line offset 10 m to the south, has become Community on the unique asymmetric road, grand momentum, a strong effect of the landscape.
  Century Avenue is the first green on the sidewalk and the driveway than the width of the urban landscape Avenue. Design a better solution, transportation, construction of an integrated three-in-one relationship. To highlight the effect of landscape gardens and green Landscape sidewalk 69 meters and 44.5 meters wide on the north side of the sidewalk layout of the street trees row 4, the evergreen camphora in the outside, the inside of the street is the ginkgo tree leaves in winter, summer and played a shelter through the winter tree effect.
  On the south side of 24.5 meters wide, the layout of street trees row 2. At the same time, also on the sidewalk on the north side of building 8 180 m long and 20 meters wide and the "Garden", were named Liuyuan, Metasequoia Park, Cherry Orchard, Park Lagerstroemia indica, Magnolia Park, the Tea Garden, Bauhinia Garden and Luan tree park, the theme of prominent features.
  It also set up along the road to the time Sculpture and the theme of works of art, unique scenery, culture Rich flavor.
  Road construction century sculpture are: Century-time, located in the Laoshan West Century Boulevard and the interchange. China to the ancient timer, "hourglass" for the prototype, the level of 9 different set of stainless steel glass column, "hourglass", a parabola distribution constitutes a planet track. Every 2-5 days, pump Will be left out of the sand up again. The rare ancient world of technology and modern architecture of Pudong each other, unique taste.
  Five elements, their ideas from ancient Chinese allelopathy philosophy to metal, wood, water, fire, earth oracle words 5 to form the basic design elements, the image of the sculpture 5 "Gold" take the triangle, was the central pyramid stand, "wood" to make a bold cut into cubes, "Fire" take the flame-shaped, three more are tailor-made for the bronze material.
  "Water" used to make stainless steel water hieroglyphs smooth curve, "soil", is derived from natural rocks cut by the hammer. Light of the Orient, located in the World Gao Yang Avenue Road open on the island, backed by a large square of the Century Park to the original prototype for the sundial, the use of stainless steel truss structure, make us think that the distant history.
  Under the sundial on a small, oval plate of the sundial symbol of the earth, the sundial on behalf of the needle through the mid-point of China. According to the astronomers measured, sundial Now point to the North, with a time function.
  According to the naming of the characteristics of the Century Avenue, Century Boulevard on the city's small-scale series of environmental laws to reflect the integrity of its high-tech and modern style. To the time Sculpture on the theme of the entire Century Avenue to become the world's only time to the theme of urban sculpture exhibition Street.
  At present, the East has a light, the dawn of the century, the five elements, such as sculpture. At the same time, simple style with elegant metal structure of the tension piece, whether post or bench, guard-rails, poles and shelter shed the uniform use of color to become a landmark, the characteristic color.
  Set up along the way to Inter-themed sculptures and pieces, such as in lots of different needle laid sundial, 10 minutes of the century, the hourglass, and so on; Century Avenue building, not only to the Pudong development and function of the form have a major impact on the development and the role it is the turn of the century Shanghai Urban Form The landmark building in the landscape.
  Century Avenue is a magnificent building Cheng, on both sides of the landscape works and commerce, culture, tourism and leisure development functions will gradually improve. Century Avenue on both sides of the plot is full of opportunities.

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Lujiazui central green space - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Covers an area of 100,000 square meters of green space center is located in Yan An Road East exit of the tunnel, in the Lujiazui financial center of the core parts of the district, Shanghai is the largest open lawn. Referred to as "urban green lung." Green grass of the Lujiazui area of 65,000 square meters, some from Europe to the introduction of the cool-season grass, evergreen Four Seasons Central and northern part of the green dotted with weeping willows, Magnolia, ginkgo, cedar, and other flowers, shrubs, trees plants, full of vigor and vitality. Imports of green space "Spring" as the theme of the statue, from 8 steel blooming "flowers" component. Green land in meandering in the road, outlines the Shanghai White Magnolia flower pattern, just A Standard Shanghai City, in the middle of Magnolia, is 8600 square meters at the center of Lake, designed to Pudong section of the shape of the map. Lake landscape Peng main mast 28 meters high, Peng for the white conch-shaped, like the sail, to give unlimited Xiasi. Address: 160 Lujiazui Road, Tel: 588 5487 opening hours :8:30-22: 00 Tickets: Free

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Lung Wah Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lung Wah Tower is a peaceful country two years the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 977 years) of construction sites. This is a standard Sontag. A total of seven-eight, 40.6 meters high. For the pavilion-style brick, brick tower for the air tube, inside the air for a square, set up a wooden staircase outside the tower-blocks are on each floor, hook column, Qiaojiao cornices. Canopy tower extension Far, the tower-blocks and fields are under layers of brackets contrast, the entire pagoda style of Jane Long beautiful, very beautiful. In 2000, the new 5,000-square-meter square in front of the tower, tower around the lounge bridges, pavilions, beautiful.

