Monday, December 15, 2008

Louguan Tai Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Louguan Tai National Park, located in the west Qinling Mountain in Shaanxi Province Zhouzhi County. 70 km east of Xi'an city, 107 National Highway and the Trans-off, and the Longhai railway, highway Westwood, 108 National Highway phase.

  Forest Park was built in 1982, the Ministry of Forestry is the most Approved the construction of a national forest park one of 12, is the first Northwest Forest Park. 1992 Annual Report by the Ministry of Forestry set at the national level, and Shaanxi Province Louguan Tai National Park to implement a set of two brand management team, under the leadership of the Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Department.

  Park with a total area of 2.75 Ha. Planning for the East View, West View, River Field, the first four Yangshan Garden, 12 scenic spots, more than 200 scenic spots. It is human, natural, forest landscape integration of the English tourist destination. Yixian Tian Xia, 40, Buffalo River Falls, Wang Zi Gou ancient cave, stones and colorful Shouyangshan Yang Tian Chi Lu Quan, Dragon King Lake and other natural landscape. Bald Hill a meadow, alpine fir-yun, natural azalea, bamboo and so on a few acres of artificial forest landscape. Vertical band clear that the seasonal changes in the thousands. It has been said that as Taiwan, Alchemy Feng, Shan-ling, Wu-old, red-child, the Dragon King Lake Shouyangshan, the Goddess of Mercy Temple and many other human landscape. Park is an open view of East Garden has more than 50 scenic spots. China's main north latitude maximum, the largest and most varieties of bamboo garden varieties - a hundred Chuk Yuen; there to rescue David breeding of giant pandas, crested ibis, golden monkey, Crossoptilon, Golden Takin, and other rare wildlife animals Zhen Museum; there State of the oldest Taoist Zuting - said that as of Laozi and Taiwan, more than 3,000 years ago, as the birthplace of Taoism, known as "Xiandu." There are more than 1700 meters depth, sunrise tons of water, rich in 18 kinds of minerals beneficial to the human element of the hot water system, visitors can bathe, Liaoji Swimming, fishing.

  Forest Park has woody, herbaceous Section 197 is more than 78 species, 18 kinds of bamboo are more than 150 species. Millennium old trees, flowers of wood, magnificent. Forest Park magnificent scenery, clear water Qingfeng, inspiring area of natural deep; spring: Green Hill show floor, Liu soft Tobacco, flowers Yan; summer: Verdant mountains, Xiushui Cangshan, refreshing and pleasant; autumn: do storied dye, the mountain is covered with Hong Bian, beautiful; the depth of winter: "Three Friends" Ice bucket, Jiaorao charming, involving endless fun.

  Forest Park for more than a decade after construction, has to eat, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, Six basic elements of the package of one-stop service system. After all, sightseeing, leisure, summer convalescence, exploration study, teaching and research, a good place for a meeting of procedure.

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