Monday, December 15, 2008

Science and Technology in Yangling Demonstration City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

More than 5,000 years ago, the ancestor of Agriculture in Yangling Hou Ji Jia Se Christians; Now, Yangling has a surface area of 4 square kilometers of the town to develop into a modern 22 square kilometers of agricultural science and technology demonstration city, wheat yield increased from 150 kg In the current 600 kg. After eight years of hard Du, Yangling has undergone enormous changes in the Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology and National Model of radiation, into the world.

  In the past two years, Yangling Demonstration Zone in accordance with the municipal Post Office Bureau "to adjust and optimize the reform, innovation," strategic thinking, in close connection with the actual region, established agricultural science and technology and agricultural demonstration zones Technology focus of the business to serve the "three rural" as the breakthrough point, which is mainly based on the following points for consideration: First, Yangling is the only model of agricultural science and technology city, the country is also the focus of the Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology The location of the central services will be "three rural" to strengthen the building of agricultural science and technology to A very important position, which Yangling regional economic characteristics of the characteristics seem to become more prominent. Second, agricultural research, agricultural products are the heart of our characteristics and advantages of resources, a very broad market prospects. Third, Yangling agricultural research base, more than 700 enterprises, and non-agriculture-related products Rich, after several years of development, the scale has taken shape. Post Yangling around the regional economic characteristics, change management, adjusted operating ideas, formed the main agricultural products for the regional economic characteristics.

  Yangling Demonstration Zone has always been the high-tech agricultural science and technology as rural development and farmers by Support, encourage and guide scientific and technological personnel out of college, by the door, and actively set up to do or get science and technology enterprises, and technology shares leading enterprises linked to achieve combination of technology and capital. Northwest Agricultural and Forestry High mate over more than 860 titles, set up, run and get involved in science and technology enterprises there's more than 50 people, into a zone Enterprise incubators in science and education by the staff of the enterprises have set up 49. Government has also from the Northwest Agricultural and Forestry, Yangling Institute of Vocational Education of the two universities had drawn a total of nearly 100 experts, Professor Bao Village, plans, to identify projects, technical guidance, to resolve difficulties in development. Farmers have held technical training 100 ), The issuance of 2 million copies of technical information, education, science and technology play features 70 (times), the direct training of more than 50,000 farmers (), the promotion of science and technology to promote and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of rural industries in Yangling Scientific and technological content and market competitiveness.

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