Monday, December 15, 2008

Zhao Ling Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Shimin (599-649 AD), the second son of Li Yuan, Dou Huang after the mother. Feng Qin, Xuanwu Men's change in legislation was to Prince Edward, and the follow-up, 24-year reign (AD 626-649), in poison, Zhao Ling funeral, Zhenguan the year. Zhao Ling Liquan Xian in Shaanxi Province is located 22 km north-east Kowloon-Zong On the main peak. Zong nine mountain, towering mountains, which rise amid tall and straight, vertical and horizontal gully, mountain water around the ring, then surrounded by water Jing, Wei-shui with its pre-ying, 1888 meters above sea level, separated from the Guanzhong Plain to the south, and the Taebaek, the fastest distance with Zhu Feng Confrontation. Zhao Ling Tang Dynasty, according to the museum Sanzhaoyuanlao Lee built the tomb. Zhao Ling Museum, with the exception of Tomb, there are 2 showroom steles and archaeological finds, sculpture painting exhibition hall. In addition to the display in recent years from more than 10 Zhao Ling Pei Zangmu unearthed in excavations of cultural relics, according to the main display area unearthed the tomb of Tang Dynasty steles with all kinds of epitaph. Because they are unique to the steles, the enormous value of the art of calligraphy, the museum was Known as the "Forest of Stone Tablets Zhao Ling." Zhao Ling Stone Tablets has long been known, on the meta-Early essence of the art of calligraphy, Zhao Ling of China can be called the Forest of Stone Tablets. The first showroom display of the tombstone-20, is known for a long time "Zhao Ling-wide monument," the vast majority. The second showroom display of the last 40 years or a new discovery The steles and epitaph.

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