Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Duolun Road Culture Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duolun Road, formerly known as sinus Lean Road, Hongkou is a side street, but the road is 550 meters long, snake Wan Yan, quiet Labyrinth Road. Repair renovation over the past few years, the reproduction of the 1920s and 1930s in Shanghai of human life. Duolun Road, the road paved with stones, women's high heels at the top of the very clear. Road All kinds of Western-style house while finishing a new, open window, are ya, calligraphy, antiques, mahogany apparatus, all the way out in the past, is very elegance. The most interesting is that there is a pattern ping Square, go for the next day, 10 yuan, and water Fengcha. Only seven or eight of a Jianzhe-year-old boy, while seriously playing chess with his father, while also You Wei Pazhuo and fried noodles, enjoyable. The find on a map trace of the street, in modern Chinese cultural history, but wrote a thick. A shining page in the annals of a number of cultural figures such as Lu Xun, Qu, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, and so have gathered here, and shouting, fighting. Chinese writer left-wing alliance, a Chinese art Shanghai Drama Art, the public and brown cafes are their battlefield. More than a century, Duolun Road and several surrounding roads, from one aspect of the show focused on the history and cultural microcosm of the Western. Roadside those lifelike bronze statue of the street to describe you at the time of the literati style, the former residence of those left behind To tell you the story of that era. Duolun Road, it is a unique cultural landscape and the culture of classic taste has become a popular tourist destination and one of Shanghai.

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