Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Universal theme park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanxiang Town, Jiading District is located on the north side of Shanghai Kerry on the eastern side of the highway, adjacent to State Road 312, about 23 km away from downtown, an area of 1200 mu, in September 1996 to open a formal garden, is a full-scale theme park. World renowned world-famous theme park attractions 36, more than 100 other landscape, the majority of Point by 1:1 imitation prototype, there are spots all over the world, architecture, landscape style, so that visitors experience the exotic wonders, tastes home atmosphere. Visitors can take part in the jungle adventure, space theater, horse racing, racing, boating, water skiing, and other large-scale entertainment. Hungary Square on a high standard of large-scale song and dance fireworks night revelry , Can visits to a climax. Park, there are special tree house, castle, such as Dai Walled catering, accommodation and so on a new tourism environment.

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