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Kashi high-profile residential areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kashgar Old City of south-eastern yellow Yashang there is a Uighur residents lanes; Uygur: its wide Yabei Xi Zi Lane. Means of high-Ya Shang Tutao; Kashi is located in the old city of the highest terrain in this as long as a few hundred meters Gao Ya, in the early history of the "two thousand years ago on the existence of others. Legend has it that Ban Chao's Eastern Han Dynasty, had Genggong The footprints left behind. The mid-ninth century AD Kashi La Khan dynasty, they built the palace in this northern Gaoya, Gaoya the north and south of the original are linked to one another, at both ends of the North and South. Living in residential areas of the high-profile 94-year-old artist Tutao Mamat Assi on the wood, Gao Ya now divided into two separate South Cliff North origin of the cliff. It is said that a few hundred years ago from a sudden and large the Pamirs mountain torrents out of the zone Gaoya a big gap, cut off from the North and the South, divided into two separate high slope, the high-profile building in the residential areas on the southern slope.
The high-profile residents of the existing 603 houses, population more than 2450 , All Uighurs. The high-profile visit to the residential areas, visiting tourists to respect the customs of the Uygur. Here, a brief account of some of the Uygur ethnic customs and pay attention to a number of issues. First of all, for everyone to talk about entering the high-profile residential areas, some of the attention to the matter: l, the high-profile residential rugged terrain Population density, a lot of lanes, criss-crossing, extending in all directions. There are many side street off a century ago, the Old Hall of housing, or some two, three simple buildings, most of the stairs is no barrier, and some even dangerous, for safety reasons, I hope visitors tour guide comrades in the lower reaches of the visit, not to leave the ranks Unauthorized access to home Or lost in the lane and lost the team found.
2, lane of the Uighur people visiting guests warm hospitality and courtesy are all very much concerned, the warm greetings to be met, in the alley encounter with Uighur people can say "you Joachim" (say hello Uyghur), to meet When shaking hands to greetings
3, Uygur taboo pig, do not eat pork. Home visits in the conversation should not ask why not eat pork, and other such topics. So as not to arouse their resentment. There is one more point, do not ask when meeting with "no food" they will cause misunderstanding.
4, with the Uygur people Talk, eat or a guest at home in front of the most taboo human face Xing Biti, spitting, or else they would be considered to be disrespectful to the people. Into the courtyard, we will see a variety of courtyards, and some large, some small, high and low terrain, the use of space also does not have the same, whether any went into a hospital , First of all to see planted on the ground floor of the Uighur people love trees, fig, pomegranate, apricot, grape, rose, rose, oleander, and other trees and flowers. Shady fruit trees, and elegant environment. Some large area of the garden, a variety of grapes, arbor built not only eat fruit and shade in the summer is a good place. Hospital In general have Qianlang, built Tu Kang, above shop mats, blankets or carpets. The hot summer months when the number of people living in the Qianlangtukang.
  Uighur very favorite plant flowers and grass and garden plants species may not have open space, in the types of pots on the floor or upstairs balcony. As well as space for flower pots can be placed on Offices are filled with flower pots. It is no exaggeration to say that the high-profile fallen flowers everywhere. Uighur people can see that beauty, love to spend the customs, in particular with the Uighur women to spend more indissoluble bond, forged a deep affection and flowers. Uighur women's lives and life and is linked to spend. Wearing a hat to spend, spend towel head circumference, wearing a flower , Their dress with flowers, plants and flowers for natural cosmetics, a Uighur "Usman" green juice to come out of the thrush, is said to the grass juice can contribute to the long thick black eyebrows. It is interesting that more Uighurs to use flowers to the birth of a baby girl named, such as: Ali with Guli (Jinhua), Ziman GU Red plum blossom), GU Ana (Dan Liuhua,) GU Taji (cockscomb). From the courtyard into the living room of the master, living room, look at the interior architecture and architectural style. The master bedroom relatively simple, like sleeping on the Uighurs Tu Kang, Tu Kang accounted for most of the area to half of the room where, unlike farmers in northern China The Huokang, adobe structure, the formation of thick, straw mats have Kangshang shop, flower carpet, carpet, as well as big kang and cotton mattress. The open-neatly cabinet walls of the emissions of many bedding. Carpet hung on the wall for decoration. We are the masters of the warm invitation to the living room, the shoes off outside, sleeping on the ground into the living room table. Passenger No display tables and chairs, spread around the carpet has long cotton cushion in the middle covered with cloth meals, to be seated cross-legged sitting or kneeling, legs should not be extended seats meal, let alone to other people moving in the soles of the feet. Meal at them ethnic flavor of the Muslim cakes, candy and nuts, Xinggan, dried fruits such as raisins. If the guests to Taste like Uygur-style diets, housewives will give the guests do the traditional Zhuafan, Shouzhua mutton, thin-skinned buns, noodles, fried noodles, after another (pure Chinese ravioli), ranking Wawa (dumplings), and other snacks flavor. Uighurs in accordance with the customary dinner, hors d'inherited from the master with the traditional hospitality customs, "for hand-washing water , In charge of "water for hand washing" is the usual attire of the young shoulders of Article arm towel, put his right hand for a special bath of water, "Tuva App", the left hand holding a complete set of access Basin "La Puqia" according to the general habit of pouring water three times, wash your hands three times, people think Cuoxi three times for the highest clean The lower limit can not be less than that. The number is not even wash their hands, such as four, six, and so on, this is the prevailing Muslim customs, the guests from different nationalities, and wash their hands more than three times the two have no harm, no man can excuse. Wash your hands when the most important thing is not a rejection of water. After the water wash their hands off the brotherly peoples of Xinjiang is a taboo . Hand-washing rituals and customs, began to eat, when to eat or contacts with the Uygur people, please do not pay attention to when they face the spitting, nose-dug, yawn, the food should not be used to grasp the nose to sniff out between, even if do not want to eat and drink also To a taste that respect. After the meal, the owner of the elderly to lead guests "W" (blessed word) you can learn to master the moves for you to follow, relatively simple, (open hands in the face from the top down and have Geshi) to show respect for the master and his family all best wishes. Left, do not rush out, not to Taguo meal or across the cloth. To leave the hosts who, with enthusiasm to the master Do not, to say the phrase can be used in peacekeeping, "Ahmat hot" (meaning thank you) and "West-ho" (meaning goodbye) to shake hands goodbye.
  Into the lane, as if into the Uygur style of painting. Those who had not been planned, the construction of free, according to the requirements and stay in their places of origin to the four-week extension to the high - Intended to increase above the floor level, Louwai Lou, a residential Cuoluoyouzhi arrangement of deep alleys are extending in all directions. Faint lanes, the lanes deep, early into the alley that would enter the maze; seven of eight around the bend, turn left, turn right and climb down from the corner into a small, can take most of the day also Not get out. Some move into the field Lane's people are not familiar with the layout of the lanes, has not the residence to go out shopping, people in the criss-cross through the Xiang Li, a lot of walking back to the starting circle, the residential alley after another and then ANGLE on down, There are wide and narrow, short length of the various lanes even for a whole spectacle of the residential areas. Kashi City, is listed as State historical and cultural cities, residential high-profile city is a lot of cultural landscape in both value and beauty of the Uighur culture has a deep meaning and profound historical, cultural customs of the landscape. Uighurs living in the heart of the culture that is attached to the home and native land, the first open In the high-profile settled in the generations to come here for generations live and multiply. Into the alleys of any residents of a home, he will be pointing to the vicissitudes of life through the mud wall to tell people, my ancestors live here, until the proliferation of our generation. Think of this first compound in the hands of the ancestors, the ten Spacious.
  With a population more and more, increasing housing, so that accounts for part of the courtyard. With the proliferation of generations, live only inside the compound where there is no room to expand repair, and then connect on the wall around the compound to the expansion of housing, to a four-week residential groups have been formed. Lane, no longer be able to expand Family residential, high-altitude start to the extension of the intelligent Uighurs in the original building more housing on the floor, even on the second floor Canada, from the residential building in the territories have. A large population of households do not even use the building, come up with a peculiar way, some people in the second floor of the amendment, the House will extend out across the alley up street The opposite, which is quite creative in the form of construction to gradually promote the opening, after hundreds of years, gradually formed a unique Kashi lanes, "Guo Jielou" Landscape, "Guojie Lou" The trick is that it will not affect pedestrian walking downstairs, Does not affect the people living upstairs, in a limited range of great use of space Construction. Fully reflect the wisdom of the Uighurs. In addition to up to see the "Guojie Lou", there is also accounted for half of the street, "Street floor and a half." In the depths of the lanes can also see that the building will be built in the alley at the crossroads of the "vacant floor." From a distance looked like legislation in alleys or inside the gun turret of the bunker. Read the street lanes Type up the house, along the alleys of any of the trails around can be seen along the roadway construction of the residential compound outside the wall and in accordance with the door open, the door is 2, a next to a.
  Uighur residents have strong Uygur architectural style, the style is characterized by the formation of Kashi's special natural environment and be , By the Islamic culture, history and centuries of evolution and evolving. There are houses like the high-profile features: one. Plane layout of the residential compound of free and flexible, residents of the construction of indoor and outdoor space is arranged according to specific conditions and practical needs, such as the concept of symmetry is not binding, the full benefit Topography and the construction of the space, the high-profile residential compound in the residential houses there, two-story building, three floors and even the seven-story building, built three-Ya Shang, four-Ya Xia, Ya Shang, can be Yaxia, the main house Excellent design to make full use of the terrain, the three-Tu Ya Ya Shang from the Progressive, Yaxia from three-to four-under to the Layer, or from the bottom up and down along the floor of the exchange floor to reach any one band. Second, the courtyard has a strong closed. Uighur people can meet the requirements of family life and adapt to the local natural environment. Against wind and rain played a role in the shelter. Third, changing the simple form. Uygur architectural component of construction Line little Bump feet, generous smooth walls, doors outdoor, for more than two doors, solid solemn, door set, engraved with images of the pattern copper, iron shield layering. Hoisting a big bowl of the two doors locked loop for use. Along with the external walls of piled bricks, add straw mud, decades or even centuries remained as before. Whitehead is also useful The brushing. Fourth, the construction is divided into masters of the indoor living room, living room, mostly on both sides of the same on behalf of children and family housing. Living room with no Wood Beds, almost all sleep in the pit. Unlike in the north of China's rural fire, but it filled the pit formation, or to the entire area of two-thirds or half. The walls are built on open The wall cabinets, there are many layers to place daily. The living room wall cabinets are more decorative style of Islamic architecture. For the multi-arch, the size of different niches, ranging from a few layers. There are four Uighur traditional plaster lace pattern. Some niche is plaster floor space in the mosaic pattern design on the whole niche. Lan was carved plaster White pattern design, a nation that looked a distinct feature of the sculpture art. Housing and living room walls are also linked to Hotan carpets. Larger courtyard in front of the house there is a general corridors, the corridors carved column on a variety of flower motifs, corridors under Article barrier is a carpenter spin out of the system, not the length of interval thickness round The wooden barrier. There are corridors pit, covered with flowers carpet the carpet, the hospital corridors planes even Putao Jia, according to grape vines climb up the gallery roof frame, is the great good place to enjoy the cool air.
  Fifth, the high-profile residential long history of some ancient houses are mostly for hundreds of years of history, there are some residential areas from generation to generation, since security The Sansibainian. The room structure, roof, walls, doors and windows, and even color all remain the same. A proliferation of residential areas is a family, live, the rise and fall, the continuation of future generations of family history. Many houses have seven or eight generations passed down, as the concept of a strong clan of the Uygur, residential and cultural core of that Is attached to the family home. Some of the largest residential housing compound in as many as one, 20 upstairs downstairs, the two side rooms of several generations living with a courtyard, is a true four generations. Read the landscape residential lanes, residential areas and cultural learn Uygur characteristics, taste, experience lanes deep yard behind a life of the nation's calendar And the homes of culture. In addition to the residential lanes that the high-profile spectacle, there are a more ancient, has a long history of the original soil Tutao of handmade pottery workshop, 17 have now been preserved, the oldest of eight workshops, residential high-profile location, the Uyghur "wide Niyaz Asia with its Greek ", in Chinese means" Gaoyatutao . Tuya's unique ancient houses and workshops Tutao be high on the stage two of the most cultural relics and scenic spots of the value.
Gao Ya is three more than 10 meters from the ground, condescending, clean air, free from floods, storm disasters, favorable terrain, thousands of years since the ancestors of the first Uygur more than 1000 years ago To settle this in the years since then, the land continued to have a lot of Uighurs have Gaoya to build a home. In the repair room on the spot in the mud and soil, the soil in the Gaoya Uighurs in a "color Gezi" soil, the soil texture and delicate, strong viscosity in prison, is to produce soil of perfect ceramic materials. About 80 Years ago, fired a Tutao artisan of the first to discover the "color Gezi" soil, so Tuya in the construction of the first workshop Tutao. Tutao have been followed by many artists in the creation of high-Ya Shang Tutao workshop. In the past years there, Tutao products with the Uighur people's living practices are closely linked. Three-day life Can not be separated from the mud bowl, called Uighurs, "Ta Wake", and the surface of the food put Sheng Fan Tao basin, bath with the Tutao basin, wash their hands with the "I grams of meat" (clay), the water " Treasury Fu (Tao Gang), Laundry by "Taihsi grams of Taiwan" (Tao laundry basin), carrying water used, "Makuza" (Tutao bucket). Night Tutao all kinds of oil lamps, candlesticks, and then shaking a baby, even Tutao-bird hunting equipment, and so on, the Tutao varieties as many as 100 kinds of products, covering all aspects of people's lives. At that time, in the historical conditions, soil pottery along with the Uighur people's lives, their great contribution, has made undeniable contributions
Tutao history of the peak, high on the stage more than a hundred Tutao workshop, the whole city of Kashi Tutao workshop focused on all of this on Tuya, the Uighurs "Tutao cliff." With the advance of history, social progress and economic development, improvement of people's lives, Tutao the decline of industry in order Now high on the stage only existing ancient Tutao less than 30 workshops, Tutao engaged in the production of the master from a maximum of five or six people, left more than 50, although a lot of pottery have been living out of the stage, only the production of There are a few of the pottery market demand, many species have disappeared, lost much of the risk . However, is still engaged in dozen Tutao industry as the owner put Square, inheritance left by the ancestors craft, obsessed in the production of Tu Tao. This is only a dozen or so workshops Tutao, are five or six generations to stay ancestors passed down, the soil of their election materials, screening, mixing and kneading clay, body shaping, painting, sculpture cut flowers, glaze, into the Firing, a dry kiln and so on a dozen procedures, all handmade crafts, and even now can use electric devices forming wheel spin, might dispense with the heavy manual work, but they are still in use pottery artist Legend has it that 800 years old Traditional methods of soil on the ground floor of the Millennium, wooden foot rotating disk blanks, Molded with vegetation burning kiln. Tutao for the painting, color and glaze is also the ancestral methods of processing formula, glaze paint all the minerals from the desert or the mountains to crush the stones of different colors of the collection, from stone grinding mill, after more than 10 heavy physical Road Labor processing from the final shape of the bricks to become a beautiful Glazed pottery or art. Although the products Tutao not worth the money, not the texture itself Tu Tao, said it straight, it's worth a lot of them blend of history. From this point of archeology at home and abroad, artists, collectors, and traveled to Kashi Tutao obsessed we can get in close. This is after thousands of years of history, Today, the production process has not changed its charm lies. The high-profile residents of the existing 603 houses, population 2,450 people, in addition to Tutao engaged in the production of the industry, there are many people engaged in embroidered caps, tool making, leather processing, textiles, blacksmith, sewing and other crafts people.

