Monday, December 15, 2008

Bi Xi Qing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Bixi at St. Cangshan should peak between the peak and Malone, 18, Mountain Creek is the most beautiful scenery in a river. Landscape of the main stream for the San Tan, from the peak since the next looked up, the San Tan Bi Yingying stream of a platoon levels up to the summit, smooth straight Jufeng confrontation between the two-phase, the formation of a narrow Yamaguchi, cliffs Between a Stephen from the steep cliff hanging in the current slump, brought together into a dam, splash Chu Yu-fei, Shashi spectacular, Tan Fei Xie Yu-zhu-top, clear water between the dam as if the sky gods took Jade then line up in the pot of water, San Tan Cascade, every Tam Ming-ying are bottoming out, mountain light colored cloud, which do reflect, Tandi many of the pebbles, or green or white, it seems To see the stone itself, as when the sun, reflected in Tandi, as the sparkling gems in the flash, the United States can not be made. Xu Qing Yu Bixi on the Lake, wrote "Qisimiaoxiang, Bi Xi Qing ecstasy" 10 words. Department of stream water is the most ecstasy, "Cui Qing Bi-chen, like a gem of Li." However, There is no "overlapping water Santan" in the landscape, I am afraid of the clean water stream will not so famous. Folder on the Cangshan and Marlon St. should peak between the Qing Feng Bixi divided into upper, middle and lower Lake, the water of their day: "water under the deep blue light, the light in the pond water Bise Manado, on the light water parrot Green. "Scenic spots has never been in danger , On Lake Road, the risk was cited numerous passers-by Zhe Yao, but also a Department of ecstasy; under water clearance Ruyu, Lili few pebbles in the water; suspended in the steep Tan Jian Qiao Ya, followed by Fei Bao From the jump on the rock, fly point-like Tsui. Its Chingmei, the name Fu: The local people said this kind to show the four irrigation and the Cangshan Lake Many villages in the stream as a "de River." Green did not Bixi and, should St. Cangshan Mountain peak, during the commemoration of the KMT and the Chairman of the Yunnan Dali Liu Zhengfu Army brigade commander led his troops in road construction and the merit of the Holy Mountain Park, the park has Wufeng Lou, the Quartet Two-storey loft, Taiwan Copper Long Yun Shui Xie, pavilions, is a tour Resting place for a good rest.

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