Monday, December 15, 2008

Temple-flu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple-down flu, also known as Temple, located south of the ancient city of Dali St. Cangshan Mountain peaks should be, Dali is an important Buddhist architecture. Founded in the early ninth century AD. Bai Yun wind around Four Seasons, Four Seasons is not snow-shan, in the face of vast Yan Bo, the little white sail Lake, set between heaven and earth to a soul. Dragon had moved into the rich rule Queen of the disease boil; more in the early Ming Zhu Yuanzhang The Promise presided over the worship time spent Masiran release; drop Yunnan champion and scholar Yang Shen Li Yuanyang linger in the sense of Temple-books Fushi sing, write to rhyme hyperchromic floor; to the early Qing Dynasty poetry, book , Drawing on the Yunnan Sanjue said of the play was presided over the rehabilitation of rhyme floor, as their home, therefore the "Dragon Chuan spent through the ages, the famous monk of the first floor. "Sihou Muta play in the mountains and Um Ji Zhao, and winding paths and Bi Xi Qing, jade belt Cangshan the same way, quiet environment, imposing temples, tea-sense" way Gui and similar. "Door of their joint goes: Temple Gusong deep, unique to southwest Kam-sheng; spent Masiran release, the first well-known Cang-er Hill.

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