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Zhuhai Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhuhai, adjacent to the road outside the island, is a 100 Street, was founded in 1883, 1.44 km long and 9 meters wide, the streets around the United Kingdom, France, the former site of the Consulate General of Germany, Germany and the former site of the Catholic Church Senbao & M and so on the former site of the Convent Many of the chaotic situation created by the Chinese and Western architecture, witnessed the prosperity of the North Sea have been Live for the "Yearbook of modern architecture."

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Zhongshan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongshan Park area of 14 hectares. Was founded in 1928. Named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial as a result. Park has open-air arena, ice-skating rinks, dance floor, and other cultural and entertainment district; overhead train tracks, electric cars, swings, slides and other children's activities; Magnolia trees in the garden and rest area park. 1993 is 7 months Hai Hong 100,000,000 yuan investment company, Zhongshan Park will be transformed into entertainment, travel, watch service break in one comprehensive park. Air Space Museum inside the park, marine aquarium, the video game park, musical fountain and the color of tropical forests, coconut, tropical plants, palm trees, vines, roses, peonies, and other parks. Also Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, Gandhi, the Great, William Shakespeare, Beethoven, Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong as a great man, and so on, and Nobel laureate, sculpture, film star. Park was also built like Windsor Castle, Louis Dynasty Song and Dance City, the Queen Victoria Club, a bar Russia, the Paris night, and other construction . Characteristics of the data was founded in 1928, into 1993 with a total area of 14 hectares. Environment located in the inner city, background, in the northern Bay Road. Protection and Development of the Chinese New Year in 1994, opening the first project, completed in 1995, opening to the outside world. The use of protection is generally good.

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Pacific slope - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pacific slope Department Jiangshan peninsula in the middle, about 7 km away from the Fangchenggang, the boat can reach by car, less than a silver beach waves, I do not know the wide beach. Bay in the northern coastal hills multi-platform, and the Silver Wave Beach (Pacific slope) is the plain Yan Shen, Yimapingchuan it in the deep blue sea with such a large area only a dozen kilometers above the sea Hsu's vast tidal flats, smoke water Yuan Wang Meng Meng, to tell where the sea is, where is the beach. In fact, it is at sea there are beaches, beaches where the sea. No wonder some people say, less than a silver beach waves, I do not know the wide flat beach, I do not know the beaches of the United States! Silver waves as a result of sandy beach with perovskite, slightly prominent color. The beach-ping, even at high tide, the sea Hai Lang Tao, surging, people can still active in the frenzy, or water, or surfing, playing Bo hit, arbitrary and summary no accident. Man is the wave from the shore to go in depth Wu Liubai meters water depth only to the neck. If the tide receded, the beach is boundless generosity, any vehicle traveling on arbitrary, The large natural bathing beach. There are thousands of tourists visit Silver Beach waves, only one corner of the beach side. Long Beach and silver-phase of the coast is a vast expanse of grasslands, forest belt between the meantime, the sea breeze blowing over trees, with large waves corresponding Hu Shao, a town of regret to-day trend. Beach wind peacetime, such as the Department of static son, starting when the wind General angry beast. To enjoy the sea happiness, anger, sadness and joy of the state, parents may wish to visit Silver Beach waves!

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Beach Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yintan Beach Park is a national holiday tourism an important part of the district, located in the center of the North Sea 10 km south of the Yintan in the central North Sea. Park made up of three parts, with the Eastern Qin, chess, books, art: it is the middle of the beach, sea activities; marine life is the Western Hall, Children's Pool, a large open-air dance floor, and other components of the Le district, can accommodate more than 60,000 visitors.

Known as' Asia's most 'of the giant stainless steel sculpture - "surge" in the 23 meters in diameter steel ball great, 7 fairy holding an olive branch, also flying dance, full of dynamic. Around the "boom" of 5250 by the nozzle of the composition of the artificial sound Fountain.

Whenever night fell, color laser Kuang Wu, colorful arouse the water. And echoed in the park over a magnificent musical composition of the great picture.

Park, 1.5 km long, 200 m wide beach is a rare natural bathing beach, leisure The movie heaven.

Park also has fast-food restaurants, large-scale barbecue, beach volleyball, beach soccer, golf driving ranges, open-air square dance, leisure visitors to the square and children's water park, motorized water sports, speed, ice-skating, and other entertainment projects.

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White Dragon Pearl City site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pearl City was once the ancient proud Nanzhu signs we are seeing now is the ancient city of Zhuhai residue of historical sites in this town in the territory Tieshan, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, about 60 kilometers from the North Sea.

  This is an ancient city, located 36 km southeast of the city to the town of Sai Ying Pun, White Dragon Village. Pearl City, also known as White Dragon , The ancient legend with a White Dragon fly over here, disappeared on arrival, it was felt that White is auspicious to come, from where the city known as White City. The city on the brink of the sea, not far from the sea there are a number of mother-of-pearl sea, especially in the White Dragon Pool Yangmei largest. Rich history here and pearls, high quality X-Rite, "Nan Zhu" Said the world-famous. Spread over the years of civil fairy tale, "Zhu Hepu also" took place here.

For the city square, 320 meters long from north to south, south-east 233 meters wide, the circumference of 1107 m, 6 m high wall, the base city of 6 meters wide, stone articles for the feet, Huozhuan for the wall, the center pearl yellow folder and Ben Zhu . Area of over 70,000 square meters, points east, south, west of the three, yet the door on the floor there, look to monitor the whole city and the sea, the city set up residence Pearl Fishers, Zhu Field Division, salt and Secretary Ninghai Temple, and so on. Huozhuan build inside and outside the city walls, the center of each 10 cm layer of loess layer folder pearl oyster shell, the layers of foundation, therefore, Pearl City got its name. Wall can be seen around the ancient ruins of the workshop and the increase in the Ming Dynasty imperial minister, "Li Ye monument benevolent," "Yellow God Qusi monument," a relic of the past. Tony residual scattered, are everywhere, we can see that year's Pearl Fishers Sheng.