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Duolun Road Culture Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duolun Road, formerly known as sinus Lean Road, Hongkou is a side street, but the road is 550 meters long, snake Wan Yan, quiet Labyrinth Road. Repair renovation over the past few years, the reproduction of the 1920s and 1930s in Shanghai of human life. Duolun Road, the road paved with stones, women's high heels at the top of the very clear. Road All kinds of Western-style house while finishing a new, open window, are ya, calligraphy, antiques, mahogany apparatus, all the way out in the past, is very elegance. The most interesting is that there is a pattern ping Square, go for the next day, 10 yuan, and water Fengcha. Only seven or eight of a Jianzhe-year-old boy, while seriously playing chess with his father, while also You Wei Pazhuo and fried noodles, enjoyable. The find on a map trace of the street, in modern Chinese cultural history, but wrote a thick. A shining page in the annals of a number of cultural figures such as Lu Xun, Qu, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, and so have gathered here, and shouting, fighting. Chinese writer left-wing alliance, a Chinese art Shanghai Drama Art, the public and brown cafes are their battlefield. More than a century, Duolun Road and several surrounding roads, from one aspect of the show focused on the history and cultural microcosm of the Western. Roadside those lifelike bronze statue of the street to describe you at the time of the literati style, the former residence of those left behind To tell you the story of that era. Duolun Road, it is a unique cultural landscape and the culture of classic taste has become a popular tourist destination and one of Shanghai.

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International Conference Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai International Convention Center Oriental Riverside Hotel is located in the Lujiazui financial and trade center, adjacent to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, with the Bund des Nations building across the river. In the hotel business in August 1999, with a total construction area of 110,000 square meters, as a new landmark in Shanghai landscape, the People's Republic of China was named the top ten classic One of the building. Convenient transport facilities, close proximity to Metro Line 2. Have 260 luxury hotel rooms, different styles of restaurants and a variety of entertainment and fitness facilities. 7 floor hotel is located in the Office of Shanghai's capacity for 3,000 people meeting in Shanghai is the largest non-columnar multi-function hall. Another 25 meeting rooms of varying sizes to meet the needs of a variety of meetings.

Shanghai International Convention Center Oriental Riverside Hotel has completed a remarkable 99 ' "Fortune" Global Forum, the Korean delegation's visit to China, the 2001 APEC CEO Summit and the series of meetings, the 35th Asia Show Bank annual meeting, APEC Telecommunications Ministers of the fifth, and other dignitaries and important meetings at home and abroad to receive the mandate, praise from all sides.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chinese, "a" club-houses - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For the first time the Chinese Communist Party National Congress held in declaring the establishment of the Communist Party of China is an epoch-making event. Since then, China's revolutionary new look.
Communist Party of China, "a" memorial at the site of the Shanghai Municipal Huangpi District No. 374 (the former French Concession Road, Wang Zhi, Shuter 1 6). The memorial, "a" is the site of two two-storey brick building Shikumen (Shanghai during the 20 typical residential), a representative of a major Li Hanjun of the house and the other is building a home in Shanghai on behalf of the - Girls and archaeological research. Their style is of Chinese and Western style.

A "conference room downstairs is the living room, about 18 square meters and furnishings are as imitation.'s White walls, the floor of the red, bright and clean. Placed in the middle of a rectangular table covered with a white conference table, the table Cup and placed matchbox planes, around the table has 12 round wooden bench, east and west sides by Among them a coffee table and two chairs, the entire site appears to be very solemn.

