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Century Avenue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Century Avenue, from the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong Century Park to a total distance of about 5.5 kilometers and 100 meters wide. Oriental Pearl west, east to Pudong New Area Administrative Cultural Center, known as "the East Champs-Elysees."
  The road for the asymmetric design, green belts and a wide driveway over the sidewalk, people, transportation, construction The relationship between the more reasonable. Next to the sidewalk on the north side, has the theme of 8 prominent features of the Botanical Gardens so that the effect of the road with gardening.
  Century Boulevard as a function of the urban landscape Avenue, Charpy France - Germany to Sri Lanka provided by the program design, Century Avenue will be the center line offset 10 m to the south, has become Community on the unique asymmetric road, grand momentum, a strong effect of the landscape.
  Century Avenue is the first green on the sidewalk and the driveway than the width of the urban landscape Avenue. Design a better solution, transportation, construction of an integrated three-in-one relationship. To highlight the effect of landscape gardens and green Landscape sidewalk 69 meters and 44.5 meters wide on the north side of the sidewalk layout of the street trees row 4, the evergreen camphora in the outside, the inside of the street is the ginkgo tree leaves in winter, summer and played a shelter through the winter tree effect.
  On the south side of 24.5 meters wide, the layout of street trees row 2. At the same time, also on the sidewalk on the north side of building 8 180 m long and 20 meters wide and the "Garden", were named Liuyuan, Metasequoia Park, Cherry Orchard, Park Lagerstroemia indica, Magnolia Park, the Tea Garden, Bauhinia Garden and Luan tree park, the theme of prominent features.
  It also set up along the road to the time Sculpture and the theme of works of art, unique scenery, culture Rich flavor.
  Road construction century sculpture are: Century-time, located in the Laoshan West Century Boulevard and the interchange. China to the ancient timer, "hourglass" for the prototype, the level of 9 different set of stainless steel glass column, "hourglass", a parabola distribution constitutes a planet track. Every 2-5 days, pump Will be left out of the sand up again. The rare ancient world of technology and modern architecture of Pudong each other, unique taste.
  Five elements, their ideas from ancient Chinese allelopathy philosophy to metal, wood, water, fire, earth oracle words 5 to form the basic design elements, the image of the sculpture 5 "Gold" take the triangle, was the central pyramid stand, "wood" to make a bold cut into cubes, "Fire" take the flame-shaped, three more are tailor-made for the bronze material.
  "Water" used to make stainless steel water hieroglyphs smooth curve, "soil", is derived from natural rocks cut by the hammer. Light of the Orient, located in the World Gao Yang Avenue Road open on the island, backed by a large square of the Century Park to the original prototype for the sundial, the use of stainless steel truss structure, make us think that the distant history.
  Under the sundial on a small, oval plate of the sundial symbol of the earth, the sundial on behalf of the needle through the mid-point of China. According to the astronomers measured, sundial Now point to the North, with a time function.
  According to the naming of the characteristics of the Century Avenue, Century Boulevard on the city's small-scale series of environmental laws to reflect the integrity of its high-tech and modern style. To the time Sculpture on the theme of the entire Century Avenue to become the world's only time to the theme of urban sculpture exhibition Street.
  At present, the East has a light, the dawn of the century, the five elements, such as sculpture. At the same time, simple style with elegant metal structure of the tension piece, whether post or bench, guard-rails, poles and shelter shed the uniform use of color to become a landmark, the characteristic color.
  Set up along the way to Inter-themed sculptures and pieces, such as in lots of different needle laid sundial, 10 minutes of the century, the hourglass, and so on; Century Avenue building, not only to the Pudong development and function of the form have a major impact on the development and the role it is the turn of the century Shanghai Urban Form The landmark building in the landscape.
  Century Avenue is a magnificent building Cheng, on both sides of the landscape works and commerce, culture, tourism and leisure development functions will gradually improve. Century Avenue on both sides of the plot is full of opportunities.

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