The ancient city of Zhuhai in the War of Resistance Against Japan is also well-preserved before, during the War of Resistance Against Japan, most of the city wall was demolished and the Shing Mun After the liberation of only a wall and a South Shing Mun, 1958 was also to do damage. Beiting built within the existing small number of tablets, the South Gate City Wall for a 2.6 m high wall of the heart.
  Pearl City has been the site of the Guangxi provincial heritage as a unit. In recent years, funding in Pearl City, built on the ruins of a Ancient architecture, "Pearl Pavilion" for visitors to pay respects.

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North Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? North Sea Street generally refers to Zhuhai, Zhongshan Road and Road, Street was formed in 1927, before and after, but it has to be traced back to the origin of the mid-19th century. Since then, a number of Western architecture built one after another in the North Sea, after more than half a century of cultural integration and eventually formed today, we have seen Street arcade. These arcade He is not a simple construction of the replica from the deep cultural roots, it flows in the body of the brilliant civilization of the Chinese nation is in the blood, is the East-West cultural collision of a beautiful crystal.
?? Street building for most of two to three, by the end of the 19th Ye, France, Germany and other countries in the construction of the North Sea Things such as the Museum of Western volumes column construction. On both sides of the street wall of windows at the most volume for the arch structure, volume and the outer arch windows are decorated columns to the top line, smooth lines and exquisite technology. Wall street of a different type of decoration and relief, the two groups formed a north-south air sculpture gallery. The construction of these street arcade, is the Road To both sides of the expansion and a shop for an extension of the outside, people walking in the arcade, Zhefengdangyu can, but also to avoid the hot sun; arcade square pillars Heavy heavy, quite architectural style of ancient Rome.
?? chaotic situation created by the construction of the most exciting part of the flower is the top of a wall, the lower part of the rectangular composition, from China The horizontal inscribed board to build this building in the West is no such thing. Horizontal inscribed board, which should have been a calligraphy "a certain attic" and the like, here evolved into a plum relief. Horizontal inscribed board about the problem have also couplets on both sides, full flavor. And it is the most primitive of the Chinese nation is the source of Yanhuang times of internal tribal totem worship, Huang Yan and the two Were down and worship Long Feng, the roof of the building in the middle of the top place of the dragon or phoenix mascot. The mascot as if a main line running through Chinese civilization for thousands of years of history. When it appeared on the arcade in the North Sea, becoming more colorful.
?? many of the upper part of the arcade are the "celestial eye" "Celestial eye" is that the essence of "empty" and "Park." In the Chinese culture, "empty" the concept of a very deep cultural connotation. "The Promise of Health Tai Chi Sheng Liang Yi, Liang Yi-sheng four images, four images and the Eight Diagrams of Health." By an "empty" derived from the splendid oriental culture. This "circle , Contains more world Hopewell, the harmony between man and nature, a unified, united, strong, and so one world culture and philosophy.
?? ?? south of the coastal arcade, is divided into preliminary Fujian and Guangdong were sent. Fujian were due to the chaotic situation created by the local traditional wood carving skills, Li arcade filled with relief patterns on the surface. Guangdong Arcade in Guangzhou as the center, because of a more ancient history, with more tune-oriented style of Lingnan, the stained glass of both style and European style. In the past membership in the North Sea as a result of a directly under the jurisdiction of Guangdong, the Guangdong is the chaotic situation created by the North Sea were a branch of the arcade. However, Fujian, Guangdong arcade, the North Sea is too cumbersome and chaotic situation created by not carving, and More simple, beautiful lines, highlighting the climax, a harmonious whole. The art of dealing with mature, can be wonderful.

?? Western buildings in the North Sea, it corresponds to the historical events of the two treaties, that is, in 1858 the "Treaty of Tianjin" and 1876's "Yantai Treaty", as well as up to half More than a century of the history of semi-colonial period, the North Sea Street is the witness of history.
?? 1927 years ago, Zhuhai road in the North Sea was once the most bustling commercial street, row upon row of shops, mainly in the middle of the shop operating from the Jervois silk, the eastern section of the shop's main operating squid, fit the shoes, shrimp, Dry goods such as dry sea, close to the western section of the sand outside the port, all the shops all cable operators, fishing nets and hooks, Yu Deng, the wind canvas, boat fishermen, such as nail supplies. Over time, the North Sea Street gradually lost its former prosperity, there are a handful of thinly addition to a number of shops operating gear, other stores have been almost For the residential streets of the aging building, but because of Zhuhai road building has been preserved, historians and scientists building as "modern architecture Yearbook."
?? well-known writer Shu Yi (son of Lao She) believes that the way in Zhuhai and Singapore national treasure of the same old street, should protect this very open Street value. British construction experts believe that Mr. Bai Ruide, Zhuhai Road historical and cultural value, not only meaningful in the North Sea and South China, the whole of China, the world until all meaning.
?? Street to walk, you will feel a different cultural atmosphere, where the Street, where the , Where the people, and every door of the air-dried salted fish, you can not help but be forgotten in the city. There are no scenes of busy, older people in the door shaking Pushan large shade, or around chatting together or playing mahjong, their eyes shows calm and serene, as if all the streets and they have a child Like, what has changed.

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Vietnam to cross-border - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is a saying in Vietnamese folk "less than Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is not to the" Vietnam is located in north-east of Ha Long Bay, 150 km from the capital, Hanoi. Ha Long Bay over the bedrock to the main island of colors and shapes of the island's Wutu, number several hundred, is the world's most magnificent karst areas, have been to call "Guilin on the sea." Ha Long Bay after a large cargo ship have to slow down traffic, so as not to damage the environment beautiful. Beihai City Tourism companies have "Vietnam under the three-day-long tour," "Ha Long, Hai Phong, Hanoi four-day three-night tour" and other projects at a cost of 1350 yuan is the general /-1850 yuan /person Body depends on the number of days of play may be, if more than 10 small college can be discounted. Visitors can ID card so that your local travel agent for the Chinese side, the Vietnamese side of the provisional clearance. Just three days ahead of the name, identity card number, time of departure plans can be faxed to a travel agency.

