Monday, December 15, 2008

Wu Qianling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Qianling archaeological community has long been known as the "Three Gorges Project." Xi'an is located in the northwest of the main peak of Liangshan, buried Tang Emperor Li Zhi and Zhou female Emperor Wu Zetian. A couple, the two Koreas, the emperor, buried together in a room, which is extremely rare in the world. For half a century, has always been to explore Qianling is a hot topic China's archaeological and technological progress, Wu will see a bright future so that the time is right you? Dig or not to dig? When digging? At this point, we call on people of insight at home and abroad to participate in the discussion, again activating the subject to look at the "Science Qianling to explore" practical significance.

  Tang is the Qianling Mausoleum of 18 West of a large-scale, magnificent momentum, the third emperor of the Tang Dynasty Emperor Li Zhi and the Queen is also the history of China's only female Emperor Wu of the cemetery.

  Qianling was built in 683 AD, 22 years later, Wu Qianling buried together until the end of the project. Qianling built according to Liang Shan, sitting North South, the whole cemetery from both inside and outside the city, there are four doors, perimeter of 40 km, 4.9 km long north-south axis. Remains of the major cultural relics are on the ground before the tomb stone Shima, Shirengou, Ma Yi, China Table, 114 ostrich, and so on, and for the Emperor and Empress Wu singing the praises of the emperor's "stated Santa monument in mind" and "Wordless Monument." Chinese ancient Mausoleum, Qianling is the most special one. Hill points to build its cutting of large-scale, a rich collection, a man and a woman, the two Koreas, the emperor, buried together in a room, and more than 1,000 years, intact. Wu and Mingyangtianxia, knows, so that the tomb has been at home and abroad. The Chinese government in 1957, published on the Qianling as "the first batch of relics in Shaanxi Province protection unit." In 1961, the State Council announced its first batch of national key cultural unit. For more than 40 years, governments at all levels continue to carry out special funds as a whole cemetery maintenance and repair, 2004 , Received a total of 38,000,000 million tourists at home and abroad.

  However, people in the Qianling Sima Road, get off, only to see the mountain and a seamless blending of the Royal Cemetery, where the underground palace? Also in the mausoleum where? Almost all the visitors after the tour, with a series of question marks and the sense of loss. There are people By the concern that the tomb, what are some of what baby? Wu Tang Emperor's body will be able to see? Will not be as Mawangdui Hunan woman as the millennium? If only a skeleton left, to use modern technology to recover form, can also allow people to return to the real presence of Empress Wu? This The possession of too many mysteries, if opened, Qianling will become the world's largest watch most of the museum.

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