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Emannisha Khan Memorial Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Emannisha Khan was born in 1526 and died in 1560, the Princess of Abdulrixit. The fifteenth century, distinguished poetess Uighur, Uygur classical music "Muqam 12" to collect, collate those. Rugong 13-year-old, 34-year-old were deeply entrenched as a result of difficult labor.

  From an early age for her poetry and music are strong Fun, she called on the community artists, poets, folk singers, finishing Creating a set of Great Uygur classical music "Muqam 12", so that folk music has become a scientific, systematic and rigorous program. "Twelve Muqam" famous, is a Uighur music and dance of the rare art treasures.

Oman Khan sand hills area of 1050 square meters Memorial, King Palace, Al-don, together with the mosque. 22 m high hills, a mausoleum built in 2 meters high and 10 meters wide, 10-square-meter-long sit, Ling-top tower in the park for the mausoleum palace, the palace walls set with "Maqam" Twelve sets of Title. Armani Khan Mausoleum Memorial clever idea, with typical Islamic style.

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Stone City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone City at Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County on the north side of town, Taxkorgan, the Turkic word for "Stone City." 3100 meters above sea level. Xinjiang is a famous ancient Silk Road of ancient ruins. Han, here is one of 36 Western Regions of the country's Wang Li Po City. The Government of the Tang Dynasty unified the Western Regions, set up here Cong Ling Shou-by to catch. In the early Yuan Dynasty, the expansion of large-scale construction wall, the old Stone City for a new look. Guangxu 28 years, the Ching court to set up the Office of Li Po, the old castle for the maintenance.

  Castle built in Takaoka, the situation is extremely dangerous. There are multi-storey building outside the city or broken or renewal of the wall, depending on the situation in Shek Kong, Rock soil Leiqi folder, inflection and downs, a little close to a square, the length and width of the week more than 1300 meters. Hill overlap between the stone walls, piles of rocks, constitute the unique scenery of Stone City. City Wall remnant walls up to 6 meters high, at the top of 1-3 meters. West, North Ma kept outside the wall surface. 1.40 watchtower had been destroyed. See the town house kitchen pit. Ancient South-east corner, an ancient Buddhist temple ruins. Pottery have been unearthed, Tang Qianyuan treasures, Maobu, silk fabrics and a Sanskrit Pattra Sutra, 3-8 for the text books of the century when the popular body. Heritage carbon as a person. Determination to show Don in the abandoned city. Tang was thirsty rugged country where the capital, which is the Tang Dynasty in the west of the Congling Cong Ling Shou-catching city. In the late Qing Dynasty, ancient city in the eastern side Qiao Gang, the earth building a City Hall Li Po. Into a slightly elliptical, the city construction is still faintly discernible. Under the riverside city for the Road, Kashi come and go, Shache all this, that or the ancient "Silk Road" through.

  Castle built in Takaoka, the situation is extremely Jun. There are multi-storey building outside the city or broken or renewal of the City Wall, stone wall between the overlapping Hill, piles of rocks, constitute the unique scenery of Stone City. Han, here is one of 36 Western Regions of the country's Wang Li Po City. The Government of the Tang Dynasty unified the Western Regions, set up here by Cong Ling Shou-catching.


