Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shanghai Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Library is the largest comprehensive public research libraries, in July 1952 in the hall. In 1996, Shanghai Library is located at 325 Nanjing West Road, in 1996, moving into the new Museum.
  The new Shanghai Library, Shanghai Museum is the hallmark of the 10 cultural facilities, located in the Huai Road, covers an area of 3.1 hectares, the construction area of 83,000 square meters. The new museum building from 106.9 meters high and 58.8 meters of the two-tower high-level and composition of the five-storey podium, with knowledge and wisdom of the Plaza Square, around the green area of 11,000 square meters.
The new museum at the foundation in March 1993 Public Works, in December 1996 part of the opening to the outside world, in May 1997, opening-round, in December 1997 was basically completed. Libraries and reading rooms with various types of post-secondary Room 32, viewed more than 3,000 seats, 20 individual research.

In addition, there are also first-rate schools, based teaching Advanced education and training base, as well as for international cultural showcase domestic, academic exchanges, cultural entertainment, art appreciation, film and television to watch the large and medium-sized exhibition hall, lecture hall, multi-functional hall, activity rooms, as well as academic music, such as Office.
  The new museum also has Library and Information Science Institute Institute of historical documents, manuscripts of famous Chinese Cultural Museum, Art Museum.

Library-the-art equipment in the world of computer management systems, local area network connecting more than 700 library sites, with major domestic and international information network, and readers outside the museum can be visited via the Internet website of the Shanghai Library, including Bibliographic information, daily news, science and technology and Expo, and other renowned collection.

The new museum is also configured to receive satellite communications antenna systems, the introduction of the world's most advanced self-propelled vehicle of the book sent to the system, electronic Faso book information transmission system, equipped with advanced automatic linkage central air-conditioning system, fire alarm monitoring system and steal high-definition , The fidelity of the audio-visual system.

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