Chinese Communist Party National Congress for the first time in 1921 July 23-30 held a secret here, around 7 communist group sent 12 representatives, who represents the National 53 Communist Party members, on behalf of these are: Shanghai, on behalf of Li Da, Li Hanjun; on behalf of Beijing Zhang. Liu Renjing; on behalf of the Wuhan Dong, Chen Tanqiu; Guangzhou on behalf of Chen Bo; Changsha on behalf of Mao Zedong, He Shuheng; on behalf of the Jinan Wang Jinmei, Deng Enming; Zhou Fohai on behalf of Japan, in addition Huiseng package sent by Chen Duxiu Also attended the meeting. Marin?????on behalf of the Communist International and attended the meeting.
"A" in Shanghai, Wang Zhi-road rally by the French Concession authorities to monitor, on July 30 was the venue search Xunbu France, was forced to suspend the meeting. During the stop, deputies at the home of Li Da agreed to the meeting South Lake in Jiaxing to continue to be held on the cruise. Early August, the delegates came to train in Jiaxing, with some representatives from Ms. Li Da Wang Wu will lead, the first urban Zhang Yuan, get settled Lake hotel to rest up and hotel accountant hired boat.

A major Chinese Lake resumed in a medium-sized cruise ships to hold on, Meeting agenda: consideration of the draft Program of the Communist Party of China; the Communist Party of China to consider the draft declaration; elections the Communist Party of China national leadership. After serious and heated debate in South Lake cruise on the adoption of the Communist Party of China's first "Program" and "the Communist Party of China first resolution," the party's election Central Bureau leadership. At this point, for the first time the Chinese Communist Party National Congress in South Lake on the successful conclusion of the cruise.
The main content of the program are: to determine the party's name, "the Communist Party of China"; provisions of the party's goal of the proletariat by the bourgeois revolution to overthrow the military to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, the abolition of There, until the eradication of class differences; also provides for the organizational principle of democratic centralism and party discipline. The Assembly also adopted a resolution on the current practice of the resolution, to determine the party after the establishment of the organization is the central task of the working class, the leadership of the labor movement. The General Assembly elected the party's central organ of the Central ? ? Bureau, the Central Chen Duxiu Secretary, Ren Li Da, director of publicity, Zhang Ren, director of the organization. Since then, in China there have been completely new to communism, by Marxism-Leninism as the guide to action, unified political party of the working class.

Chinese Shanghai, "a" site of the memorial is divided into two parts, one leather History exhibition (this will be the next revolution in the Shanghai Museum of History); Second, the site of a major. Museum is very modern, very rich in cultural relics. Also paid their respects on behalf of a large photograph of King's life and in accordance with the original copy of the lifelike wax figures, and when the party's precious cultural relics, literature and so on hundreds of exhibits, referred The birth of the Communist Party of China's historical process, as well as the establishment of the post-revolutionary activities.

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Fuzhou Road Cultural Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Compared to other busy streets, as the "First Street of Chinese culture," the Fuzhou Road, Shanghai Bookstore (at the junction of the North Sea), the ancient book (near South Fujian), foreign language bookstore (near Shanxi South Road), science and technology Bookstore (Intersection of Henan) of the rich literary atmosphere more people stop nostalgia.

  In 1846, a Founded by people from outside into the bookstore opened one after another, Fuzhou Road, Shanghai has become the source of regional culture, Chinese culture also influences the development and progress. In 1897, the opening of the Commercial Press, China marked the rise of modern publishing industry. In the near future, along with the West devoted to the social sciences, natural sciences and so on The emergence of a large number of shops, Fuzhou Road Cultural Street begun to take shape. After more than five decades since the founding of the building, Fuzhou Road, Chinese culture has been to First Street to the reputation of the world's Xiang Yu.

  Work on the day of rest, to roam in Fuzhou Road, visit the bookstore and out of various kinds of new books published in the Journal, Apple all kinds of miscellaneous books , Shanghai has become a public fashion. Fuzhou Road rich cultural atmosphere and adjacent to the People's Square, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, the city's Cultural Palace to pay workers matched hui to form a Shanghai cultural landscape.

Shanghai Conservatory of Music Bookstore Address: 365 Tibet Road, Tel: 6322 213

Shanghai Ancient Books Bookstore Address: 424 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63223453

Shanghai art supplies store Address: 402 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63528706

Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore Address: 390 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 632 3200

Yang Zhenhua pen store Address: 290 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63223117

Paper HSBC Bank Address: 305 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63215389

Shanghai Book City Address: 401 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63,200 51

Shanghai Cultural Building Address: 355 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63266588

China Science and Technology Book Company Address: 221 Henan Zhong Road, Tel: 63234567

Shanghai Book City Address: 465 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63 22222

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Xu Guangqi cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xu Guangqi-word first, was born in 1562 in Shanghai, China in the late Ming is an outstanding scientist. He translated the "Elements" of "big test" and other books, and edited by China's ancient agriculture and a relatively complete scientific masterpiece, "Encyclopedia of agricultural affairs." Xu Guangqi of the Catholic faith during his lifetime, so after the death of his tomb built in the Catholic Church South and was listed as a "national heritage unit."