  In the early Yuan Dynasty, Xing expansion of the civil wall; Guangxu 28 years, the Qing government to set up the Office of Li Po, the old castle in the south of the construction of a new town, the Stone City was abandoned.

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Moore pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the city of Kashgar, about 30 km north-east, flax Tall Mountains in the middle of a sand dune. As the site of an ancient Buddhist architecture. Was built in the Tang Dynasty. 1,000 years ago. Moore, also translated as "Do not heat Tun", Uygur language means "flue" and "chimney", because Taiwan was on the floor of the local people mistakenly believe that the ancient Sui named after.
Pagoda resounding terrain, the existing 2, located in a south-east, Block Party, round the waist, cover top of bowl. Zhang Kuange a minimum base of 12.3 meters, 5 minutes layer, layer by layer reduced the total 8.4 m high. Cheng Yuan cylindrical tower, 2 meters high; tower is the upper part of the hemispherical-top review, since the base of the tower to 12.8 m-high. Caoni tower system in order to square the trapezoidal bricks and Lei Qi, hollow. Temple and the other for the follow-up bucket-shaped, while the bottom 25 meters long, 23.6 meters wide, flat-topped, 14.20 meters long at the top of the residue, residual 12.50 meters wide and 7 meters high tower. Positive face on both sides of the tower and there are traces of the shrines, then the Department of Plastic Buddha As the remains. Tower Hall under the vestiges of destroyed Binghuo like. It is believed that the pagoda was built in the Tang Dynasty like.

Moore pagoda is located in the city of Kashgar, about 30 kilometers north-east, is an ancient Buddhist relic was built in the Tang Dynasty, 1,000 years ago have been history.

  The tower by an oval And fill up a tower-shaped cover the high-profile pose. Oval soil hollow tower, 12 meters high tower, under the three-side seat to big bricks from masonry, soil next to the tower's great that the high-profile, is here at the center of construction, is designed to worship Buddha, the walls of Kannei Buddha as a result of years off for a long time, is no longer intact, but still traces of the shrines in accordance with Discernible.

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Kashi Bazaar - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kashi Bazaar at the East Gate of the Kashi City, Northwest China's largest international trade market. Bazha, the Department of Uighur language, which means market. Kashi is the ancient Silk Road on the historical and cultural city, but also distribution of goods, from Xi'an, the starting year of business, whether or walk away Tianshannanlu Tianshan Road, both here and in the convergence of The Bazha So far, more than two thousand years of history, ancient "Asia's largest market." The market has more than 5,000 booths, there are nearly 10,000 kinds of commodities, a day amounted to more than 10 million people.

Since the Khunjerab shore and Turugart ports open one after another, opened the International Goods channel, a large number of foreign tourists and merchants, business groups flocked to bring a large number of foreign participation in commodity trade, but also from the large number of Chinese Bazha procurement of goods.

  1992, the Sunday Bazaar in the business only, so far foreign tourists and foreign travel information will be known as the Bazaar Sunday Bazaar, "but in fact now operating in the bazar on a daily basis, but only on Sundays only the best people to feel strong and bustling bazar of unprecedented scale. Kashi Bazaar is the full name of the" International Trade in Western Asia Market. "Bazaar is the largest farmers market in Xinjiang, an area of 250 hectares, will include 21 special Market, there are more than 4000 sales of fixed stalls and a food street, the full range of goods, a wide variety of goods amounted to more than 9000 kinds of species, the turnover in the year 125,000,000 around here every Sunday is busy, Sea of people, as many as the number of people over hundreds of thousands, Kashi, Xinjiang and the various Products, handicrafts, daily, fruits and vegetables, livestock, and other means of production, as well as the size of everything, it can be said that this is reflected in the Xinjiang Uygur folk customs of the most concentrated and most strong.

  In addition, Kashi is located in the center of Eurasia, with "5 (an) eight-country, Road links Europe and Asia, "the unique geographical advantage, Kashi and the surrounding countries has a very long history of international trade, the increasingly frequent exchanges in Pakistan's Bazaar, handicrafts, silk scarf in Turkey, the Kyrgyz telescope, Saudi Arabia, the dried fruit can be bought That the price is affordable to buy back a friend sent true Very good. In the early 1990s, the Bazaar, a special barter trade with the Kyrgyz market. As a result, Chinese and foreign visitors that the bazar "material Expo in Central Asia." Here we can fully meet the requirements of shopping.

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Khunjerab Pass - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Khunjerab Pass 145 kilometers from Kashi County, about 5,000 meters in altitude, this is Kashi to the Palestinian Stan's Highway CMB domestic paragraph in the end, there are erect boundary pillars of the Chinese border.

Khunjerab Shanghai is the world's highest allocation of points, due to bad weather, only here in April 5 -10 15 switch, turn off all the other time, whether tourists or visiting relatives or business are not. Pass near the scene very well, switch time here steady stream of visitors and businessmen.

From Kashi to the Khunjerab Pakistan during the 415 km long highway, which Trip to the Pamirs ( "Journey to the West" mentioned in the Congling in this area) is the only way, all the way through Austria in accordance with Takesenlin, karaoke Lake Curitiba, Ata-feng, a rock City, Princess castle, and other attractions, or go to the very worthy.

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Curitiba karaoke Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Curitiba karaoke at the tip of the lake, the father - Ata peak at the foot of the mountain, 191 km away from Kashgar, China and Pakistan after the lake from the highway, climbing from here Ata base camp near the peak (step-by-step walk or ride a resettlement Camel, 5 hours maximum). "Curitiba, karaoke," which means "Black Sea", 3600 meters above sea level, deep lake 30 With a total area of 10 square kilometers, is a high mountain Bingshi Moraine Lake. The water backed a mysterious Ata and towering peaks, snowy landscape with color, the scenery is very charming.

Lake Suba Shi Feng Mao grassy weeds, cattle and sheep flocks. Zhanfang of a Tajik and wooden, and a dedicated board Camp, 30 km north of the lake there is the mouth Buren transport stations, but also to provide accommodation for tourists.

  Kara Lake is located in Curitiba, the Pamirs in the eastern tip of the screen Shi Tage at the foot of the mountains and lakes in environmental protection, water lake lush, often in the Kirghiz herdsmen Zhu Mu. Encountered in fine weather, the clean water back Silver Peak, as Hun Huguangshanse one, picturesque scenery, is obsessed with intoxicated, according to Lake tourist reception center built, equipped with tents, yurts, yachts, camel, horse, and other needs for visitors.

  Is the world's rare plateau lakes. Bing-Feng around the lake surrounded by Setsurei, especially around public Nagel, the public grid Nine other Ata-Feng Feng and the lake has added even more magical and beautiful color. Calm in the days to come, silver-capped peaks, green grassland and livestock reflected on the lake in the lake, a beautiful anomaly. The annual summer and fall season, here is a stronghold of the mountaineering tourists, visitors in the past also visited the place. Zhanfang a lake, Mu Banfang for tourists staying, including fresh vegetables, the flavor of the meal, the bank also available for small rubber boat in the lake down the free travel, to enjoy the excellent scenery of the Pamirs.

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Kashi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kashi in the western border town of the motherland, due to its unique geographical position, rich natural resources, rich Western culture, the simple folk have always been the world's reputation as the "Pearl of the Silk Road." Geographically, Kashi is located in the Karakorum and mysterious Taklimakan Hanhai Between the desert, is a typical oasis city, also located in China's most The city; in the history of Kashi had a splendid for the exchange of Eastern and Western civilizations have made great contribution to the history of Xinjiang can be called "living fossils." Kashi, Xinjiang is a microcosm - the most features and Xinjiang Uygur ethnic characteristics. It can be said that from the field in Xinjiang, if less than Cameroon , It really does not have been to Xinjiang.

Kashi, the full name of the "Kashgar", translated into Uygur semantics, "Gem of the focus areas." This is truly the title, because Kashi is a gem Kunlun jade, and Tian in the same vein system, which is also renowned quality and variety of the world. According to historical records, City walls in the formation of the market has more than 2100 years. Zhang Qian previous years as ambassador to the Western Regions, will be here as "Shule." Ban Chao put down the Eastern Han Dynasty in the Western Regions, here is enough to move ahead of an important city, was operating on the headquarters of the Western Regions in here. Kashi during the Tang Dynasty is a well-known outside the Hexi Corridor of Anxi one of the four Zhen Tang Xuan Zang West to learn from their experience, here after passing through a "Datang Western Regions", a description of Kashi was concentrated color ink can be heavy fine Jian Zhao, recorded in detail. For thousands of years, Kashi has maintained a crossroads of East-West trade status, the East's exports of goods in transit here and clearance; imported goods to the West in this Distributed visa.

Far in the ancient Silk Road that the Trans-Eurasia traffic artery into the Tarim Basin can be divided into North and South since the two in the opposite direction, bypassing the Taklimakan Desert and later at the crossroads of Kashi, and then crossed the Pamirs, to India , Iran, West Asia, Europe Manner.

Kashi exotic scenery, there are known as the roof of the world, the Pamirs, there are twists and turns of the winding Yarkant River, a year-round crystal "the tip of the Father" --- the tip of the Ata, the world's second-peak --- chogori peak, Beautiful beautiful mountain lakes --- karaoke library Lake, a "sea of death" in the Taklimakan Desert --- ... ... these natural landscape, decorate the land of Kashi, and especially her enchanting beauty.