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Harbor ribbon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The setting sun, the second Weizhou Island is only 9 sea miles apart, all the way under the sea, a submarine ribbon. With the undersea reef development under the best short-reef a few hundred meters, more than two kilometers long, reef-growing group of a large number of coral. Harbor Island is the ribbon of the East, North, south-west strip from the coral reef Into the underwater wonders. Through the clear water can see the living coral, colorful, dazzling. See also jellyfish, conch, starfish, and other aquatic animals of all sizes and different patterns of fish in the stream during.

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Beibu Gulf Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bay Plaza, located in the northern part of the urban centers of North Bay Road in the north, Sichuan Road, Evergreen Road intersection, was established in December 1985, the original square area of 2 hectares from the National influential than 6 months of construction planning, Accreditation by the Department of Architecture of Qinghua University winning design. City departments in the garden design On the basis of scientific and technological personnel of the design configuration, in the spring of 1986 in the north of the Bay Plaza had a green plant cultivation, according to the planning of the square in a kind of longan, Muk Min, Araucaria, leave tall tree nuts such as Ping. The Plaza is located in the north is an ancient banyan in 1986 by the Ching Ming Garden, and other departments of 17 single - About 300 people a day use the transplant team carried out the transplant, the former municipal Jiefang Road in front of an age of 120 years, even with mud Root weight of about 60 tons of ported to the northern part of the ancient banyan Bay Plaza, which is the North Sea Guangxi in the history of the garden as well as a major initiative.
  In 1986, according to the square Built on the north side of "Nan Zhu Soul" sculpture, sculpture-building programs in China by the famous sculptor, Professor Ye Yushan design, the whole sculpture occupies an area of 600 square meters, by the pool, carving group, the monument consists of three parts body. A circular pool with a diameter of 13.8 meters, 150 square meters to store water, a symbol of the sea; stand up to a central pool M pearl shell-style monument, a three-dimensional three-page title in a shell with a diameter of 1 meter stainless steel balls, a symbol of the light-emitting Yi Yi Bao-zhu in the breeding of pearl; around the pool in the main body around the monument there are three groups of the unique sculpture, They are riding a fish Cheng Hai Zhu M, riding a sea turtle for the young fishermen and the hippocampus has thrown for riding, Group statue of up to 5 meters with copper alloy casting. In 1993, additional lighting and water fountains, when night fell, the monument, carved base, lighting, fountains with cross-Hui Ying, the scene is very rich and grand.
  From 1996 to 1997, to meet the needs of urban development, the municipal government invested 1 000,000 yuan in the north of the Bay Plaza, the third-phase project carried out a large-scale expansion and transformation of the square from the area of 2 hectares to 4 hectares to expand. After the transformation of the expansion of the plaza from the northern Gulf, "Nan Zhu soul," the central area, assembly area Square, District axis, cultural plaza area, large lawn area of five functional areas, and so on, " Zhu soul "for the statue of the landmark buildings for the central area of the square at the heart function, to pools, fountains, carved around the base and three large flower bed on the magnificent" Nan Zhu Soul "sculpture as a foil to constitute a fully demonstrates the Nanzhu And local cultural characteristics, the visitors into the city to watch the scenery and stop at the square at the center of the landscape. Provisional Sichuan Road space is hard to meet the small-scale meetings, leisure activities, mainly Square district assembly, assembly plaza area with tall green tree leaves wide basin shelf for the main tree species, the sub-tropical tree full of features, smooth and simple tree, tree Beautiful, were stacked pyramid, as if Zhetianbiri an umbrella to form a clean and tidy The market environment for leisure activities.

Bay Road near the northern part of the cultural plaza area by the tree-lined square, Plaza, open-air performances and exhibition of three parts. Green Square, lined with a choice of the South features broad-leaved tree species as the main water Shi Rong, which can grow under the tree pruning or Cheng Fang Chu-shape, and form the rules Place the neat green landscape, set up under the tree are simple and generous, unique tropical style "C"-shaped wooden chair, as well as on the design of the active form of reading Bao Lan, performing open-air plaza is built using the original terrain open the Public cultural and entertainment places to rest, an area of about 2000 square meters, according to the original terrain has Water-shaped wall, a giant relief, "Ocean Melody", the open-air stage performances, music cafe, the spectator stand on the class ladder, arcade-style shops, flower-slope, the disabled ramp, and other facilities, gardens, creating a pleasant and elegant, unique landscape Outdoor environment; exhibition hall is the original use of water from the reservoir transformation top Spherical shell-shaped form of a very unique building, covering about 500 square meters, with an arched brick structure of the beam, not only to retain the history of the construction process, but also as a public exhibition hall, the Plaza's rich cultural content.

Cheung Road and "Nan Zhu Soul" sculpture in the plaza between the axis area, on both sides of a two-axis Large lawn, the lawn near the road planning and the square along the road of the coconut tree planting, nuts, brown sugar, and other large tropical palm plants, flowers and ribbon and the use of large plastic flower and shrub configuration, the entire square with the hard ground Soft ground suitable proportion, effective intervention, reflect the strong sub-tropical scenery of the city, A strong sense of the modern city, after Reconstruction through the northern part of Wan Plaza, the five areas can function independently and close contact with each other as a whole, the formation of a "center of a three-wing" of the overall structure of space, well-established, as a whole The system features a modern city square, the North Sea into the city to visit, enjoy, Open, assembly, organized by the main places of cultural and recreational activities.