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Songjiang Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Songjiang Mosque, also known as Temple really is in Shanghai's oldest Islamic temple. Is also home to preserve more of an ancient Islamic architecture. Founded in positive million years (in 1364-1367) Monastery is a fusion of classical Chinese-style palace in the Arab and Islamic architectural style of the temple. In the layout of the Songjiang has maintained a mosque in the Yuan, Ming period of Islam, Temple, the traditional tomb-in-one style. Hall of the mosque kiln and the gatehouse of the bunker (also known as Xuan Li tower) for Yuanmo created for the Arab "al-arch" construction, on the west side of the hall of worship is the main hall of Ming Dynasty architecture. Address: Songjiang District No. 21 Lane Cylinder Beng phone 57823684 opening hours :8:00-16: 00 tickets: 2 yuan

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Taoyuan Folk Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanhui main venue of the Taohua Jie, a fusion of local folk style of a house in the village are a habitat of China's rural areas showed the vitality and simple. A large number of peach trees planted in the park, each of Peach Blossom and opening up, then the local organization "Nanhui Taohua Jie", content-rich and attractive. This is the search for local history in Pudong, the largest since the reunification The best travel sites. Address: Hui Zhen village north of the city Tel: 58011777 opening hours :8:00-16: 30 Tickets: 5 yuan, weekends, holidays, 10 traffic: You take the Shanghai Stadium Line 2 (6:30-19:15), the Shanghai train Station Dragon Hotel) by far-bus (5:30-19:50) Pudong Dongchang Ferry Road, Zhoujiadu by Shanghai and the southern line, Zhou Nan Line (4:45-19:00) direct Nanhui County. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Shanghai South Highway

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Qiu-xia garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiu-xia garden at 314 Main Street East, southern China's famous classical gardens, Shanghai is also one of the five ancient gardens, only 15 years Koji Ming (1502), Ming Dynasty was the Book of History and Industry Gonghong of private gardens. Built in the early hours in the park a few rain fasting, three hidden together, structure-Ling Feng, Orioles language embankment, Suihan Drive, Taiwan Baiwu Ten Taohua Tan, and so, after going through the vicissitudes of life after the expansion and changes of the main existing Shuiting head, and so there are more than 20 historical sites, beautiful scenery charming, as well as the layout of the rockery, a well-known for Huadu plant in Jiading Stone hands of artists. Temple scenic town hall of the Temple of Shanghai Folk Culture Expo Center "endemic in Shanghai Custom photo "showroom. Address: 314 Main Street, Town, Jiading Tel: 59531949 opening hours :8:00-16: 30 Tickets: 5 yuan

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Department of Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And a garden adjacent to the Confucius Temple, as a result of the five Hengli River water in this convergence, like, "Chu Wu-long drama," named Longtan Department. Park Hill, water, kiosks, an integral whole House, the elegant beautiful, with the magnificent temple of the ancient Xiangyingchengqu. Tan Zhong Shan's name should be Kuishan Island, was constructed on a four-year-shun tomorrow (1460). A Mountain , Who Lingyun Ting, Li kiosks may be overlooking the panoramic view of the Longtan Department. There are other attractions Kuixing Court, Bainiaochaofeng Taiwan and so on. Address: Jiading District No. 299 Tacheng Road Tel: 59529604 opening hours :7:30-17: 00 Tickets: 5 yuan