Kashi large number of cultural relics. There are world-renowned IT Ga mosque in Seoul, the eleventh century AD the great Uighur language "Turkish Dictionary" --- the author of Ma De Kashi Hemu Tanganyika, and the grave of poet Uygur, "Fuller wisdom," the author of Yusup --- Hasi Ha Ji Fu mausoleum, a large-scale Islamic-style buildings --- Xiangfei Mu, the Millennium Buddhist pagoda site --- Moore, the ancient "drink jagged" The capital of the Taxkorgan --- Stone City, and so on. Kashi City, the country's historical and cultural city is one of the ancient Silk Road city, Xinjiang is a popular tourist destination city with the development of tourism unique advantages. In recent years, the city of Kashgar, Shufu Xian, Shache County, Yecheng Xian, Taxkorgan County, Bachu County, Le County, Yingjisha County, Zepu County have been approved by the State opening to the outside world, tourism infrastructure, improved step by step. In addition, Khunjerab points and Turugart open ports, greatly increased the Kashi with Central Asia, West Asia and Europe and other places of tourist exchanges. Western China is at home, an important hub for one of the opening to the outside world. Congling ancient Kashi is a city of east China's western region of the international market as early as today, Kashi is busy street, Bazaar items on the rich, there is not strange. In particular the East Gate Bazaar, in southern Xinjiang's largest trade market. The exquisite flower hat, the beautiful and unique Yingjisha knife, national style ... ... Dazzling pottery, there is not strange. A variety of ethnic flavor snack, enticing fragrance. Kashi has long been known as the "song and dance town" reputation. Kashi variety of types of handicrafts, sophisticated production. Kashi has long been known as the "fruit of villages," the known, rich melon, pomegranates, peaches, grapes, cherries, papaya, figs, the Arab-Israeli Pistachio and unique to the Palestinian National Almond.

. . Kashi is a Uighur living in a place where most of their weight is a national ritual, are Muslims. Strict about etiquette, personal clothing, traditional festivals and folk entertainment.

Kashi City, the country's history and culture One of the city, the ancient Silk Road city, Xinjiang is a popular tourist destination city with the development of tourism unique advantages. In recent years, the city of Kashgar, Shufu Xian, Shache County, Yecheng Xian, Taxkorgan County, Bachu County, Shule County, Yingjisha County, Zepu County have been approved by the State opening to the outside world, tourism infrastructure Shi improved step by step. In addition, Khunjerab points and Turugart open ports, greatly increased the Kashi with Central Asia, West Asia and Europe and other places of tourist exchanges. Western China is at home, an important hub for one of the opening to the outside world.

  Kashi has long been known as the "Pearl of the Silk Road" known, is released by the State Council State historical and cultural city. Far in the ancient Silk Road that the Trans-Eurasia traffic artery into the Tarim Basin can be divided into North and South since the two in the opposite direction, bypassing the Taklimakan Desert and later at the crossroads of Kashi, and then crossed the Pamirs, to India , Iran, Western Asia and Europe. In the silk The history of the ribbon, Kashgar as a bright pearl and sparkling. Kashi exotic scenery, there are known as the roof of the world, the Pamirs, there are twists and turns of the winding Yarkant River, a year-round crystal "the tip of the Father" --- the tip of the Ata, the world's second-peak --- chogori peak There are beautiful beautiful mountain lakes --- Kara Kul, a "sea of death" in the Taklimakan Desert --- ... ... these natural landscape, decorate the land of Kashi, and especially her enchanting beauty.
Kashi large number of cultural relics. There are world-renowned IT Ga mosque in Seoul, the year the World XI Uighur great linguist, "Turkish Dictionary" --- the author of Ma De Kashi Hemu Tanganyika, and the grave of poet Uygur, "Fuller wisdom," the author of Yusup Haas --- Ha Ji Fu mausoleum, a large Islamic-style buildings --- Xiangfei Mu, a Buddhist site of the Millennium --- Moore Tower, the ancient "rough drink" --- Taxkorgan capital of the country's Stone City, and so on.
Kashi has long been known as the "song and dance town" reputation. Kashi variety of types of handicrafts, sophisticated production. In recent years, the city of Kashgar, Shufu Xian, Shache County, Yecheng Xian, Taxkorgan County, Bachu County, Shule County, Chari County, Zepu County have been approved by the State opening to the outside world, tourism infrastructure, improved step by step. In addition, Khunjerab points and Turugart open ports, greatly increased the Kashi with Central Asia, West Asia and Europe and other places of tourist exchanges.

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Temple-flu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple-down flu, also known as Temple, located south of the ancient city of Dali St. Cangshan Mountain peaks should be, Dali is an important Buddhist architecture. Founded in the early ninth century AD. Bai Yun wind around Four Seasons, Four Seasons is not snow-shan, in the face of vast Yan Bo, the little white sail Lake, set between heaven and earth to a soul. Dragon had moved into the rich rule Queen of the disease boil; more in the early Ming Zhu Yuanzhang The Promise presided over the worship time spent Masiran release; drop Yunnan champion and scholar Yang Shen Li Yuanyang linger in the sense of Temple-books Fushi sing, write to rhyme hyperchromic floor; to the early Qing Dynasty poetry, book , Drawing on the Yunnan Sanjue said of the play was presided over the rehabilitation of rhyme floor, as their home, therefore the "Dragon Chuan spent through the ages, the famous monk of the first floor. "Sihou Muta play in the mountains and Um Ji Zhao, and winding paths and Bi Xi Qing, jade belt Cangshan the same way, quiet environment, imposing temples, tea-sense" way Gui and similar. "Door of their joint goes: Temple Gusong deep, unique to southwest Kam-sheng; spent Masiran release, the first well-known Cang-er Hill.

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Bi Xi Qing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Bixi at St. Cangshan should peak between the peak and Malone, 18, Mountain Creek is the most beautiful scenery in a river. Landscape of the main stream for the San Tan, from the peak since the next looked up, the San Tan Bi Yingying stream of a platoon levels up to the summit, smooth straight Jufeng confrontation between the two-phase, the formation of a narrow Yamaguchi, cliffs Between a Stephen from the steep cliff hanging in the current slump, brought together into a dam, splash Chu Yu-fei, Shashi spectacular, Tan Fei Xie Yu-zhu-top, clear water between the dam as if the sky gods took Jade then line up in the pot of water, San Tan Cascade, every Tam Ming-ying are bottoming out, mountain light colored cloud, which do reflect, Tandi many of the pebbles, or green or white, it seems To see the stone itself, as when the sun, reflected in Tandi, as the sparkling gems in the flash, the United States can not be made. Xu Qing Yu Bixi on the Lake, wrote "Qisimiaoxiang, Bi Xi Qing ecstasy" 10 words. Department of stream water is the most ecstasy, "Cui Qing Bi-chen, like a gem of Li." However, There is no "overlapping water Santan" in the landscape, I am afraid of the clean water stream will not so famous. Folder on the Cangshan and Marlon St. should peak between the Qing Feng Bixi divided into upper, middle and lower Lake, the water of their day: "water under the deep blue light, the light in the pond water Bise Manado, on the light water parrot Green. "Scenic spots has never been in danger , On Lake Road, the risk was cited numerous passers-by Zhe Yao, but also a Department of ecstasy; under water clearance Ruyu, Lili few pebbles in the water; suspended in the steep Tan Jian Qiao Ya, followed by Fei Bao From the jump on the rock, fly point-like Tsui. Its Chingmei, the name Fu: The local people said this kind to show the four irrigation and the Cangshan Lake Many villages in the stream as a "de River." Green did not Bixi and, should St. Cangshan Mountain peak, during the commemoration of the KMT and the Chairman of the Yunnan Dali Liu Zhengfu Army brigade commander led his troops in road construction and the merit of the Holy Mountain Park, the park has Wufeng Lou, the Quartet Two-storey loft, Taiwan Copper Long Yun Shui Xie, pavilions, is a tour Resting place for a good rest.

