Monday, December 15, 2008

Clock Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an is located in the Clock Tower in Xi'an, the North and the South East and West Main Street, four of the last meeting point. Year in 1384, proclaim oneself emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, the fear that the real dragon appeared all over the country with the emperor for his throne, ordered the construction of the tower to Town gas. Upstairs there is a result of a 5-ton multi-large iron bell, the time clock every morning attack, so check "Clock Tower."
  Clock Tower built in the early hours, does not address the current location, and in the streets of this West Guangji corner, and now the phase Drum Tower distance confrontation. Ming wall following the completion of the city center due to the eastward shift of the Year in 1582, will now move to the Clock Tower as a whole. Now the clock tower, is China's six major Are the largest and best preserved ancient bell tower. From the size of the building, the historical value, to measure the value of art, Xi'an clock tower, clock tower in the nation's number one.
  For the brick-floor tower, the bottom-up from the base, floor and roof are composed of three parts, from ground to roof of the total 36 meters high. Square was the base With green-brick structure, while 35.5 meters long, 8.6 meters high, surrounded the center of each high coupon of 6 meters wide-openings.
  Floor-to-wood structure, a total of two-tier, dark green glazed tile, three-Zhong Yan, each of the four heavy cornices Qiaojiao. The floor surrounded by corridors, around the corridors, lean on a railing around to enjoy the whole city Building a wooden ladder and can hover, which displays many of the Ming and Qing porcelain and ancient heritage. Diaolianghuadong outside the building, painted gold, magnificent. Window beautifully detailed carved doors, the emergence of decorative arts popular in the Ming and Qing. The doors on each floor, there are a lot of relief, described above, the ancient classic story and anecdote. The great circle above the Golden Summit, 5 meters high, posted outside the yellow gold, shining in the sun, appears to be bright golden light, the resplendent.
  The clock tower at the northwest corner, a display of a large ancient bell in the Ming Dynasty, which has 5-ton multi-ancient edge of the bell cast a pattern gossip. The visitors all over the country, can beat Music and enjoy the fun of sightseeing.
  Clock Tower at about 1,000 meters northwest of the location, the old Clock Tower and Drum Tower away with confrontation. Clock Tower and Drum Tower, now open up into a big bell Drum Tower Square, there are fountains, lawns, parking lots, Food City, and Xi'an, the largest underground shopping Course - "Jinhua century." Members of the public and tourists coming and going, not only here in the leisure, shopping, sightseeing here.
  Here, I sincerely welcome all over the country's uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister and children to travel and tourism in Xi'an, China! I can give you as a "little wizard."

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