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Yao Wangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi is located 1.5 kilometers east Yaoxian, is a medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao long-lived, as a result of civil Sun Simiao enshrined in the "Manual" and its name. Yaowang Shan Mountain, whose real name is from 5 mountains, mountain-top level, such as Taiwan, like the five fingers, in memory of Master Sun Simiao of Medicine, later this Xiumiao, Dian Jian, a statue As-built, Yao Wangshan become a well-known doctor in the Holy Land. Far from view, a pair of green trees, mountain temples built in accordance with rocks, imposing amazing spectacle.

  Qing Ming-Lung 2006 (1572), written by Sun Simiao of the drug, five-engraved on the steles, remain on the mountain, "Yao Wangshan stone" of Chuan. Now There are more than 100 ancient steles, Qualcomm, Sun Simiao with the most relevant. Dian built on the mountain medicine, plastic hall are seated Sun Simiao, such as after a huge limestone cave, is a legend, Sun Simiao medical treatment for the people. East of the hall, the caves dug at the Sui and Tang dynasties, there are cave shrines 7, the Northern Wei Tang pass more than Stele statues. There are mountains On behalf of the construction of the temple. Now, there has been Biyou steles, statues museum for a visit.

  Manual has its heritage hall, sitting Manual Hall, "daughter to side," Beiting, the three real milestone Sun, Sun Simiao medical ethics monument of the 10 Hall of doctors, drug pool to wash monuments; there Yaoxian Wei Forest of Stone Tablets: Yao to move statues Monument Chou Chen-sheng monument statues; Sui and Tang dynasties have Cliff stone: at the eastern end of Kuan Yin Li as the central level as the Kuan Yin Li, the west side of the Colossus Buddha, horse-related relief, Ong stone characters; also South Om: Kuixing Lou, Hall 7, Manual Hand-Flocked Parker, Dian-yuan, Beilang stone, the sun and field medicine, such as Xian Qiao met.

  Manual SUN : Sun Simiao, this Yaoxian Shaanxi, intelligent learning at an early age, Guomuchengsong, called "Children", 18-year-old doctor determined by the long-term research and practice, absorb, draw upon by the group, on behalf of various pre-series wide Book parties and non-prescription, written in the two great works of Medicine, a comprehensive summary of the Tang Dynasty to Clinical experience Chinese medicine and medical theory, describes the various disease diagnosis, prevention, attending herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, and so on. These two great works, not only in China, Japan and South Korea are as classic literature.

  Cliff Sui and Tang dynasties stone: from the North-East line and a half years, a mountain 6 meters high, about 16 The surface of the cliff, made eagle at the Sui and Tang dynasties more than 40 Buddha statue, like the Buddha. Cliff stone is a kind of Buddhist art, most of the chisel on the brink of a precipice made inaccessible place with the aim of worship and practice of worship by Fotu, statue and are subject to the Buddhist sculpture. These include stone reliefs, high-relief and Yuandiao, Up to 4 meters, 0.3 meters small, some of the air dance, some sit tight in the Mount Tai, Diaogong sophisticated, diverse shapes.

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