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Bao Temple phase - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang Shi Bao-ji Temple, also known as odd construction risk, as the "Yunnan's Monastery." Ming Zhengtong for years Heqing soil of the high-Zhi Fu Jian, a Taoist temple for the early and later flourishing of Buddhism, with the exception of Yu Huangge, most of the temples are Buddhist festival, a confluence of Buddhism and Taoism place. Foding Shan Temple, built on steep cliffs high, is head , Temple sit east of the West, and to the Mountain Gate into the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Main Hall at various levels are higher, with the Hall of Maitreya Yuhuang Ge is the construction of the air in the cliffs, rock climbing or so from the wall in order to arrive. Bao Temple, with temple bell and the stone grotto, in the same SHI Bao-shan, about 6 km away. SHI Bao-shan it is another attractive place to go. By Jianchuan, south-west line, the Hai Van pass by the UN, ding Temple, Shan Qing line about 3 km, with the crown of Temple Mountain Gate, is a Shihfang, the amount said: "Mountain Wonderland." Progressive Square, the small stone bridge, into the jungle, on steep slopes, and climbing in the tree-lined, the line of about several hundred meters, they see Songzhi Cliffs, several hundred meters high, tongue-long stretch Cliff embedded between layers of construction are delicate, colored painting of the Diange This is the phase Bao Temple. Bao-ji with the great features of the landscape. It is attached to Temple cliff caves, risk-qi Gao Jun, unforgettable. Shanfu the hall built in accordance with cliffs, rainy day, four-man landscape, Fei Bao down, in straight sets in front courtyard. In case of sunny, blue sky Marble shaking potential. Ya Shang full of poetry Inscription Chapter: "South ryong'am state", "in the eyes of a treasure", "Fodu", "where cloud Tablet", "non-human" and so on. You must risk of Austria with Bao-ji, built in the Yuan Dynasty. Formerly known as the "Zhu", and Gyejoksan "ordained" with the temple for the same. According to the "reconstruction Zhu SHI Bao-shan Tablets "set: Temple Week" Lingquan knot milk, Dan Leilei blame for Xianfo phase, with birds and animals, visual Linlang phase, all kinds of natural, "changed its name to Po phase. Yong Zheng Yi Mao (1735) Jiangxi people for the high-Fu had to make a joint Monastery: fly-tier Taiwan-stricken down, watch for odd inspiring area of natural quiet, no one goes without Xizhu buildings; Chihiro stacked wall to save Court, Yucongguangguai see only a human letter Dongtian. Amounted to "where to get." Now the temple is the age of 50 began construction. In addition to the main hall, there Caves Diange 7, and it became one Caves, a magnificent view. As the Po Temple with unique scenery odd risk, each The slack season, the local people in large numbers, friends invited to call a friend in the mountains to play, even Qi Bashi-year-old man, but also their children and grandchildren in the arm, to see if it looks beautiful. SHI Bao-shan song in the fall of each year will be held here, then, tens of thousands of young men and women playing in the vicinity of this Duige, Heartsongs pour out, enjoy the attractions Clean the mountain will become a marine singing Bai. That shade covered the vast mountain, but also young people, "Dong Tian to the Buddha." Bao Temple, with its Qi, Ge Code, Quanbao, songs will be woven into a national picture.

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Hill palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill palace, also known as the "Beacon Hill" is rarely seen in the depths of the ancient hill of glaciers and volcanic sites. Here the beautiful forest environment, towering old trees, natural Wild, set-hung, extraordinary show, as one risk. There are well-known scenic spots fairy stone pots of lotus Qingquan, the Millennium Iron Canal more than 100 old trees, such as landscape Department. At the same time, here's a good summer for Summer Department. There are several million times the original forests and streams around the mountain Fei Bao, but added Nangong charm and majestic mountains.

  To the peculiar nature of the original mountain, and Lin He, stones, Xiquan, sea of clouds as the main feature of the landscape. From the base of lava stone forest, the unique geological landscape stones, was distributed in the strip side Nangong Shan Ling Near the craggy rocks, many pillars, up to 100 meters. Panda stones, stone alligator, Journey rock, stone, and other celestial phenomena, as rare in the north. Dense forest area, rich in forests and pleasant weather. There are more than 1,000 plant species, of which there are precious and rare trees Davidia, Phoebe, Chun Hung, Yu-lan, Du Juan, and so on. The rare giant salamander More than 100 species of birds and animals. There are martial Hall, the Po Lin hole Shuanghe bridge and a hundred-dong ancient cultural sites, and other historical sites. Is the travel and tourism, forest bath, Bishu and open scientific investigation of the ideal places.

  2002 Jingkang the Northern Song Dynasty (1126 AD), a Taoist temple built in the mountains, the Qing Dynasty to the gradual evolution of the Buddha Resort. Chia-ching 25 (Year 1820) two days of July, a Buddhist monk Philip Golden Lotus in the death of the basin, 100 are not true Pythium, for the palace Hill added a deep mystery.

  Jinding peak 2267.4 meters above sea level, next to the two out-feng, Song Zhi sambong, penholder, such as shape and form cloud line. 4.2 billion years ago around the side of the volcanic eruption on many occasions the formation of the Stone Forest, Saga Zhengrong, uncanny workmanship, attitude million. In the clouds drift, such as the Buddha, such as Sin, who seems like beasts. Hang around them, such as the worldly paradise. Conch Stone, blowing it to ring, sonic booms Valley; chime stone, hit it sound attractive; passive pool side, for a long time Do not dry up, water-logging is not over for a long time; Millennium ancient oak, play dead back to life, the trees grow on trees. Flurries alpine flowers, low-opened Peach Hill. There are four mountain, different days Shiliquan. Fei Bao streams, Wei Yun-lan steam and air Shan Ling-yu, the Meteorology Series.

  The southern slope of the hills, boulders Stackable, cirque, Kok Fung, Wai Valley, the valley Moraine complex, covering an area of great integrity of the reservation, in order to Dabashan Quaternary glacier remains the most typical. This set of Paleozoic and Quaternary volcanic mountain glaciers in the landscape of singular characteristics is rare, it has a very high value tourism and scientific research.

  Here the beautiful forest environment, biological Class of many resource-rich landscape. There are more than 1800 kinds of seed plants, more than 300 kinds of wild animals, including rare and endangered plants have Davidia (Chinese dove tree), yew, spruce Picea, Liriodendron, ginkgo, Trillium, such as wild soybean 31; There are precious wildlife Jinqian Bao, Su Ling, indica, the , Lam, 28 giant salamander, and so on.

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Health tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ankang in Shaanxi Province is located southernmost in the 42 minutes north latitude and 31 degrees - 33 degrees 49 minutes N and 108 degrees 01 minutes - 110 degrees 12 minutes between. According to the northern slope of South Mountain, the main north Qinling back, the Han River running through from west to east, the Qin-Ba mountain is an important part of the North and sub-tropical monsoon area, Shaanxi Province is water, the richest geothermal energy resources.


  The outline of the terrain well as the "Two Mountains (Qinling, Bashan) Yichuan folder." The maximum elevation of 2964.6 meters, 170 meters minimum. As the region's level of position Zonal Qin-Ba mountain valley of the Han River with a huge height difference, so that the mountain climate, biology, weathering crust, with land-based, distribution and types of crops and other agricultural characteristics of the portfolio, with significant areas of vertical differentiation and sub-tropical northern mountainous area of the vertical structure . Average annual temperature of 12 - 15.7 degrees, rainfall 750 -- 200 mm, the sunshine hours 1440 - 1840 hours, frost-free period 210 - 270 days. Agricultural production and natural landscape with a significant North-South color transition, and to the main characteristics of the South. Format 23,391 square kilometers in the region, Shaanxi Province with a total area of approximately 11.4% of the province's UN-ten City fourth. There are 261,900 hectares of arable land, of which 158,600 ha of basic farmland. 915,800 ha forest area, 50.2 percent forest cover. Four seasons, the environment clean. Experts believe that the well-being and even in the northwest Shaanxi Province is the only region not contaminated. Gu Cheng Ankang Golden State, located in the important north-south transition zone, north of Qinling, Bashan according to the South, north of Xi'an, south of the Three Gorges, the famous Zhangjiajie National Tourism Zone, east of Hubei Wudang Taoism as well as the Holy Land Shennongjia Nature Reserve, west Hanzhong three sites, the Han River running through from west to east, is the de Qin An important part of the North and sub-tropical monsoon region, water is also in Shaanxi Province, the richest geothermal energy resources. Here a long history and splendid culture gave birth to, historical sites all over the whole territory, ancient relics, the ancient cave temple, Cliff and the modern stone more than 650 cultural heritage sites, Taoism, Buddhism, Iraq Lan Services, such as the Catholic temple, the temple and watch, together focused on the urban well-being, reflected the glorious ancestors.

Ankang municipal Hanbin Qu, Han Yin, Shi Quan, Ningshan, Ziyang, Langao, Ping Li, Zhen Ping, Xunyang, Shirakawa 10 counties, the district. The simple folk customs, the customs Qinchu again. Gao Xia Wu, Lin waterfalls, alpine meadow, cave wonders, cultural heritage, volcanic and other natural sites, cultural landscapes, the scenery of the North and the South-cream, Rui Wei Qin Chu culture. Formed Ying Hu, Hill palace, Xiangxi hole, thousands of Jia Ping, 3 door, Leung Ping River, Kanda, Lei Gu, such as Taiwan, a group of Natural Qinba Han River scenery Wen featuring scenic landscapes and scenic spots. In fact, whether you board the ridge, climbing, adventure Xunyou or Lan River rafting, boating Ying Hu, you will find everywhere is King, King is not without intoxicating.

Well-being of the Chinese nation is the birthplace of one of the key. Human history can be traced back to the Neolithic period of the Warring States Period has become "the first Qin Mei Chu, a cosmopolitan city." Ankang City has a long history, renowned Humanity, a lot of historical sites. There are two provincial-level scenic spots, text-level protection units of 41, 8 Taoist temples, ancient architecture group 7, 17 ancient cultural sites, ancient tombs, 14, Bricks, more than 400 pieces of stone scorpion, Jane Nearly 100 species of cultural relics: City to visit the territory of foreign-related economic, science and technology, education has more than 20 units.

With the well-being of a center line three, six Park District Six, the top 10 spots in the development, well-being will be the Qinba both scenery and customs of the Han River tourism and leisure resort.

  After the census planning, the territory can be used to develop the natural landscape 18, 22 scenic, ancient culture, 17, more than 50 kinds of precious cultural relics, and 19 kinds of precious ancient books and records. The prospects for the development of the river there is considerable Han River, on River Ganges; a famous Ushiyama, Tianzhu, Wang Mang Phoenix Hill; pass a neat's foot Fort Mill, Tieling customs, such as the Gap inside. In addition, Ssangyong Falls Bridge, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes Wei Feng, Lianhua Dong Dong, the charming landscape and develop good values.

