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Cuihuashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cuihua Mountain Scenic Area, about 23 kilometers away from Xi'an, is a branch of Zhongnanshan peak, a lot of historical sites in the mountains, picturesque, as a result of Emperor Tai Festival in this god, also known as Tai Shan. Cuihuashan Cuihua from Tianchi, landslides Shi, Zhu Lian Eagle Cliff, leaves winding mountain path, double waterfall Feihong 18 major scenic spots such as a combination, which set Hill, , Holes, water, forest, in one temple, and its unique landforms landslides, the beautiful natural scenery, is the sightseeing, a holiday in convalescence and study the best place to go mountain climbing. This Zhongnanshan tour of the resort, Han and Tang dynasties have been built palaces and Taiyi Cuiwei Palace, the emperor worship is ancient gods and the pleasure of the summer. Cuihuashan sambong there were Cui-Hua Feng, Yu-feng case, Ganqiu peak.

  Cuihua Mountain tourism from Lake Bishan, Shi and landslides TIANCHI scenic spots of three parts. Cuihua Mountain Scenic Area Tourism unique geological heritages large-scale landslides, the landscape and diverse patterns, special, to preserve integrity of the system, a remnant Cliff, Cliff Lake Weir, Shi composed of three parts with a total area of 29 square kilometers, landslides total volume of about 300,000,000 cubic meters, currently in the initial development in the protection of 1.5 square kilometers, China can be called unique geological landslides, Popular Science , Education, scientific research base.

  Department of residual mountain peak cliff collapse The formation of the invading side of the air cliffs, magnificent.

  Cliff Lake weir, there are three: one in Ganqiu Pool, located in protected areas under the peak of Ganqiu, covering an area of 0.2 square kilometers. As the pool of serious shortage of water infiltration into the dry lakes, pools Ganqiu named; Daping in the other, because of the accumulation of sand stone, the lake has been The impact of floods filled Daping named; of the most well-known that a pool of water Qiushui, also known as the Tianchi, a mountain collapsed plug Taiyi river stones form the surface of the water, the water area of 0.14 square kilometers.

  Shi collapse of the huge stones, and concentrated in Cuihuashan Otsubo, in the rubble stone overlay each other And a pile, like a stone sea. There is a wonderful scene throughout the day holes, wind, ice cave, Bian Fudong, and so on.

  Cuihuashan a beautiful, picturesque, cool climate, the most fascinating is the peak of Qiushui pool. It Zhi Central mountains, the ocean waves, Ching Ming as a mirror, not into Xian Chen. Tai Chi of South Hall, Yuhan of the old rain. Lvgong more holes, Huanglong Cave, north of the pond ice cave, tunnel, such as the Eight Immortals is quite famous. Ice cave at the height of summer is still down the ice Ling, Four Seasons is the wind tunnel blow cold wind blow acupuncture musculoskeletal people. Fei Liu ice cave south-east down a waterfall, described as spectacular. Qiushui around the pool, had to build many of ancient temples, such as Um Laojun Notre Dame palace, and so on. "Tai Yuk Sau fastest Zhong Ling, the only Wu-Han Cui-Hua Zhao; ice cave Qiushui Chi Yu Chui Ling Long, should be known scenic spots in Chang'an." Shaanxi Cuihua Mountain National Geopark landscape landslides have not only Huguang landslides, different stones hole, the momentum of vigorous Tianbengdilie Zhuang Jing, the more profound the major cultural, nature and background Quality of service. When you watch the wonders of landslide at the same time, China will be more national geoparks and geological characteristics of natural and cultural heritage of blending, development and protection of sustainable development.

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