Monday, December 15, 2008

Moore pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the city of Kashgar, about 30 km north-east, flax Tall Mountains in the middle of a sand dune. As the site of an ancient Buddhist architecture. Was built in the Tang Dynasty. 1,000 years ago. Moore, also translated as "Do not heat Tun", Uygur language means "flue" and "chimney", because Taiwan was on the floor of the local people mistakenly believe that the ancient Sui named after.
Pagoda resounding terrain, the existing 2, located in a south-east, Block Party, round the waist, cover top of bowl. Zhang Kuange a minimum base of 12.3 meters, 5 minutes layer, layer by layer reduced the total 8.4 m high. Cheng Yuan cylindrical tower, 2 meters high; tower is the upper part of the hemispherical-top review, since the base of the tower to 12.8 m-high. Caoni tower system in order to square the trapezoidal bricks and Lei Qi, hollow. Temple and the other for the follow-up bucket-shaped, while the bottom 25 meters long, 23.6 meters wide, flat-topped, 14.20 meters long at the top of the residue, residual 12.50 meters wide and 7 meters high tower. Positive face on both sides of the tower and there are traces of the shrines, then the Department of Plastic Buddha As the remains. Tower Hall under the vestiges of destroyed Binghuo like. It is believed that the pagoda was built in the Tang Dynasty like.

Moore pagoda is located in the city of Kashgar, about 30 kilometers north-east, is an ancient Buddhist relic was built in the Tang Dynasty, 1,000 years ago have been history.

  The tower by an oval And fill up a tower-shaped cover the high-profile pose. Oval soil hollow tower, 12 meters high tower, under the three-side seat to big bricks from masonry, soil next to the tower's great that the high-profile, is here at the center of construction, is designed to worship Buddha, the walls of Kannei Buddha as a result of years off for a long time, is no longer intact, but still traces of the shrines in accordance with Discernible.

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