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Science and Technology in Yangling Demonstration City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

More than 5,000 years ago, the ancestor of Agriculture in Yangling Hou Ji Jia Se Christians; Now, Yangling has a surface area of 4 square kilometers of the town to develop into a modern 22 square kilometers of agricultural science and technology demonstration city, wheat yield increased from 150 kg In the current 600 kg. After eight years of hard Du, Yangling has undergone enormous changes in the Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology and National Model of radiation, into the world.

  In the past two years, Yangling Demonstration Zone in accordance with the municipal Post Office Bureau "to adjust and optimize the reform, innovation," strategic thinking, in close connection with the actual region, established agricultural science and technology and agricultural demonstration zones Technology focus of the business to serve the "three rural" as the breakthrough point, which is mainly based on the following points for consideration: First, Yangling is the only model of agricultural science and technology city, the country is also the focus of the Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology The location of the central services will be "three rural" to strengthen the building of agricultural science and technology to A very important position, which Yangling regional economic characteristics of the characteristics seem to become more prominent. Second, agricultural research, agricultural products are the heart of our characteristics and advantages of resources, a very broad market prospects. Third, Yangling agricultural research base, more than 700 enterprises, and non-agriculture-related products Rich, after several years of development, the scale has taken shape. Post Yangling around the regional economic characteristics, change management, adjusted operating ideas, formed the main agricultural products for the regional economic characteristics.

  Yangling Demonstration Zone has always been the high-tech agricultural science and technology as rural development and farmers by Support, encourage and guide scientific and technological personnel out of college, by the door, and actively set up to do or get science and technology enterprises, and technology shares leading enterprises linked to achieve combination of technology and capital. Northwest Agricultural and Forestry High mate over more than 860 titles, set up, run and get involved in science and technology enterprises there's more than 50 people, into a zone Enterprise incubators in science and education by the staff of the enterprises have set up 49. Government has also from the Northwest Agricultural and Forestry, Yangling Institute of Vocational Education of the two universities had drawn a total of nearly 100 experts, Professor Bao Village, plans, to identify projects, technical guidance, to resolve difficulties in development. Farmers have held technical training 100 ), The issuance of 2 million copies of technical information, education, science and technology play features 70 (times), the direct training of more than 50,000 farmers (), the promotion of science and technology to promote and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of rural industries in Yangling Scientific and technological content and market competitiveness.

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Yao Wangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi is located 1.5 kilometers east Yaoxian, is a medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao long-lived, as a result of civil Sun Simiao enshrined in the "Manual" and its name. Yaowang Shan Mountain, whose real name is from 5 mountains, mountain-top level, such as Taiwan, like the five fingers, in memory of Master Sun Simiao of Medicine, later this Xiumiao, Dian Jian, a statue As-built, Yao Wangshan become a well-known doctor in the Holy Land. Far from view, a pair of green trees, mountain temples built in accordance with rocks, imposing amazing spectacle.

  Qing Ming-Lung 2006 (1572), written by Sun Simiao of the drug, five-engraved on the steles, remain on the mountain, "Yao Wangshan stone" of Chuan. Now There are more than 100 ancient steles, Qualcomm, Sun Simiao with the most relevant. Dian built on the mountain medicine, plastic hall are seated Sun Simiao, such as after a huge limestone cave, is a legend, Sun Simiao medical treatment for the people. East of the hall, the caves dug at the Sui and Tang dynasties, there are cave shrines 7, the Northern Wei Tang pass more than Stele statues. There are mountains On behalf of the construction of the temple. Now, there has been Biyou steles, statues museum for a visit.

  Manual has its heritage hall, sitting Manual Hall, "daughter to side," Beiting, the three real milestone Sun, Sun Simiao medical ethics monument of the 10 Hall of doctors, drug pool to wash monuments; there Yaoxian Wei Forest of Stone Tablets: Yao to move statues Monument Chou Chen-sheng monument statues; Sui and Tang dynasties have Cliff stone: at the eastern end of Kuan Yin Li as the central level as the Kuan Yin Li, the west side of the Colossus Buddha, horse-related relief, Ong stone characters; also South Om: Kuixing Lou, Hall 7, Manual Hand-Flocked Parker, Dian-yuan, Beilang stone, the sun and field medicine, such as Xian Qiao met.

  Manual SUN : Sun Simiao, this Yaoxian Shaanxi, intelligent learning at an early age, Guomuchengsong, called "Children", 18-year-old doctor determined by the long-term research and practice, absorb, draw upon by the group, on behalf of various pre-series wide Book parties and non-prescription, written in the two great works of Medicine, a comprehensive summary of the Tang Dynasty to Clinical experience Chinese medicine and medical theory, describes the various disease diagnosis, prevention, attending herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, and so on. These two great works, not only in China, Japan and South Korea are as classic literature.

  Cliff Sui and Tang dynasties stone: from the North-East line and a half years, a mountain 6 meters high, about 16 The surface of the cliff, made eagle at the Sui and Tang dynasties more than 40 Buddha statue, like the Buddha. Cliff stone is a kind of Buddhist art, most of the chisel on the brink of a precipice made inaccessible place with the aim of worship and practice of worship by Fotu, statue and are subject to the Buddhist sculpture. These include stone reliefs, high-relief and Yuandiao, Up to 4 meters, 0.3 meters small, some of the air dance, some sit tight in the Mount Tai, Diaogong sophisticated, diverse shapes.

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Pacific Valley Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pacific Forest Park in Shaanxi Province is located in Huxian peaceful valley, 44 kilometers away from Xi'an, Xianyang 60 km with a total area of 2117 hectares. Mountain valley in the strange landscape, waterfalls, rapids, dangerous shoals, the Tang Dynasty was a powerful concept to spend the summer landscape park. Shek Mun Park, Lake palace, stone-boat, Huangyangchuan dam, birch five Bay 100 scenic spots. There are scenic waterfall group, all under the waterfall Tam, Tam into the Fei Bao, among Melaleuca fog to form a 10,000-hong, known as "Northern Jiuzhaigou."

  Fresh air, lush forests, clear streams, a display of color harmony of nature. Both play together, or collective Roasted, it will bring easy and comfortable. The new attractions - Pacific Valley Forest Park will bring you some of the mystery novel experience.

  Tai Ping Yu Sui Dynasty by the name of the Royal Palace to build peace, the valley landscape in the strange landscape, is the view of Tang spent the summer landscape park. Plants in the park is rich in resources, a wide range, there is vigorous old Original pure larch, wind and the Ao-xue Cheng Hung pure, such as bauhinia flowers spring, the scenery changed quarter, if the bad embroidered map, spring, summer, autumn and winter, different scenery. Park rich in wildlife species. The state protects one or two categories there are more than 30 kinds of animals, Su Ling, Qingyang, Lin musk deer, hedgehogs, golden pheasant, pheasant tail, such as thrush wild Objects often appear in the forest, stream, road, the formation of a park landscape. Park in February 1999 and the national Stocking a number of secondary protection of animals - monkeys, in order to increase the north slope of Qinling a rare species, but also for the park has added a beautiful landscape.

  Unique natural scenic landscape, the cut-off head , To a total of 12 large and small waterfall, the largest drop Bai Yumi falls mainly located 2.5 km to the park, form a group of falls. North China's unique natural landscape, both under the waterfall Tam, Tam into the Fei Bao, among Melaleuca fog to form a 10,000-hong, Park place, like entering Wonderland, the most characteristic: Rainbow Falls, Fei Bao jade belt, the bridge crane falls, Fei Bao, such as Longkou.

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Louguan Tai Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Louguan Tai National Park, located in the west Qinling Mountain in Shaanxi Province Zhouzhi County. 70 km east of Xi'an city, 107 National Highway and the Trans-off, and the Longhai railway, highway Westwood, 108 National Highway phase.

  Forest Park was built in 1982, the Ministry of Forestry is the most Approved the construction of a national forest park one of 12, is the first Northwest Forest Park. 1992 Annual Report by the Ministry of Forestry set at the national level, and Shaanxi Province Louguan Tai National Park to implement a set of two brand management team, under the leadership of the Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Department.

  Park with a total area of 2.75 Ha. Planning for the East View, West View, River Field, the first four Yangshan Garden, 12 scenic spots, more than 200 scenic spots. It is human, natural, forest landscape integration of the English tourist destination. Yixian Tian Xia, 40, Buffalo River Falls, Wang Zi Gou ancient cave, stones and colorful Shouyangshan Yang Tian Chi Lu Quan, Dragon King Lake and other natural landscape. Bald Hill a meadow, alpine fir-yun, natural azalea, bamboo and so on a few acres of artificial forest landscape. Vertical band clear that the seasonal changes in the thousands. It has been said that as Taiwan, Alchemy Feng, Shan-ling, Wu-old, red-child, the Dragon King Lake Shouyangshan, the Goddess of Mercy Temple and many other human landscape. Park is an open view of East Garden has more than 50 scenic spots. China's main north latitude maximum, the largest and most varieties of bamboo garden varieties - a hundred Chuk Yuen; there to rescue David breeding of giant pandas, crested ibis, golden monkey, Crossoptilon, Golden Takin, and other rare wildlife animals Zhen Museum; there State of the oldest Taoist Zuting - said that as of Laozi and Taiwan, more than 3,000 years ago, as the birthplace of Taoism, known as "Xiandu." There are more than 1700 meters depth, sunrise tons of water, rich in 18 kinds of minerals beneficial to the human element of the hot water system, visitors can bathe, Liaoji Swimming, fishing.