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Crown Ridge in the first tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crown Ridge is located in Beihai City in the first West End to make a total length of 3 kilometers from the main peak afford Ling (Ching dynasty had set up a "sigh" at the top of the top, 120 meters above sea level) with the throttle Ling, Ling Ah bun, ra-day groups such as the composition of the mountain , Extending to the north-east ridge south of Er Zhi Shi-step, and submersible to the same vein with the stone steps to Ling Ling Kok connected.

The whole mountain to Like, "such as the vault crown," named after. Mountain for sandstone rock, Xi Lu into a steep erosion by the waves. Under the waves rock the shore, thundering Chao Sheng, which "Chao Yin Longyan" has become a major North Sea landscape.

  Xiong Zhi Ling in the first crown in the northern Bayside, Beihai City, south-west side to do, overlooking the ancient Zhuchi, "Lian Haimen The said.
The first in the history of Leng crown for the coastal stronghold, Wu Ming-hong eight years for anti-harassment Haikou, the creation of Battery in the side of the main peak, the surviving relics. At present, Ridge has increased the top of the lighthouse, climbing a direct route to the ridge top of the road. After the founding of the PRC, over the Green Ridge, the current crown Ridge has become the first state-level forest park. 1988 Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of the first crown Forest Park Ridge. Beihai City in 1995 issued by the Planning Board Forest Park land area of 245.7 hectares scope of the plans. Forest Park to the current pine trees for the construction of the main group of species, with an area of about 3,000 acres of forest land. Park site for the national crown in the first Forest Ridge Park, is an early stage of construction, natural vegetation dominated by pine forest, there are 10 scattered open space, mountain pools and a half toward the sea towards land and a half, according to an altitude of 70 meters north of the Peak, the highest for the first Ridge National An integral part of Forest Park.

Botanical Garden is divided into forest areas, landscaped areas, orchard and vegetable garden area district. Inside More than 100 varieties of fruits, flowers. There longan fruit cultivation, wood pineapple, star fruit, yellow fruit, and so on. Keeping a parrot, starling, a bird of coral, such as the lark more than 10 kinds of birds. Planning is built Hai Ting Wang, Hua Guoshan, Shuilian Dong, the Yangtze River, Yellow River, a small stone forest, small reservoirs, and other spots around the miniature landscape, and planning expansion To 80 acres. The complete Botanical Garden began in 1994.

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Fisheries Museum of the North Sea and Underwater World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fisheries Museum of the North Sea in the urban areas to the north of the North Sea A Waterfront Park District, Qingdao and Aquatic Center to tie China's largest aquarium. 7 exhibition rooms and aquarium, pond turtles, seals were on display pool of Beibu Bay of more than 670 kinds of marine life, up to more than 2800 pieces of exhibits. Among these rare animals Dugong (commonly known as the United States Fish) the most attractive. There are 10,000 Whales Duojin heavy bones, several large-kilogram lobster specimens of the famous "Nan Zhu", as well as weighing over 100 kilograms, the life of more than 600-year-old sea turtles live, there are also breeding in the northern Gulf area Dozens of sub-tropical fish. Tour the museum, such as roaming the oceans in the world, You have an eye-opener, an increase of marine knowledge.
Underwater World in 1999 to build, in the Waterfront Park area B, where Miss diving 6-meter-high giant water diving and feeding patterns do show, people dancing sharks, but narrowly; China's first 360-degree all - Perspective direction Harbor Road, In brilliant color, the magic wonders of the seabed in the Landscape show before; the seabed there is the sinking of the Inca empire, the ancient city, the ancient Silk Road on the Sea of porcelain, the sunken World War II, from the Pacific and Indian Ocean more than 300 kinds of fish and so on, People could attend.

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Wenchang Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hepu county is located in Wenchang tower about 3 kilometers to the south, built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, 300 years ago. For the octagonal tower, about 36 meters high, Tazuo 8.1 meters, diameter of 2.6 meters. 7 stacked Miyanzhuanta Shibuya, its shape from the bottom up layer by layer narrowed to the top of a red seeds.

Each What a ventilation door, that door and Feng Kun door, the rest is decorating the doors off, there is the tower ladder, and circled. White tower, corner and edge to edge arch of red, vivid red and white, both simple and beautiful. Plethora of view, panoramic vision of the North Sea.

Taki Tazuo larger than about one meter, long To build a board, was also octagonal. The whole structure of the tower with blue seam on the sticky build, plastering the surface plasma, and its shape from the bottom up layer by layer Shoulong, than a narrow one, over a layer of small and located in the heart tower ladder floor by sequential roundabout Up, to the top of the board. In the bottom of the tower, has opened the door to the East and West, this is the entrance to the .

Wenchang Tower is the name of the South take the small fire civilized society. Wen is now in Guangxi in the south tower of the pagoda crown, which the study of ancient culture and the arts and the mechanical construction of greater value.
Wenchang Tower in 1981 has a repair. In 1982 the county level as a key cultural relics protection Unit.

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Dan water screen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan water screen in the water village south shore, the water was originally called rock. Steep upper part of the tree-lined, floor wall between the cracks often overflow of water, drops down a little bit, Zhu Lian, such as hanging. As a result of sea, the rock looks as if a form has eyes, nose, mouth, we have a huge side of the "head" and the beautiful scenery.

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Ting Dongpo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongpo Lianzhou large pavilion at the East Gate Street Hepu Normal School campus, easing streams booths around the green, weeping into a negative, the beautiful scenery. Yuan Fu three years the Northern Song Dynasty (1110), Su amnestied from the Danzhou Lianzhou migration had stayed in the garden of the Tang Ching Lok Hin and the Changchun-ting, only live for two months, during the writing of "Lianzhou longan Zhu can not taste the enemy lychee "and" net line hospital overnight rain "and the poem" Hepu the elderly in mind the phrase "notes. After his man-mark the Qing construction of the Lok Gu Zhi Xuan east slope of the pavilion.

