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Hill palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill palace, also known as the "Beacon Hill" is rarely seen in the depths of the ancient hill of glaciers and volcanic sites. Here the beautiful forest environment, towering old trees, natural Wild, set-hung, extraordinary show, as one risk. There are well-known scenic spots fairy stone pots of lotus Qingquan, the Millennium Iron Canal more than 100 old trees, such as landscape Department. At the same time, here's a good summer for Summer Department. There are several million times the original forests and streams around the mountain Fei Bao, but added Nangong charm and majestic mountains.

  To the peculiar nature of the original mountain, and Lin He, stones, Xiquan, sea of clouds as the main feature of the landscape. From the base of lava stone forest, the unique geological landscape stones, was distributed in the strip side Nangong Shan Ling Near the craggy rocks, many pillars, up to 100 meters. Panda stones, stone alligator, Journey rock, stone, and other celestial phenomena, as rare in the north. Dense forest area, rich in forests and pleasant weather. There are more than 1,000 plant species, of which there are precious and rare trees Davidia, Phoebe, Chun Hung, Yu-lan, Du Juan, and so on. The rare giant salamander More than 100 species of birds and animals. There are martial Hall, the Po Lin hole Shuanghe bridge and a hundred-dong ancient cultural sites, and other historical sites. Is the travel and tourism, forest bath, Bishu and open scientific investigation of the ideal places.

  2002 Jingkang the Northern Song Dynasty (1126 AD), a Taoist temple built in the mountains, the Qing Dynasty to the gradual evolution of the Buddha Resort. Chia-ching 25 (Year 1820) two days of July, a Buddhist monk Philip Golden Lotus in the death of the basin, 100 are not true Pythium, for the palace Hill added a deep mystery.

  Jinding peak 2267.4 meters above sea level, next to the two out-feng, Song Zhi sambong, penholder, such as shape and form cloud line. 4.2 billion years ago around the side of the volcanic eruption on many occasions the formation of the Stone Forest, Saga Zhengrong, uncanny workmanship, attitude million. In the clouds drift, such as the Buddha, such as Sin, who seems like beasts. Hang around them, such as the worldly paradise. Conch Stone, blowing it to ring, sonic booms Valley; chime stone, hit it sound attractive; passive pool side, for a long time Do not dry up, water-logging is not over for a long time; Millennium ancient oak, play dead back to life, the trees grow on trees. Flurries alpine flowers, low-opened Peach Hill. There are four mountain, different days Shiliquan. Fei Bao streams, Wei Yun-lan steam and air Shan Ling-yu, the Meteorology Series.

  The southern slope of the hills, boulders Stackable, cirque, Kok Fung, Wai Valley, the valley Moraine complex, covering an area of great integrity of the reservation, in order to Dabashan Quaternary glacier remains the most typical. This set of Paleozoic and Quaternary volcanic mountain glaciers in the landscape of singular characteristics is rare, it has a very high value tourism and scientific research.

  Here the beautiful forest environment, biological Class of many resource-rich landscape. There are more than 1800 kinds of seed plants, more than 300 kinds of wild animals, including rare and endangered plants have Davidia (Chinese dove tree), yew, spruce Picea, Liriodendron, ginkgo, Trillium, such as wild soybean 31; There are precious wildlife Jinqian Bao, Su Ling, indica, the , Lam, 28 giant salamander, and so on.

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