Monday, December 15, 2008

Emannisha Khan Memorial Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Emannisha Khan was born in 1526 and died in 1560, the Princess of Abdulrixit. The fifteenth century, distinguished poetess Uighur, Uygur classical music "Muqam 12" to collect, collate those. Rugong 13-year-old, 34-year-old were deeply entrenched as a result of difficult labor.

  From an early age for her poetry and music are strong Fun, she called on the community artists, poets, folk singers, finishing Creating a set of Great Uygur classical music "Muqam 12", so that folk music has become a scientific, systematic and rigorous program. "Twelve Muqam" famous, is a Uighur music and dance of the rare art treasures.

Oman Khan sand hills area of 1050 square meters Memorial, King Palace, Al-don, together with the mosque. 22 m high hills, a mausoleum built in 2 meters high and 10 meters wide, 10-square-meter-long sit, Ling-top tower in the park for the mausoleum palace, the palace walls set with "Maqam" Twelve sets of Title. Armani Khan Mausoleum Memorial clever idea, with typical Islamic style.

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