Monday, December 15, 2008

Qin Wanggong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinwang Gong is a shadow of the West plant for large-scale shooting film history "of the First Qin Emperor," in 1988, like the construction of the Qin Dynasty palace large-scale construction. There are large plastic hall of the First Qin Emperor Wen-Chen and his generals of the wax, then reproduce the Qin-Yu majestic sweep of Liuhe. Palace before the next step, Shi Li on both sides of the 12 "Jin", Jin even the base of each high Meters, of which 4 are to directly benefit users of the Wen-Chen Chien, 4 of the generals are holding weapons, 4 hand is the instrument musicians, Qin Wanggong on the ground floor there is Journey to the West Palace, the use of sound, light, electronic control devices, and vivid Tang was to show to learn the myth of the story. There are movies on the second floor of the maze. In recent years, and in the palace square in front of the new folk Of the village, financial and cultural exhibitions and folk performances in one, the tourists feel a sense. September 27, 1989, the Chinese celebrate World Tourism Day here at the opening ceremony was held. Qin-Yu Gong has become a scenic area near the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an of an important attractions.

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