  Forest Park has woody, herbaceous Section 197 is more than 78 species, 18 kinds of bamboo are more than 150 species. Millennium old trees, flowers of wood, magnificent. Forest Park magnificent scenery, clear water Qingfeng, inspiring area of natural deep; spring: Green Hill show floor, Liu soft Tobacco, flowers Yan; summer: Verdant mountains, Xiushui Cangshan, refreshing and pleasant; autumn: do storied dye, the mountain is covered with Hong Bian, beautiful; the depth of winter: "Three Friends" Ice bucket, Jiaorao charming, involving endless fun.

  Forest Park for more than a decade after construction, has to eat, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, Six basic elements of the package of one-stop service system. After all, sightseeing, leisure, summer convalescence, exploration study, teaching and research, a good place for a meeting of procedure.

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Antique Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Laojunshan "Antique Street" project will be Yongquan as the center, digging up to 2 km and a width of 3-10 meters of artificial canals, along the two sides can exchange 40,000 square meters of high-quality real estate, all of the design planning for the single Antique-building, planning to invest 56,000,000 yuan to build "bridges, clear spring Bibo, Blue Castle , Diaolianghuadong "of the new streetscape.

  Laojunshan "Antique Street" project in Laojunshan scenic tourist industry development environment, through multi-perfect, from the brewing of small cities and towns, its scenic areas for tourism Laojunshan to rely on, and great Laojunshan to promote the development of tourism spots Improve tourism infrastructure, tourism services to enhance the capacity and speed up economic development in the town of inspection, a party led people to become prosperous.

  "City management" concept, put Laojunshan scenic resources, real estate, development and construction in a timely manner Laojunshan "Antique Street" is not only conducive to patrol the town's small cities and towns, and Laojunshan will highlight "the source of Chinese Taoism," features a comprehensive Laojunshan to speed up the process of the development of eco-tourism.

  Laojunshan located in the south of the eastern section of the Qinling Mountains, south-east of Shaanxi Province, 188 kilometers from the provincial capital Xi'an. Luonan of their county area of 2823 square kilometers, 451,000 people, East and Henan Lushi Lingbao the junction of South and Danfeng, Shangzhou linked with the West County, Lam Tin, which borders the north and Huayin, at the junction of Tongguan, Shaanxi Province is known as the "gateway to the Southeast." It is a warm and humid climate, four seasons climate, Shanqingshuixiu, rich products; unique biological resources, a wide range. Metasequoia, cedar, Apricot, and other rare trees all over, giant salamander, Lin musk deer, Qingyang, and other rare here bio-habitat, the giant salamander to set up nature reserves to fill the entire area Wildlife Refuge is no gap, putting an end to North subtropical nature reserve of giant salamander is no history. The county has a glorious tradition of the old revolutionary base areas, Li Xiannian, Zhidan, and other revolutionaries of the older generation has Qin Hui Ge Python, create a revolutionary base.

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Clock Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an is located in the Clock Tower in Xi'an, the North and the South East and West Main Street, four of the last meeting point. Year in 1384, proclaim oneself emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, the fear that the real dragon appeared all over the country with the emperor for his throne, ordered the construction of the tower to Town gas. Upstairs there is a result of a 5-ton multi-large iron bell, the time clock every morning attack, so check "Clock Tower."
  Clock Tower built in the early hours, does not address the current location, and in the streets of this West Guangji corner, and now the phase Drum Tower distance confrontation. Ming wall following the completion of the city center due to the eastward shift of the Year in 1582, will now move to the Clock Tower as a whole. Now the clock tower, is China's six major Are the largest and best preserved ancient bell tower. From the size of the building, the historical value, to measure the value of art, Xi'an clock tower, clock tower in the nation's number one.
  For the brick-floor tower, the bottom-up from the base, floor and roof are composed of three parts, from ground to roof of the total 36 meters high. Square was the base With green-brick structure, while 35.5 meters long, 8.6 meters high, surrounded the center of each high coupon of 6 meters wide-openings.
  Floor-to-wood structure, a total of two-tier, dark green glazed tile, three-Zhong Yan, each of the four heavy cornices Qiaojiao. The floor surrounded by corridors, around the corridors, lean on a railing around to enjoy the whole city Building a wooden ladder and can hover, which displays many of the Ming and Qing porcelain and ancient heritage. Diaolianghuadong outside the building, painted gold, magnificent. Window beautifully detailed carved doors, the emergence of decorative arts popular in the Ming and Qing. The doors on each floor, there are a lot of relief, described above, the ancient classic story and anecdote. The great circle above the Golden Summit, 5 meters high, posted outside the yellow gold, shining in the sun, appears to be bright golden light, the resplendent.
  The clock tower at the northwest corner, a display of a large ancient bell in the Ming Dynasty, which has 5-ton multi-ancient edge of the bell cast a pattern gossip. The visitors all over the country, can beat Music and enjoy the fun of sightseeing.
  Clock Tower at about 1,000 meters northwest of the location, the old Clock Tower and Drum Tower away with confrontation. Clock Tower and Drum Tower, now open up into a big bell Drum Tower Square, there are fountains, lawns, parking lots, Food City, and Xi'an, the largest underground shopping Course - "Jinhua century." Members of the public and tourists coming and going, not only here in the leisure, shopping, sightseeing here.
  Here, I sincerely welcome all over the country's uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister and children to travel and tourism in Xi'an, China! I can give you as a "little wizard."

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Zhongnanshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongnanshan Qinling is a branch, across the Lam Tin, Cheung On, Huxian, weeks, and other counties, stretching 200 km, Xiong Zhi in the south of Chang'an. Li Bai's poem "intended to lead the southern mountains out indefinitely. Xiuse hard, in green eyes. Sometimes white clouds, Shujuan from the sky. However, with hearts, do not light up every hing," only 15 kilometers away from Xi'an A landscape of the poem referred to a trip is a worthwhile trip. Directly from Xi'an to ride, Ni Zhao Xiao Xu's fastest wind blowing all the way down. Transport: Bus Station to Chang Xian Nan Guan County, Ran Chang Shan County, you can change by China and Pakistan. Mileage: about 30 km. Accommodation: a mountain inn, from 50 yuan Can also be returned to Dangdang day Xi'an.

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Cuihuashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cuihua Mountain Scenic Area, about 23 kilometers away from Xi'an, is a branch of Zhongnanshan peak, a lot of historical sites in the mountains, picturesque, as a result of Emperor Tai Festival in this god, also known as Tai Shan. Cuihuashan Cuihua from Tianchi, landslides Shi, Zhu Lian Eagle Cliff, leaves winding mountain path, double waterfall Feihong 18 major scenic spots such as a combination, which set Hill, , Holes, water, forest, in one temple, and its unique landforms landslides, the beautiful natural scenery, is the sightseeing, a holiday in convalescence and study the best place to go mountain climbing. This Zhongnanshan tour of the resort, Han and Tang dynasties have been built palaces and Taiyi Cuiwei Palace, the emperor worship is ancient gods and the pleasure of the summer. Cuihuashan sambong there were Cui-Hua Feng, Yu-feng case, Ganqiu peak.

  Cuihua Mountain tourism from Lake Bishan, Shi and landslides TIANCHI scenic spots of three parts. Cuihua Mountain Scenic Area Tourism unique geological heritages large-scale landslides, the landscape and diverse patterns, special, to preserve integrity of the system, a remnant Cliff, Cliff Lake Weir, Shi composed of three parts with a total area of 29 square kilometers, landslides total volume of about 300,000,000 cubic meters, currently in the initial development in the protection of 1.5 square kilometers, China can be called unique geological landslides, Popular Science , Education, scientific research base.

  Department of residual mountain peak cliff collapse The formation of the invading side of the air cliffs, magnificent.

  Cliff Lake weir, there are three: one in Ganqiu Pool, located in protected areas under the peak of Ganqiu, covering an area of 0.2 square kilometers. As the pool of serious shortage of water infiltration into the dry lakes, pools Ganqiu named; Daping in the other, because of the accumulation of sand stone, the lake has been The impact of floods filled Daping named; of the most well-known that a pool of water Qiushui, also known as the Tianchi, a mountain collapsed plug Taiyi river stones form the surface of the water, the water area of 0.14 square kilometers.

  Shi collapse of the huge stones, and concentrated in Cuihuashan Otsubo, in the rubble stone overlay each other And a pile, like a stone sea. There is a wonderful scene throughout the day holes, wind, ice cave, Bian Fudong, and so on.

  Cuihuashan a beautiful, picturesque, cool climate, the most fascinating is the peak of Qiushui pool. It Zhi Central mountains, the ocean waves, Ching Ming as a mirror, not into Xian Chen. Tai Chi of South Hall, Yuhan of the old rain. Lvgong more holes, Huanglong Cave, north of the pond ice cave, tunnel, such as the Eight Immortals is quite famous. Ice cave at the height of summer is still down the ice Ling, Four Seasons is the wind tunnel blow cold wind blow acupuncture musculoskeletal people. Fei Liu ice cave south-east down a waterfall, described as spectacular. Qiushui around the pool, had to build many of ancient temples, such as Um Laojun Notre Dame palace, and so on. "Tai Yuk Sau fastest Zhong Ling, the only Wu-Han Cui-Hua Zhao; ice cave Qiushui Chi Yu Chui Ling Long, should be known scenic spots in Chang'an." Shaanxi Cuihua Mountain National Geopark landscape landslides have not only Huguang landslides, different stones hole, the momentum of vigorous Tianbengdilie Zhuang Jing, the more profound the major cultural, nature and background Quality of service. When you watch the wonders of landslide at the same time, China will be more national geoparks and geological characteristics of natural and cultural heritage of blending, development and protection of sustainable development.