Dan Yan-ting for Dongpo, Xie Shanding structure of the South Block to the north, around two hours into the ring to the gallery, the floor area of about 160 ping Meters. Do not pavilion for the first into the second into the main pavilion. Do not pavilion on both sides of the yen has two doors, hanging above the main entrance of the main pavilion "Dongpo Pavilion" big board bearing the words, in order to iron Zen monk by the book. In front of the main pavilion and around the ancient circle each gable window, the same corridors around the pavilion, both within and outside the booths set with many of the stele, the stele-book-kai, grass, Li, seal characters Wide. The pavilion has a front wall Su Yin Wen, like stone, like the Su, Xiang charitable side, Jiongran eyes, read their goods Xianfengdaogu, the style you can still feel the Yin? Big wave to Jiang Tao Jin " When the surging passion and the heroic momentum. Dongpo as in the top of the "Sin officials trace left behind" 4. Kiosks around Around the corridors in order to not only blocked the scorching sun exposure, wind and rain erosion of the destruction, during which visitors walk through, Tianran can enjoy the scenery in the garden wall and tablets.

Booths set with the left side of the corridors in the Su Lian time to write all the poems. A head count, there were as many as 9. Whether "high yield" the right not to say, and Bishi Su, was on several occasions have been demoted, after exile, having aged down, but he was not the old poem, poetic inspiration indemnity strong, awesome big heart, for my generation have no preference. Yes. Generation as a master, literary scholar, Su went, the total is also not forget his singing poetry. Yelanrenjing alone unaccompanied, the poet sigh? Qu t; listen to the rain forest on the bed, static-free lights as miserable "; handheld longan, Chujingshengqing, poet Di Yin," the barbaric Feiru shame, escape Feizi live "; liquor into the feeling of sadness, too Sheng Xiao ears. poet shallow sing: "Dongpo drunk cooked ground call, but my tinnitus goes for labor." Footprints direction direction poems reflected on the east slope of playing with the sprinkling , And the poem, the poet is no longer a simple perception of life, compact display, is a necessity of life, is marrying a poet and love of life can not be two and a sigh of Yong Ming and Xiao.

Booths inside and outside of the transfer also set off by the man of the ages read Tiyong east slope of the Stone Tablets. Pavilion in the east and east slope of wells, as legend Su Since the digging, she Qinglie well water.
According to the "Hepu County," it reads: Dongpo Pavilion "when it was built in test loss. Qing Emperor Qianlong 1952 (1776) reconstruction. Light, Xianfeng, Xuantong again after several years of construction. In the first year of September Lian State Board of gunpowder exploded, booths were razed to the ground. In seven years, re - . Anti-Japanese War, Japan Pavilion for the plane to blow up. In 33 years at the former site of the reconstruction. "Now that the east slope of the pavilion. Although several were destroyed, on several occasions been able to rebuild again, and Wan Jie is immortal, is also regarded as one of the wonders.
Ting Su Dongpo's really like a rough life, several ups and downs. The drop again. Final However, high-spirited is to stand between die prematurely. Kang Ji Qing Dynasty in its field, "Su Gong remains in mind" in the time-resistant pen: "Lim Dong-po who were involved with and love the public is also worried." A few booths, Su is in the minds of people to high-rise The monument will not be brought down.

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Guitungongbi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Headland Weizhou Island East, there is a hole in the turtle-called hole, the hole like a stone turtle, about 200 meters away from the hole distance of the stands on a small island in the Gulf, the shape of a pig because pigs have been known as the Ridge. Turtles and dolphins arched named Bi this.

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Ling-na wonders - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingyun county seat is located in northern Shan Ying-hui 1 km, the distance across the hole and water for 70's new cave. Cidong three kilometers long, the river inside the cave, there are four seasons long stream, stalactite cave-chu, Shiman, corals, birds and animals such as the odd light shine, thousands. At present, the development of the journey inside the cave, 1,500 m, 7 minutes 3 large area The tourist attractions. In particular, it is the 218 "Lotus basin", the shape, size, grade, the number is far better than the world's geological community recognized Guilin, Yangshuo, "Lianhua Dong", is highly appreciate and value of scientific exploration, known as the "southern section A hole "and TV film scenery," Qi Dong Jing Ling words "in detail the Creation of the wonders of the natural cave.?????per million.

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Cold water falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the Water Dragon. Longlin Autonomous County of all ethnic groups in the 14 km south of cold water on the Hill. Mehta lower river originates from the mountains. It is a width of tens of meters, more than 100 meters high, long-term average flow of 5.23 cubic meters per second, Fei Bao, divided into 3 units: the left side of a, Shun and headed straight for the cliff, the momentum pounds extend rot; the right side of a From Would spit out holes and rocks, flying tan face, rising water vapor to form layers of mist; a middle, straight after a few meters, and along a prominent Yashang on the cliff, landing into a parabolic shape. At the foot of Lake flying plane falls, there is a considerable hole falls. Yuan Wang as the sky will cast aside their horses Bailian, with connecting heaven and earth, the sun exposure To form a seven-color rainbow, to show off dazzling. Are Lengshui Tan from the Almeida, 4 hours to build power stations, foot of the mountain at night, Yindeng 10,000, as if thomsonae Dragon, cold water falls to add luster to unlimited.

