Monday, December 15, 2008

Khunjerab Pass - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Khunjerab Pass 145 kilometers from Kashi County, about 5,000 meters in altitude, this is Kashi to the Palestinian Stan's Highway CMB domestic paragraph in the end, there are erect boundary pillars of the Chinese border.

Khunjerab Shanghai is the world's highest allocation of points, due to bad weather, only here in April 5 -10 15 switch, turn off all the other time, whether tourists or visiting relatives or business are not. Pass near the scene very well, switch time here steady stream of visitors and businessmen.

From Kashi to the Khunjerab Pakistan during the 415 km long highway, which Trip to the Pamirs ( "Journey to the West" mentioned in the Congling in this area) is the only way, all the way through Austria in accordance with Takesenlin, karaoke Lake Curitiba, Ata-feng, a rock City, Princess castle, and other attractions, or go to the very worthy.

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