Monday, December 15, 2008

Bao Temple phase - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang Shi Bao-ji Temple, also known as odd construction risk, as the "Yunnan's Monastery." Ming Zhengtong for years Heqing soil of the high-Zhi Fu Jian, a Taoist temple for the early and later flourishing of Buddhism, with the exception of Yu Huangge, most of the temples are Buddhist festival, a confluence of Buddhism and Taoism place. Foding Shan Temple, built on steep cliffs high, is head , Temple sit east of the West, and to the Mountain Gate into the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Main Hall at various levels are higher, with the Hall of Maitreya Yuhuang Ge is the construction of the air in the cliffs, rock climbing or so from the wall in order to arrive. Bao Temple, with temple bell and the stone grotto, in the same SHI Bao-shan, about 6 km away. SHI Bao-shan it is another attractive place to go. By Jianchuan, south-west line, the Hai Van pass by the UN, ding Temple, Shan Qing line about 3 km, with the crown of Temple Mountain Gate, is a Shihfang, the amount said: "Mountain Wonderland." Progressive Square, the small stone bridge, into the jungle, on steep slopes, and climbing in the tree-lined, the line of about several hundred meters, they see Songzhi Cliffs, several hundred meters high, tongue-long stretch Cliff embedded between layers of construction are delicate, colored painting of the Diange This is the phase Bao Temple. Bao-ji with the great features of the landscape. It is attached to Temple cliff caves, risk-qi Gao Jun, unforgettable. Shanfu the hall built in accordance with cliffs, rainy day, four-man landscape, Fei Bao down, in straight sets in front courtyard. In case of sunny, blue sky Marble shaking potential. Ya Shang full of poetry Inscription Chapter: "South ryong'am state", "in the eyes of a treasure", "Fodu", "where cloud Tablet", "non-human" and so on. You must risk of Austria with Bao-ji, built in the Yuan Dynasty. Formerly known as the "Zhu", and Gyejoksan "ordained" with the temple for the same. According to the "reconstruction Zhu SHI Bao-shan Tablets "set: Temple Week" Lingquan knot milk, Dan Leilei blame for Xianfo phase, with birds and animals, visual Linlang phase, all kinds of natural, "changed its name to Po phase. Yong Zheng Yi Mao (1735) Jiangxi people for the high-Fu had to make a joint Monastery: fly-tier Taiwan-stricken down, watch for odd inspiring area of natural quiet, no one goes without Xizhu buildings; Chihiro stacked wall to save Court, Yucongguangguai see only a human letter Dongtian. Amounted to "where to get." Now the temple is the age of 50 began construction. In addition to the main hall, there Caves Diange 7, and it became one Caves, a magnificent view. As the Po Temple with unique scenery odd risk, each The slack season, the local people in large numbers, friends invited to call a friend in the mountains to play, even Qi Bashi-year-old man, but also their children and grandchildren in the arm, to see if it looks beautiful. SHI Bao-shan song in the fall of each year will be held here, then, tens of thousands of young men and women playing in the vicinity of this Duige, Heartsongs pour out, enjoy the attractions Clean the mountain will become a marine singing Bai. That shade covered the vast mountain, but also young people, "Dong Tian to the Buddha." Bao Temple, with its Qi, Ge Code, Quanbao, songs will be woven into a national picture.

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