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Taishi Wei doline - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishi Wei County, located in the music industry with the brush to the town on the north side of the village, Henan is a red side of the water in the dry-hot valley area, the Ministry of Land and Resources drop-rock geology experts and experts in the field of karst caves inspections, demonstrations and Taishi Wei of the underground area of virgin forest in the world First, about the depth of 613 meters, the world of similar large-capacity hopper in the second, a long 600 meters to 420 meters wide, the volume of 080,000,000 cubic meters, but also in the world's second largest, the world's "holy karst" reputation.
Here is a unique set of Qi Jue-jung and virgin forest and rare plants and animals in one vertical shaft to form a natural bottom of the hole there, a hole River Concept. Two underground rivers underground river rapids, and the intersection with hot and cold, tall and straight hole stalagmite problems, Qiao Ran tower columns, transparent rock crystal screens, stone waterfall everywhere, the extraordinary combination of style, with high aesthetic appeal. In Taishi Wei Qi Jue unique and the surrounding villages of a hundred holes, Tree, Su Hang, Tang Jia Tuo, a Mongolian, Son, blocks, Huang Jing, Feng Yan, Tuo, piercing more than 20 Shek Wai, to form the world's unique "doline group." "Doline group of" peripheral, and to take gas holes, wasp holes, cut wood on the hole when the next hole, Xiong family-East, West, and other holes more than 30 attractions and facilities of the cave scenic red seven or eight red Realignment and the former site of the ancient paper-making workshops, many here have become archaeologists, flora and fauna experts, explorers and adventure travel enthusiasts Xunyou a good place.
Taishi Wei doline group as a whole is the most powerful attractions is a rare natural scenery of the Holy Land tourism. Taishi Wei landscape can be divided into the following non - Several viewing content: ?? ?? tourists outside. Standing tall on the stage of the tour, the view of the world-first in the capacity of the karst funnel, the momentum of the grand scene of spectacular, self-evident, and Xifeng Taishi Wei stood, looking down the mountain peaks of continuous long-term And people feel the magic of nature. Bottom forest tourism. It stepped into a unique, mysterious underground wonders of the primeval forest, it's rare flowers, rare birds and animals, green trees, giving people a unique experience.
Watch the underground river adventure. Taishi Wei at the bottom of a deep underground rivers criss-crossing, a gesture million The expression of different stalactite cave, there are fish, crabs, and other rich people Groundwater, the world is a rare beauty of the hole.
Taishi Wei tourists around. Taishi Wei seat of the foot Tuen Shiraiwa, roadside flowers and fragrance, dense forests Tsui, tree-lined, mountain and fell, peaks between odd poetic, it is to hang around A memorable one.
Karst cave tourism. Cave in which thousands of groups, colorful, exquisite visible of all types of caves Sediments secondary chemical, representing all the pieces of exquisite pieces of art, each hole has a different landscape, you have to sigh nature of the uncanny workmanship.
In short, come here, you will enjoy the world, "doline" museum and the cave, "Cave of the international expedition base," the powerful and spectacular, "national geological sites" and "World Natural Heritage" the unique charm.

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Liu cloth - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guangxi music industry mill in the rural county could have flow on the edge of Tuen a quiet throughout - Liu cloth, which in the music industry to the north of Taishi Wei doline group, 51 km from the county seat. Liu cloth in Legend of Toyama outflow from the Jiuquan, Zhuang as "cloth" means that Stephen, "Liu" means wine. Liu Tian Lin cloth originated in the county Wang Shan, flows through the LING Yun, and enjoy three Tian'e County, Longtan in the Red River into the reservoir area, a total length of 132 kilometers, an area of tropical rain forests. Liu said the cloth was the Grand Canyon, Taishi Wei doline is an integral part of the group. Doline group in the clouds on the ground floor of the underground river, a Hui Jucheng here on the ground to ease the river. By raft downstream, the two sides can be seen along the steep cliffs, dense forest, the forest coverage rate reached 90%, the deep-rooted trees, vines hanging down one large-scale, but also "the root plate strangulation," "the old flowering stems," and so on tropical rain forest Only in the phenomenon of a wide variety of plants. Liu cloth annual tree-lined, wild Groups, the shuttle fish, birds contend, the experts say no "to the Kingdom of plants, birds of paradise" and "Journey to heaven," the title as well as "the first southern drift" It's known. Liu is a cloth on the three big mountains by the collapse of the formation of natural stone arch bridge, known locally as "fairy bridge", located in the drift Downstream section. Like a celestial dragon bridge across the river in both sides of the bridge 145 meters high and 78 meters thick Bridge, the arch-hole 67 meters high and 177 m span, not as Sedum, magnificent momentum, is a rare natural stone arch bridge. Experts have been called the most beautiful of the world's largest water Tianshengqiao with high aesthetic appeal. Liu mountain of cross-strait cloth overlap between peaks surprising elevation peaks in 1100 - 1200 meters, the total length of 15.3 km river rafting, with a total drop 26.8 meters, with an average slope of hydraulic lung 1.8 ?, river bed elevation 413 - 388 meters wide surface 5 - 35 meters water depth of 0.3 - 5 m Immortal in the vicinity of the bridge more than 8 meters), water temperature 21.5 - 22.8 ?. River rafting has a total of 12 major beaches, the turbulent 10, 14 river bends. The main flood land by the sandstone-type material, more rock river bed. There are shore-Shu Gan, a Yudong (also known as cold seeps holes), and other cave, and these spots drift Xiangyingchengqu River, the beauty of the stack, it is pleasant linger.

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Lingyun stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Mountain features the most state and governance to one of the characteristics of the human landscape. According to the county cultural relics management survey, the existing stone Lingyun 10 parts number 130, the maximum number of words of a stone has more than 2400 words, one of the largest stone of 2 square meters, the rock carvings as early as the Ming Dynasty is a four-year Jingtai (1 Year 53), has been 542 years. Stone content contract, poetry, in conjunction title inscription, inscriptions, and the epitaph, and other travel essays. Mainly in the surrounding county to Fen Zhou, Wuzhishan, water holes, Yuntaishan, Cuiping Shan, Du Xiufeng, Shan Tao for more. Water is the largest stone-carved stone Cliff A total of 50 sites, mostly local officials, celebrities by title, the title of the amount of content, couplets, poems, the poems, essays, such as tablets, a record at the time of the essence of literature; have its regular script calligraphy, Xing Shu, Lishu, Wei Shu, Zhuanshu, self-contained, different style, a strong vigorous pen, exquisite art, high Literary, artistic value, for the county unit heritage.

