Monday, December 15, 2008

Kashi Bazaar - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kashi Bazaar at the East Gate of the Kashi City, Northwest China's largest international trade market. Bazha, the Department of Uighur language, which means market. Kashi is the ancient Silk Road on the historical and cultural city, but also distribution of goods, from Xi'an, the starting year of business, whether or walk away Tianshannanlu Tianshan Road, both here and in the convergence of The Bazha So far, more than two thousand years of history, ancient "Asia's largest market." The market has more than 5,000 booths, there are nearly 10,000 kinds of commodities, a day amounted to more than 10 million people.

Since the Khunjerab shore and Turugart ports open one after another, opened the International Goods channel, a large number of foreign tourists and merchants, business groups flocked to bring a large number of foreign participation in commodity trade, but also from the large number of Chinese Bazha procurement of goods.

  1992, the Sunday Bazaar in the business only, so far foreign tourists and foreign travel information will be known as the Bazaar Sunday Bazaar, "but in fact now operating in the bazar on a daily basis, but only on Sundays only the best people to feel strong and bustling bazar of unprecedented scale. Kashi Bazaar is the full name of the" International Trade in Western Asia Market. "Bazaar is the largest farmers market in Xinjiang, an area of 250 hectares, will include 21 special Market, there are more than 4000 sales of fixed stalls and a food street, the full range of goods, a wide variety of goods amounted to more than 9000 kinds of species, the turnover in the year 125,000,000 around here every Sunday is busy, Sea of people, as many as the number of people over hundreds of thousands, Kashi, Xinjiang and the various Products, handicrafts, daily, fruits and vegetables, livestock, and other means of production, as well as the size of everything, it can be said that this is reflected in the Xinjiang Uygur folk customs of the most concentrated and most strong.

  In addition, Kashi is located in the center of Eurasia, with "5 (an) eight-country, Road links Europe and Asia, "the unique geographical advantage, Kashi and the surrounding countries has a very long history of international trade, the increasingly frequent exchanges in Pakistan's Bazaar, handicrafts, silk scarf in Turkey, the Kyrgyz telescope, Saudi Arabia, the dried fruit can be bought That the price is affordable to buy back a friend sent true Very good. In the early 1990s, the Bazaar, a special barter trade with the Kyrgyz market. As a result, Chinese and foreign visitors that the bazar "material Expo in Central Asia." Here we can fully meet the requirements of shopping.

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