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Shanghai Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Museum is the first of the premises of the Nanjing Road, Shanghai Library, the Museum built in 1935, seven years later, moved to Henan Province in the South Tower Department. The new Museum is located at the southern end of downtown People's Square, covers an area of 33 acres. Underground two-story, five on the ground, the ground 29 meters high, with a total investment of 4.3 billion. 19 3-year start in September, in September 1994 to complete the main structure of the wall and decorative veneer, officially opened by the end of 1995. It is a cube with a circular base Chutiao combination of architecture, with Chinese style "Tianyuandifang" meaning. It not only Chinese traditional architecture of the base, the level of the intended shape, the landscape Party style, modern science and technology and reflects the spirit of the times. Look from a distance of museums, together with a circular arch of the roof of the upper part of the arc, the whole building is like an ancient Chinese bronzes; if looking down from above the museum, the roof of the plane as if a huge mirror the rules of the Han Dynasty design. That night, in the middle dome 13 meters The degree of lighting glass ball, as used in floodlights, more like a shiny the legendary luminous pearl. There are four high-rise Museum of Art's sculpture arch, the historical record of the text and the process of evolution; right in front of a lion on both sides of the 8 Tian Lu and the art of stone carving, expressed China's great cultural dazzling.

On Haibo Museum of the total construction area of 3,800 square meters on the ground floor level 2, 5, on the ground floor, building height of 29.5 meters with a total investment of 3 to 400,000,000 10,000,000 yuan. Museum within 6 hours according to the functions of the district. For one to four bronzes, ceramics, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, jade, coins, ethnic minorities, such as technology 12 Hall and 2 temporary exhibition hall, the old museum display area increased by 2 percent. Shanghai Museum of the equipment design are in line with the earthquake, lightning, fire, theft, pest control, moisture-proof, anti-stem, anti-light, dust, pollution of the "anti-decade". At present, Shanghai Museum possession of a total of 120,000 treasures, and professional books in foreign languages 2 10,000, there are cultural relics in the "half" said an international reputation.

In the internal functions of the new museum-the-art facilities, reasonable layout, scientific process, to meet the exhibition on display, scientific research, protection of the three basic functions. The whole museum is divided into open areas, public areas, school Areas, areas of scientific research, management area, equipment such as the six regional areas. Regional distribution of a clear, independent of each other, cross-rational, non-interfering.

Shanghai Museum exhibits all divided into 12 special museum, that is, the Museum bronze, ceramics Museum, Museum of painting, calligraphy museum, sculpture museum, the Museum coins, jade, furniture museum, Yuxi Hall, the Hall of minority process, Mr. Hu Huichun donated porcelain showroom, the Western Museum of Art.

  Bronze Museum: Shang and Zhou is a Chinese ancient bronze culture treasures. Bronze handed down diaspora in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries of the museum, each with a certain amount. The last 40 years, Shaanxi, he , Shanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan Province, a large number of archaeological finds, but the system into a collection of the National Palace Museum in Beijing, Taipei Palace Museum and Shanghai Museum of the most prominent. Shanghai Museum's collection of bronze inscriptions and again with a long record of featuring more weight. The new display is also nearly full Ma Chengyuan years at the head of Hong Kong to save a part of important cultural relics, especially the Western Zhou and Qin Jin-designate early-Qin Gong. Bronze Museum will also set about ancient bronze casting process simulation and display.

Ceramic Museum: It is a microcosm of the history of Chinese ceramics, pottery from the primitive society to the Shang and Zhou Porcelain before, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the three countries, the Western Jin Dynasty porcelain, ceramics along the path of development, until the Ming and Qing dynasties of the kiln in Jingdezhen, are on display. At the same time, there are ancient porcelain kilns and workshops to produce analog display.

Painting Museum: Shanghai Museum painting Painting in the Ming and Qing Dynasties mainly civilian. Exhibits will include Tang Bit, "Gao Yi map", the Five Dynasties Dong Yuan, "Summer Hill map", the Northern Song Ju-ran, "Among a Myriad Matsukaze map", Huizong, "Liu Yan Lo crow map" national treasure, and other treasures, as well as the Southern Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing of the original masters.

Calligraphy Museum: painting and calligraphy museum is divided into two post-secondary, is the older generation of experts painstakingly collected and gradually form Collection of solid results. There are on display here on behalf of Oracle, Kim Moon-week, as well as Qin Shi Guwen, to the Han Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties era and other words and works of calligraphy.

Sculpture Museum: In addition to the display part of the wood carvings, pottery, stone to the main statue. Here are the Northern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Tang and the Northern Zhou Dynasty and the eagle , As well as a rare Southern rock carvings, bronze statues, and so on.

Coin Museum: China's 3,000 years of history of the use of metal currency, the Shanghai Museum's collection of Chinese Gubi relatively complete. At this time not only a collection of ancient iron copper, gold coins of the Warring States, Kim will also be on display, note-free version of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the gold and silver currency, The countries along the Silk Road gold, silver, and other currencies.

Jade Museum: will be specially designed lighting display, as well as prehistoric past three generations after the jade treasures.

Furniture Museum: located next hall-style, study and bedroom three showrooms, display a collection of Ming and Qing Dynasties, will also be featured in Hong Kong, Mr. villagers donation A large number of Ming furniture. Ancient Chinese furniture has always been cherished by the people, on display here is bound to cause great interest in the audience at home and abroad.

Xi Indian Museum: Yuxi, China and India are ancient dynasty period to study the political, economic, military and Officials literature, art and a kind of important information. Museum exhibits Xi is the focus of the Warring States and India, the official Han Dynasty and the Ming and Qing Dynasties Indian schools.

House Minority Technology: China is a unified multi-ethnic country, the Shanghai Museum for many years to collect a number of national minorities, all types of clothing and handicraft museum set up a new museum dedicated exclusively for the Museum of the minority to a majority of the arts and crafts The public.

Mr. Hu Huichun donated porcelain showroom: Mr. Hu Huichun exhibition of ancient porcelain donation, such as the Northern Song Dynasty on white glaze and a group of the Qing Dynasty kiln glaze colors, are very valuable.

Western Museum of Art: Any national of any country and the best of traditional arts, should be Human wealth. The new museum is currently also the lack of Western art collection, through various channels that it will organize exhibitions of fine art in the West to introduce to the audience.

Shanghai Museum's exhibits, more fully reflects the six thousand years of China's ancient art of the glorious course of development. Museum's collection of 12 00 square meters of display area, in the automation control environment of temperature and humidity conditions, regular replacement, will play a more wide range of items in social benefits. Several special exhibition hall will provide the provinces and cities to display the latest cultural relics unearthed treasures. Shanghai Museum of Art at home and abroad will be an exhibition, exchange and research center The new museum on the international use of the latest scientific and technological means to manage. Showroom on the topic, all procedures for the preparation of input into the computer, instead of listening devices on the guide. According to the Heritage audience numbers under the press button, you can choose any speech on cultural relics, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and other languages, you can choose. Showroom in preparation Computer-controlled video player to provide a variety of related cultural relics like and expertise.

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