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Bo paste Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baise is located 53 km to the roadside Lingyun, Lake 2 km long, 300-500 meters wide, the lake to the right bank of the old quarry area, on the left bank of land for the mountain, Shanqingshuixiu, beautiful scenery. It is the shape of artificial scenery of the area, but also hydropower development, tourism development projects compatible with one. Whenever night fell, on transit, Reflected in, do not have taste, from the wave Tie boating lake can cloud Rushen Dragon King's palace, for Cidong Cheng Bi Fu Liu river, the river inside the cave, and the gentle flow, can cruise slowly forward. Hole 1,000 meters long, like a crystal palace, the White Plus water hole, diving bottom. Into the cave, filled with clouds, as if to enter fairyland, named Dragon King's palace Scenes inside the cave, thousands, thousands of stalactite, vivid, with the wave form and sisters Tie Lake scenic spots.

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Baise Uprising Monument to Martyrs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baise Uprising Monument is located east of the martyrs after Longshan, in December 11, 1984 completed by the mention of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, 23.8 meters high monument, overlooking the Youjiang, overlooking the city of geese, the latter over the mountains, Chung Calocedrus hand in hand. Bose is the official symbol of the region. A poem for the card: Yongsan after the monument, grass-green Cui pine and cypress; Youjiang goose overlooking the city, solemn, majestic; Comrade Xiaoping put words to pay tribute to the souls go down; earth-shattering performance, comfort own future generations; the spirit of co-existence with the earth,?????000.

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Fulu River Falls group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fulu River Falls is located in Baise group of South West Water Wang Ling-lin of protected areas in the hinterland, and Raoshan Fulu River, two-meter-high Dieshui more than a hundred of multiple, ranging from the formation of high and low, width varies with the endless stream of more than Waterfall-class group, is "green shadow of Castle Peak, Castle Peak Piaomiao fog; show visitors green water, water Jiao Jiao people." Among them, he Fulu the most charming scenery: Fulu clear river water quality, bottom round, far away from downtown, not by industrial pollution. There are hundreds of waterfalls-class, high and low ranges, different patterns, like Xiaojiabiyu beautiful and elegant, unique; the river is rich in fishery resources Some of the precious wild species, such as Huang, fish, flowers, yellow Siniperca can be seen everywhere, and so on, very attractive. Tai Wang Ling is rich in natural resources, such as plants and animals. Wang Ling whole big mountain with well-preserved vegetation, lush, relaxed and happy people. Billy is a lot of rare trees, plants, animals and rare birds, such as Long was born in a total of the same age at the national level to protect plants Cyatheaceae, the national animal protection of pangolins, civet cats, chickens grasp the rare tiger, great medicinal value of long life, such as Fort San Domingo in the chicken here, constitute Fulu River Falls in the Forest Park group A bright spot.

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Guangdong Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the Baise, can not help but look at Baise Uprising Memorial Hall and the Guangdong Center, which is seven Red Army military site, has preserved the historical successor generation. Baise Uprising Memorial Hall is not just to display the historical revolution, the memorial itself is a beautiful landscape, which is located in Youjiang River hill, condescending, Baise City Panoramic view, like Silver Chain Youjiang winding away, and also to build a grand memorial, awesome momentum.

Guangdong is the Baise Uprising Command Center, is living in the Qing Dynasty Bose built by the Guangzhou merchants. Architectural style and design is very similar to the Chen Clan, Xiang Man Shek Wan on the roof of the doll. Color City, not only beautiful but also Xianyao terrain, which are easily accessible, is leading to Yunnan, Guizhou's throat. As the water Youjiang, the four seasons shipping can be, the 100 freighter can be through Guangzhou, Hong Kong. As a result, Yunnan, Guizhou and even all over the country, particularly in Guangdong and merchants gathered in Baise. Guangdong because of the increasing number of companies, Guangdong Bose will naturally become the language of the city. With the commercial development of the city have been set up for a group of businessmen around the service center, such as the Guangdong Center, the State Center of Hope, the Center of Yunnan, Guizhou Hall, Jiangxi, such as Hall, Guangdong Center, the largest and most luxurious style . Unfortunately, due to For the damage, in addition to eastern Guangdong Center, the State Center of Hope, the other Hall no longer exists. Hall eastern Guangdong, Guangdong businessmen to raise funds to build, was built in 59 years of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1721), many times after the renovation. Guangdong, where the business came to Baise, go to eastern Guangdong staying Hall, the gathering of business negotiations, and so on. Guangdong Center, is an ancient brick buildings, old buildings with the South's traditional arts and style. Baise City is located in the liberation of walking street, the whole construction area of 2331 square meters, construction area of 2661 square meters. Hall Block west to east, before, during and after the main axis of the three major temples, on both sides of the Relative to that of the four into the room and veranda (Music: wu) Gallery, a "Day"-shaped buildings closed independence. Gallery veranda temples, the layout of the strict access the courtyard, paved in red brick and order be rectangular stone, Langxia Hall, is all solid wood large cylindrical or square granite pillars support. In the middle of the main building of the three major temples in the Also present on the walls to preserve the integrity of the very beautiful murals ink. It can be said that the whole building is a work of art of culture and education.

  December 11, 1929, Comrade Deng Xiaoping made a successful launch Baise Uprising, at the same time, Bose??????seventh in the military establishment. Set up military commander And the Special Branch headquarters is located in eastern Guangdong Hall, the headquarters of their staff, managers, aide-de-camp, the surgeon, and so on in the office here. Deng Xiaoping, Zhang Yunyi office and living room furnishings are very simple, each a bed and a desk, bed sitting Office. Their bed by a long pine boards and The bench structure which they and other members refers to the station wearing the same clothes, covered the same uniform, eat the same food for the armed forces has set a good example of hard work.

