Monday, December 15, 2008

Antique Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Laojunshan "Antique Street" project will be Yongquan as the center, digging up to 2 km and a width of 3-10 meters of artificial canals, along the two sides can exchange 40,000 square meters of high-quality real estate, all of the design planning for the single Antique-building, planning to invest 56,000,000 yuan to build "bridges, clear spring Bibo, Blue Castle , Diaolianghuadong "of the new streetscape.

  Laojunshan "Antique Street" project in Laojunshan scenic tourist industry development environment, through multi-perfect, from the brewing of small cities and towns, its scenic areas for tourism Laojunshan to rely on, and great Laojunshan to promote the development of tourism spots Improve tourism infrastructure, tourism services to enhance the capacity and speed up economic development in the town of inspection, a party led people to become prosperous.

  "City management" concept, put Laojunshan scenic resources, real estate, development and construction in a timely manner Laojunshan "Antique Street" is not only conducive to patrol the town's small cities and towns, and Laojunshan will highlight "the source of Chinese Taoism," features a comprehensive Laojunshan to speed up the process of the development of eco-tourism.

  Laojunshan located in the south of the eastern section of the Qinling Mountains, south-east of Shaanxi Province, 188 kilometers from the provincial capital Xi'an. Luonan of their county area of 2823 square kilometers, 451,000 people, East and Henan Lushi Lingbao the junction of South and Danfeng, Shangzhou linked with the West County, Lam Tin, which borders the north and Huayin, at the junction of Tongguan, Shaanxi Province is known as the "gateway to the Southeast." It is a warm and humid climate, four seasons climate, Shanqingshuixiu, rich products; unique biological resources, a wide range. Metasequoia, cedar, Apricot, and other rare trees all over, giant salamander, Lin musk deer, Qingyang, and other rare here bio-habitat, the giant salamander to set up nature reserves to fill the entire area Wildlife Refuge is no gap, putting an end to North subtropical nature reserve of giant salamander is no history. The county has a glorious tradition of the old revolutionary base areas, Li Xiannian, Zhidan, and other revolutionaries of the older generation has Qin Hui Ge Python, create a revolutionary base.

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