Monday, December 15, 2008

Zhongnanshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongnanshan Qinling is a branch, across the Lam Tin, Cheung On, Huxian, weeks, and other counties, stretching 200 km, Xiong Zhi in the south of Chang'an. Li Bai's poem "intended to lead the southern mountains out indefinitely. Xiuse hard, in green eyes. Sometimes white clouds, Shujuan from the sky. However, with hearts, do not light up every hing," only 15 kilometers away from Xi'an A landscape of the poem referred to a trip is a worthwhile trip. Directly from Xi'an to ride, Ni Zhao Xiao Xu's fastest wind blowing all the way down. Transport: Bus Station to Chang Xian Nan Guan County, Ran Chang Shan County, you can change by China and Pakistan. Mileage: about 30 km. Accommodation: a mountain inn, from 50 yuan Can also be returned to Dangdang day Xi'an.

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