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South Wutai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an is located in South Chang'an County town of Meridian, about 27 kilometers away from Xi'an, Gu Cheng Tai-Shan, China is one of the famous Buddhist holy sites. The mountains are cool, Monju, sacrifice their lives, should be Ling, Kwun Yam Wufeng, since the Ming and Qing Dynasties of 40 temples in various sizes, building sophisticated, chic layout. South five-rich herbs, Yamagata Qiaoba the wind Beautiful, bamboo from Taiwan to Tai Shan into the valley there were 12.5 km away, mountain heavy water complex, so beautiful. Green trees, beautiful scenery of the Peak are cool, Monju, sacrifice their lives, should be Ling, Kwun Yam five peaks, is one of the Buddhist Holy Land. By car to the foot of the mountain peak takes only 20 to 30 minutes. If walking along the mountain path, the more River Over a small bridge, wearing a bamboo forest, over the temple, Gadao Yamahana, wild birds fly, very pleasant scenery. There is a mountain of antique architectural Mountain Resort, "Song Ge independence" for visitors to rest meal. Hill distribution throughout the Middle Ages architecture, well-known tourist attractions have Shengshou Temple wins Baoquan, Shichiku Temple, Taiwan, Guanyin, the permitted five, and so on. It Zhongnan Mountain National Forest Park in the development of special scenic, undulating hills here, since ancient times and famous for Buddhist royal summer place, with its beautiful landscape of forests, plants and a large variety of seasonal changes in forest rich in four different scenery, on the outskirts of Xi'an is not more A natural plant and animal park. There Shengshou Sui Temple Tower in the west temple 500 Ocean Hall 60, and so on, people feel good. South five scenic spots located 30 kilometers south of Xi'an, Yamagata Qiaoba, green trees, beautiful scenery of the Peak are cool, Monju, sacrifice their lives, should be Ling, Kwun Yam five peaks, is one of the Buddhist Holy Land. By car to the foot of the mountain peak takes only 20 to 30 minutes. Walking along the mountain path, the more River, cross a small bridge, wearing a bamboo forest, over the temple, Gadao Yamahana, wild birds fly, very pleasant scenery. There is a mountain of antique architectural Mountain Resort, "Song Ge independence" for visitors to rest meal. Hill distribution throughout the Middle Ages architecture, well-known tourist attractions have Shengshou Temple wins Baoquan, Shichiku , Kwun Yam Taiwan, the permitted five, and so on. It is Zhongnanshan National Forest Park in the development of special scenic, undulating hills here, since ancient times and famous for Buddhist royal summer place, with its beautiful landscape of forests, plants and a large variety of seasonal changes in forest rich in four different scenery, is on the outskirts of Xi'an Rare natural flora and fauna park. There Shengshou Sui Temple Tower, West Temple, 500 Church, such as Ocean's 60, people feel good. South five scenic spots located 30 kilometers south of Xi'an, Yamagata Qiaoba, green trees, beautiful scenery of the Peak are cool, Monju, sacrifice their lives, should be Ling, Kwun Yam five peaks, is one of the Buddhist Holy Land. From the foot of the mountain by Peak to only 20 to 30 minutes. If walking along the mountain path, the more River, cross a small bridge, wearing a bamboo forest, over the temple, Gadao Yamahana, wild birds fly, very pleasant scenery. There is a mountain of antique architectural Mountain Resort, "Song Ge independence" for visitors to rest meal. Hill distribution throughout the Middle Ages architecture, tour the famous King There Shengshou Temple wins Baoquan, Shichiku Temple, Taiwan, Guanyin, the permitted five, and so on. It is the Zhongnan Mountain National Forest Park in the development of special scenic, undulating hills here, since ancient times and famous for Buddhist royal summer place, with its beautiful landscape of forests, plants and a large variety of seasonal changes in forest rich in four different scenery, is on the outskirts of Xi'an May be more of a natural plant and animal park. There Shengshou Sui Temple Tower, West Temple, 500 Ocean Hall 60, and so on, people open the heart of God traffic: Xian Feng Qing Road to the bus station to bus; also be outside the bus station in the South or the South slightly Even the word door to the West by Zhongnanshan tourist car line ticket: 20 yuan

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Qin Wanggong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinwang Gong is a shadow of the West plant for large-scale shooting film history "of the First Qin Emperor," in 1988, like the construction of the Qin Dynasty palace large-scale construction. There are large plastic hall of the First Qin Emperor Wen-Chen and his generals of the wax, then reproduce the Qin-Yu majestic sweep of Liuhe. Palace before the next step, Shi Li on both sides of the 12 "Jin", Jin even the base of each high Meters, of which 4 are to directly benefit users of the Wen-Chen Chien, 4 of the generals are holding weapons, 4 hand is the instrument musicians, Qin Wanggong on the ground floor there is Journey to the West Palace, the use of sound, light, electronic control devices, and vivid Tang was to show to learn the myth of the story. There are movies on the second floor of the maze. In recent years, and in the palace square in front of the new folk Of the village, financial and cultural exhibitions and folk performances in one, the tourists feel a sense. September 27, 1989, the Chinese celebrate World Tourism Day here at the opening ceremony was held. Qin-Yu Gong has become a scenic area near the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an of an important attractions.

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Zhao Ling Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Shimin (599-649 AD), the second son of Li Yuan, Dou Huang after the mother. Feng Qin, Xuanwu Men's change in legislation was to Prince Edward, and the follow-up, 24-year reign (AD 626-649), in poison, Zhao Ling funeral, Zhenguan the year. Zhao Ling Liquan Xian in Shaanxi Province is located 22 km north-east Kowloon-Zong On the main peak. Zong nine mountain, towering mountains, which rise amid tall and straight, vertical and horizontal gully, mountain water around the ring, then surrounded by water Jing, Wei-shui with its pre-ying, 1888 meters above sea level, separated from the Guanzhong Plain to the south, and the Taebaek, the fastest distance with Zhu Feng Confrontation. Zhao Ling Tang Dynasty, according to the museum Sanzhaoyuanlao Lee built the tomb. Zhao Ling Museum, with the exception of Tomb, there are 2 showroom steles and archaeological finds, sculpture painting exhibition hall. In addition to the display in recent years from more than 10 Zhao Ling Pei Zangmu unearthed in excavations of cultural relics, according to the main display area unearthed the tomb of Tang Dynasty steles with all kinds of epitaph. Because they are unique to the steles, the enormous value of the art of calligraphy, the museum was Known as the "Forest of Stone Tablets Zhao Ling." Zhao Ling Stone Tablets has long been known, on the meta-Early essence of the art of calligraphy, Zhao Ling of China can be called the Forest of Stone Tablets. The first showroom display of the tombstone-20, is known for a long time "Zhao Ling-wide monument," the vast majority. The second showroom display of the last 40 years or a new discovery The steles and epitaph.

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Wu Qianling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Qianling archaeological community has long been known as the "Three Gorges Project." Xi'an is located in the northwest of the main peak of Liangshan, buried Tang Emperor Li Zhi and Zhou female Emperor Wu Zetian. A couple, the two Koreas, the emperor, buried together in a room, which is extremely rare in the world. For half a century, has always been to explore Qianling is a hot topic China's archaeological and technological progress, Wu will see a bright future so that the time is right you? Dig or not to dig? When digging? At this point, we call on people of insight at home and abroad to participate in the discussion, again activating the subject to look at the "Science Qianling to explore" practical significance.

  Tang is the Qianling Mausoleum of 18 West of a large-scale, magnificent momentum, the third emperor of the Tang Dynasty Emperor Li Zhi and the Queen is also the history of China's only female Emperor Wu of the cemetery.

  Qianling was built in 683 AD, 22 years later, Wu Qianling buried together until the end of the project. Qianling built according to Liang Shan, sitting North South, the whole cemetery from both inside and outside the city, there are four doors, perimeter of 40 km, 4.9 km long north-south axis. Remains of the major cultural relics are on the ground before the tomb stone Shima, Shirengou, Ma Yi, China Table, 114 ostrich, and so on, and for the Emperor and Empress Wu singing the praises of the emperor's "stated Santa monument in mind" and "Wordless Monument." Chinese ancient Mausoleum, Qianling is the most special one. Hill points to build its cutting of large-scale, a rich collection, a man and a woman, the two Koreas, the emperor, buried together in a room, and more than 1,000 years, intact. Wu and Mingyangtianxia, knows, so that the tomb has been at home and abroad. The Chinese government in 1957, published on the Qianling as "the first batch of relics in Shaanxi Province protection unit." In 1961, the State Council announced its first batch of national key cultural unit. For more than 40 years, governments at all levels continue to carry out special funds as a whole cemetery maintenance and repair, 2004 , Received a total of 38,000,000 million tourists at home and abroad.

  However, people in the Qianling Sima Road, get off, only to see the mountain and a seamless blending of the Royal Cemetery, where the underground palace? Also in the mausoleum where? Almost all the visitors after the tour, with a series of question marks and the sense of loss. There are people By the concern that the tomb, what are some of what baby? Wu Tang Emperor's body will be able to see? Will not be as Mawangdui Hunan woman as the millennium? If only a skeleton left, to use modern technology to recover form, can also allow people to return to the real presence of Empress Wu? This The possession of too many mysteries, if opened, Qianling will become the world's largest watch most of the museum.

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