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Ankang in Shaanxi Province is located southernmost in the 42 minutes north latitude and 31 degrees - 33 degrees 49 minutes N and 108 degrees 01 minutes - 110 degrees 12 minutes between. According to the northern slope of South Mountain, the main north Qinling back, the Han River running through from west to east, the Qin-Ba mountain is an important part of the North and sub-tropical monsoon area, Shaanxi Province is water, the richest geothermal energy resources.


  The outline of the terrain well as the "Two Mountains (Qinling, Bashan) Yichuan folder." The maximum elevation of 2964.6 meters, 170 meters minimum. As the region's level of position Zonal Qin-Ba mountain valley of the Han River with a huge height difference, so that the mountain climate, biology, weathering crust, with land-based, distribution and types of crops and other agricultural characteristics of the portfolio, with significant areas of vertical differentiation and sub-tropical northern mountainous area of the vertical structure . Average annual temperature of 12 - 15.7 degrees, rainfall 750 -- 200 mm, the sunshine hours 1440 - 1840 hours, frost-free period 210 - 270 days. Agricultural production and natural landscape with a significant North-South color transition, and to the main characteristics of the South. Format 23,391 square kilometers in the region, Shaanxi Province with a total area of approximately 11.4% of the province's UN-ten City fourth. There are 261,900 hectares of arable land, of which 158,600 ha of basic farmland. 915,800 ha forest area, 50.2 percent forest cover. Four seasons, the environment clean. Experts believe that the well-being and even in the northwest Shaanxi Province is the only region not contaminated. Gu Cheng Ankang Golden State, located in the important north-south transition zone, north of Qinling, Bashan according to the South, north of Xi'an, south of the Three Gorges, the famous Zhangjiajie National Tourism Zone, east of Hubei Wudang Taoism as well as the Holy Land Shennongjia Nature Reserve, west Hanzhong three sites, the Han River running through from west to east, is the de Qin An important part of the North and sub-tropical monsoon region, water is also in Shaanxi Province, the richest geothermal energy resources. Here a long history and splendid culture gave birth to, historical sites all over the whole territory, ancient relics, the ancient cave temple, Cliff and the modern stone more than 650 cultural heritage sites, Taoism, Buddhism, Iraq Lan Services, such as the Catholic temple, the temple and watch, together focused on the urban well-being, reflected the glorious ancestors.

Ankang municipal Hanbin Qu, Han Yin, Shi Quan, Ningshan, Ziyang, Langao, Ping Li, Zhen Ping, Xunyang, Shirakawa 10 counties, the district. The simple folk customs, the customs Qinchu again. Gao Xia Wu, Lin waterfalls, alpine meadow, cave wonders, cultural heritage, volcanic and other natural sites, cultural landscapes, the scenery of the North and the South-cream, Rui Wei Qin Chu culture. Formed Ying Hu, Hill palace, Xiangxi hole, thousands of Jia Ping, 3 door, Leung Ping River, Kanda, Lei Gu, such as Taiwan, a group of Natural Qinba Han River scenery Wen featuring scenic landscapes and scenic spots. In fact, whether you board the ridge, climbing, adventure Xunyou or Lan River rafting, boating Ying Hu, you will find everywhere is King, King is not without intoxicating.

Well-being of the Chinese nation is the birthplace of one of the key. Human history can be traced back to the Neolithic period of the Warring States Period has become "the first Qin Mei Chu, a cosmopolitan city." Ankang City has a long history, renowned Humanity, a lot of historical sites. There are two provincial-level scenic spots, text-level protection units of 41, 8 Taoist temples, ancient architecture group 7, 17 ancient cultural sites, ancient tombs, 14, Bricks, more than 400 pieces of stone scorpion, Jane Nearly 100 species of cultural relics: City to visit the territory of foreign-related economic, science and technology, education has more than 20 units.

With the well-being of a center line three, six Park District Six, the top 10 spots in the development, well-being will be the Qinba both scenery and customs of the Han River tourism and leisure resort.

  After the census planning, the territory can be used to develop the natural landscape 18, 22 scenic, ancient culture, 17, more than 50 kinds of precious cultural relics, and 19 kinds of precious ancient books and records. The prospects for the development of the river there is considerable Han River, on River Ganges; a famous Ushiyama, Tianzhu, Wang Mang Phoenix Hill; pass a neat's foot Fort Mill, Tieling customs, such as the Gap inside. In addition, Ssangyong Falls Bridge, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes Wei Feng, Lianhua Dong Dong, the charming landscape and develop good values.

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