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Ta Yuan Fang Fang tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Square tower that is, "Xing Sheng Jiao Temple", as a result of the tower while Shengjiao Hing Temple named after. It stands in the center of the park, park on the north shore of the lake, was built in Xining Yuanyou years of the Northern Song Dynasty (1068 ~ 1094), 900 years ago. 42.65 m high tower, a total of 9 layers of the Tang Dynasty copy Zhuanta made of square-shaped, so-called side . Side for the brick tower, pavilion-style, brick wall are the bottom of each 6 meters wide, are built around the gallery Wai, floor by floor over to contract, brick by brick wall are divided into three columns, is located between the pot door for Side room, wooden ladder was set up to connect at all levels. Fu Pen is at the top of the tower, which is round, composed of Aquarius as high as eight meters in Tasha, a 4 iron From the steeple to the ninth floor of the trailer Yanjiao, as the cable winds and waves. Tower canopy 1.40 a Department of Tong-ling, fine-sounding name "bird police," rang the wind, attractive, is to prevent the birds off the tower to do the home and Waterloo. Boarded the tower overlooking the square around the ancient city of Matsue panoramic picture. Millennium Tower side can not stand back, with its clever structure and Science Inseparable. First of all, the Tata-side, a lot of wood materials, with the exception of the Department of the stairs, flat seat, canopy tower, brackets, each tower in the body also has three wooden hoop. This construction is prohibited, because the structure of construction (brick, stone materials, and other companies) are not allowed to have a folder of wood, because wood can cause perishable building Loose. But the tower to retain all of the wood (refers to the original Song Dynasty), no moth-eaten and decadent, did not even termites, it is a miracle. (Renovation of the square tower, a Japanese professor, to see the wood decay deeply surprised that it is your ancestors left behind priceless.) War of Resistance Against Japan, the Japanese army In the side bomb exploded next to the tower, but did not blow up the tower side, which is a miracle. Tongji University, according to Chen Zhou, Lu Binjie two professors analyzed sure the timber has been flexible to deal with anti-corrosion, the Millennium is never stale, the shelling was not certainly related.

  Second, in 1974 to repair tower was found to Tata Is labeled as wood piles, the use of wood characteristics of their ancestors, "the Millennium dry, wet millennium, too Gangan 2023" (Proverbs woodworking) truth, successfully built on the side of the tower, so that the party would not fall in the Millennium Tower, Tilt and a very small (53 cm tilt to the north-west).


  Once again, the tower side of the tower and the public With his tilt to the south-east, north-west corner of land for the top 40 cm, while the south-east corner of only 20 cm, were standing in the tower will be clearly felt the ground tilt. Is this is the ancestors of the tower under construction when they neglect to do? In fact, this reflects the wisdom of the ancient craftsmen. Songjiang because the sea to the east, south-east wind in the summer, typhoons More, so Taki conscious tilt to the southeast. The Northern Song Shen Kuo in his "Dream Pool Essays" in his book, wrote a story, said there was a tower made the old craftsmen, old age, he made such a tower, we do not understand, ask him why he wants to build this This tower? He said: "We are these people Less than, the tower in two hundred years later, it will become a straight tower, and will never be a tilt. "This shows that the side with the old tower built by a carpenter on the same tower, in a study of the local meteorology, geology, as well as the pyramid, materials, production, and so on the basis of the results of a series of built up, so we can see Tower Block, the value of a major.

  Square tower with "beautiful" reputation of South East crown, very artistic. Tower side of the tower is characterized by long and thin, wide canopy tower, You Si body dressed in a dress, Tingtingyuli girls. Songjiang in the Qing Dynasty poet Huang Ting of a "Bamboo" is such a side spoke highly of the towers: "Thirty offshore Futu How to tower as the most exquisite. "A few words they tower side of the art features the image and vividly painted out.

  Construction of the square tower also has a beautiful legend to. (See story legend)

  Side of the tower is also not limited to dealing with the arts tower, light tower, there are many special treatment, such as In order to repair the US-tower, tower in vitro to remove burdensome, and all the stairs in the tower in the design. Eaves on the second floor of the tower to each of the nine-storey Yanjiao connection both the parabolic arc, called "Volume brakes." It's also different from Tasha, and the tower, other than the more slender tower.

  Tap the side of historical value can not be assessed . Chen Zhou, a professor from Tongji University in his book "Tower of Jiangsu Province," the book said: "The tower is the Songjiang side of the Tang Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty, a similar tower in the first wife on behalf of the Shan." Mean that it follows the shape of the Tang Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty During the completion of the tower, and the tower regardless of form, materials and construction techniques, is a typical Tang Loft-style brick tower. In view of this major historical value, in 1996 Shengjiao Hing Temple by the State Council promulgated a national key cultural unit. Hundreds of years, the square tower there were a number of major repair. 21 million Yuan (1284), the high monk line repair fund-raising. Dade 2006 (1302) Hurricane with rounds of Chuiluotasha, destroyed railings, monk-money fund-raising margin repair. Yuan Mo, was Bingxian Temple, destroyed temples, and the only tower clock tower alone keep. Three years, Wu Ming-hong (1370), the monks built next to the tower in the Church feel remorse, said the amount of "Xing Santa House." Ming Zhengtong 12 (1447) governor Zhou Chen contributions to the reconstruction. Million in calendar year (1573 ~ 1619) for the repair fund-raising tower, Zhen Brokeback monk to show piety. Junji 17 years of Qing (1660), 35 years of Qianlong (1770) and Daoguangnianjian (1821 ~ 1850) to repair many times. Xianfeng 10-year-ching (1860) and the clock tower Tayuan are destroyed. Republic of China 16 (1937), Temple most of the temples were burned Japanese bombers, and the only tower in front of the temple Zhaobi survived.

  Before the liberation, the tower blocks are cracks in wooden structures at all levels of the tower all the damage. In 1963, relics of the Shanghai Municipal Commission to a comprehensive survey of the tower structure and damage In 1973, the development of "Songjiang Shengjiao Hing Temple renovation program," in 1975 to start the renovation, completed in 1977. The overhaul, for the tower to the heart wood, Tasha Uninstall, up-for-phase round, repair the stairs on each floor, floor, flat seat, canopy and waist often used in building the Northern Song Dynasty "look-stick" railings and rebuild the Wai . During the third level found in the West Yanxia wall brackets between the two groups, known as the triangle arch eye wall, a color of the Song Dynasty 2 Murals Buddha. At the same time retained in the 177 finishing brackets to identify, found that 111 for the original Song Dynasty. Experts frankly, the southern brick pagoda of many, but To stay in the Song Dynasty so many brackets are extremely rare. More valuable is that in the restoration, archaeologists in the middle part of the ground-floor tower opened a Zhuanmian of 1.5 square meters, digging out a brick palace, unearthed a Dragon engraved pattern, engraved with the two ends The white tiger two-Shihan, the cover placed on a copper Sa fell to the north and sit cross-legged sitting, are spread around the 42 coins of the Song Dynasty. Shihan open, and inside a lacquer box, inside the box wrapped with silk Tongfo Xiang Yizun, two Yinhe, the relic containing a pair. These are precious cultural relics from the Shanghai Museum.

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