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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in the Pudong Lujiazui financial and trade center, adjacent to the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Pearl Park, Riverside Avenue, bounded by the Huangpu River, downtown Puxi and the Bund across the river; planning for the South even with the high-level Pudong Buildings; the east planning to retain Convention and Exhibition Center. Pudong area will constitute Travel, shopping, sightseeing gold region, in Shanghai has become a very unique set of tourism, leisure and entertainment, popular science education in one multi-functional tourism and leisure attractions. December 5, 1997, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium held a grand ceremony, Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his wife attended and served as the main Guests. At that time, became vice mayor of Shanghai, Pudong New Area, Zhao Qizheng, director of the CMC, the current vice mayor, Zhou, director of the Pudong New Area Board have arrived at the scene and made a speech. After two years of operation, on June 11, 2004, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium also held a grand opening ceremony, the honor to once again go to Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, and Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Pudong New Area District: Mr. Du Jiahao, Mr. He Ping, general manager of China Poly Group, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Co., Ltd., Chairman Wu Xue-ray Mr. co-chair of the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium of the opening ceremony! Asia is the largest modernization of the marine aquarium, adjacent to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower, Pudong is another sign of the cultural tourist attractions. Aquarium covers an area of about 13,000 square meters with a total construction area of over more than 20,000 square meters, is known as "the second in the world, Asia in the first" water Museum. "Through the water across the five continents of the world," This is the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium of the theme of the show. Museum's 28 large-scale theme exhibition area of biological, sub-Asia, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, cold water, polar, sea, ocean depths of the eight major exhibition. On display from five continents, four oceans More than 00 varieties, more than an article of rare fish and endangered species of rare animals. One of the most unique is the frog Du Jian, jellyfish, bluegill, Ye Hailong, the emperor penguins, albino Agkistrodon perch, and so on. There are 4 aquariums in the world can be called the Cross Harbor Tunnel, the total length of 168 meters. Unique auto-foot sea Tunnel, 180 and 270-degree all-round landscape window, so that tourists feel a sense.

  --- --- Biological recommended
Aquarium hours Asia, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, cold water, polar, sea, ocean depths of the eight major exhibition to display the seven continents, four The more than 300 varieties, more than an article of rare fish and endangered species of rare animals.
* In the water of "dragon" Ye Hailong
From the coastal waters of South Australia, the body like the legendary Dragon, its body covered with a beautiful leaf patterns, the lifetime is staggering.
* Equipped with the skills drift "Mom" jellyfish
The crystal body as if the folder with a beautiful umbrella. What is more interesting is that it has accurately forecast the typhoon unique.
* Animals in a "poppy" curare frog
It has a beautiful color and charm of a very severe toxicity, it is believed that many of the difficult biological The running counter to its.
* Ocean "Messenger of Peace" Sunfish
Ting Zhao spheronization like floating in the belly of the sea in the sun, moon, to attract seabirds at the chubby belly on its habitat, the reputation of being a "sea of sun, sea and the moon."
Aquarium of the most --- ---
China only Have a "China Pavilion" of the aquarium
The world's only exhibition in the same cylinder keeping grass Dragon, Ye Hailong
Hippocampus, the blade of the longest-surviving fish aquarium
In Asia's largest exhibition of electric catfish
The world's only exhibition at the 6-cylinder has a golden grass carp aquarium
The world A display of the Amazon rain forest tourist tunnel
China's most successful training the whole process of development shark egg project
China is only the most expensive show jellyfish tank
China only a pair of Sawfish
China Aquarium Aquarium of the most animal species (more than 320 kinds)
Asia within the framework of Show a sand shark tank in the largest number of aquarium
The only Chinese can enjoy the underwater seal in the attitude of the exhibition tank


Autumn 2004, with a world-renowned "World Wide Fund For Nature" (WWF) in cooperation with the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium hosted for the first time at home and abroad Rare Yangtze River Aquatic Show. "This is the first aquarium from the Yangtze River Basin will be landmarks, as well as the geographical environment, water resources, as well as the Yangtze aquatic organisms to survive the crisis faced by the centralized, organized the exhibition for visitors to watch Rare fish at the same time, be able to understand the importance of the protection of the Yangtze River Water Resources . "Rare Yangtze River Aquatic Show" as a permanent exhibition hall has received over 1,000,000 visitors, but also from around the world access to the aquarium industry peers at home.

  October 1, 2005 began, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium with world-renowned "WildAid" WildAid) to cooperate, plan for the first time organized a national "care for the shark" as the theme of the exhibition, the exhibition's slogan is "I love the shark", the exhibition period from Japan, South Africa, China Taiwan one after another in recent introduction of 10 kinds of domestic Only to see the shark species, so that the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium shark species have become Most of the domestic aquarium. The introduction of a shark exhibition, so visitors can better understand the sharks at close range in order to join the ranks of the protection of sharks in the past.

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