  CPC Central Committee and State Council and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee, People's Army red seven military attaches great importance to the protection of the site. 1 61 years on March 26, autonomous regions and the People's Red Army seven military site as a key cultural autonomous units, at the same time, in the former site of the establishment of a "Youjiang Revolutionary Museum." August 17, 1977, Comrade Deng Xiaoping brush for the former site of the Red Army Title VII:??????Seventh Army military site. 1 88 years on January 13, the State Council, also seven Red Army military site as a "national key cultural unit."

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Bose Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baise, Guangxi is located in the western region, where beautiful mountains and rivers, rich, very rich and customs of ethnic minorities, under the jurisdiction of the city of Baise, Pingguo County, Xilin 12 counties (cities), Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces of the border and transport hub Distribution of goods.

19 9 years older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Deng Xiaoping here to launch and lead a well-known Baise Uprising, founded??????Seventh Army, a Soviet people's government, "Deng Xiaoping's tour footprints" for the quality of the Baise area tourism Is quietly rising, Bose has started to become China's Yan'an, following, well After Hill's also a feature of the old revolutionary base areas of tourist attraction.

Bose is relatively rich in tourism resources. Human landscape in order to have the Baise Uprising Memorial Hall as the representative of the National Patriotism Education Base; have to get Gun-Fu Road for the hard work on behalf of the education bases; there Jingxilieshi cemetery, 12, represented the door of the national defense education bases and so on. The natural landscape in order to have a Bose Lake Chengbi represented Huguangshanse; Jingxi to have a psychic Grand Canyon represented by the wonders of the world; to have satisfied Ling-Ling, Paul De Ji Xing Yan represented by the wonders of the cave; have to have Pingguo Aluminum Represented by the modern tourism industry Manner.

Baise region has a long history, beautiful mountains and rivers, scenic and colorful ethnic customs, tourism resources and great potential. With the Nanning-Kunming Railway, Nanning to Baise secondary roads, to Baise Guizhou Panxian three highway was opened to traffic, Youjiang channel training, Bose will be Onishi Easy access to the sea and an important transport hub, the regional advantages become more significant. As of the end of 1997, focused on areas of scenic spots 2, a state-level - Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, a provincial - Cheng Bi Lake Scenic Area; Huang Nature Reserve 13, the main tourist areas there are 2.

  Bose has Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Yi, Gelo, 7 and so on back to the nation, the minority population accounts for 87% of the total population. Zhuang region-wide three-March folk song festival, Yao Wang plate section, Miao jump slope section, the section Mulao planting more than 20 traditional festivals, people of all nationalities Red Green, put on gold and silver, folk songs, songs rush Wei, his strong play, jump Lusheng dance, and so on, full of rich customs of ethnic minorities.

  San Bose, Shui Sau, quiet hole, very wonderful natural scenery, wonderful ethnic customs, where the world's music industry Taishi Wei underground cave doline group, 3 million years ago the ancient human sites in Baise Basin, the water matched the day Chengbi lake scenery, and sub-tropical plants of the Kingdom of Jingxi psychic Grand Canyon ... ... where you will experience a different nature, do not feel the same Culture, do not enjoy the same appetite for food and drinks, not to bring back the same feelings. Warm, hospitable, and advance the people's enthusiasm Bose Welcome.

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Fushun West Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Lake is located in Fushun county in Xibei Yu, is an artificial modification of natural lakes, the North South small, flat shape of the gourd, are renowned for their well-known lotus. West Lake was Zhongxiu, turtles, five House, agate Zhushan the natural convergence rain depression. As early as the Song Dynasty have been infrequent cutting, for masonry embankment, the tunnel into a lake, "Lake on June 7 in width." By Dai Pei Xiu embellishment, one after another to build the "Office of the West Lake, Huguang Pavilion, Ling Po-ting, blowing Xiangting, Spring Breeze Pavilion, the pavilion up, Laoting Kan, Mrs King-ting, Taiwan, noble, independent Taiwan." Wei Yi lake, Ting Xie echoed Quqiao even hook, young lotus, lotus leaves next day, an out weeping. West Lake in Hangzhou, like floating restaurant created by the ship-fang, One display feast, a banquet guests. In particular pleasure boat, the lake waves, how many have left the ancient anecdotes. Ming Dynasty scholar Yang Shengan, as a result of offending the emperor, Yunnan, Liu Yu, Fushun Special Bypass, Bear had a friend call. West Lake has boating, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake. Ling Po and the Netherlands could see mushroom, green Weiran Red and Green matched, two-person boat swig, Bujiandangnian pride. When the setting sun to twilight hours, Xiong Yang Shengan see over the nine-year-old son Xiongdun Park bright, has been followed around, it feels that the entrance exams he one, the Alliance is: "Sunset is Ping Shen," Xiongdun Luejiasisuo Park, Immediately: "Back to the pneumatic boat lotus root." Sheng An overjoyed, shouted praise: "John Court was also true!" Consequences in the examination. Qing dynasty, Liu first tour of the West Lake County, all sorts of feelings, has written a Qilu, "Fushun West Wing." It has been said that in ancient times: "Among all of the West Lake, West Lake A Fushun, Sichuan," Liu from the first poem to see the general. However, by Weihuzaotian population ages, housing, especially in the Ming Tak years, building walls, separated from the general to the lake outside the city, the city reduced the lake. However, until the end of the Qing Dynasty, the lake still has 12 Tingxie up the house. By the time the Republic of China was almost completely destroyed. After the liberation, there are 1680 meters circumference of the West Lake, 51 acres of water. 984, Fushun County People's Government allocated 10 minutes into the Xiushan, the five-Hill House between Ping Qiao Shi, for the combination of 3-arch stone bridge Kong Long Wind; widen into a theater of the West Lake Mountain House five-stone; from the Park Ship repair-mouth lake connectivity of the newly built heart of the blue booth, the red lotus pavilion Jiuqu Qiao. Bridge-phase shore, is a pavilion Yuli's West girl statue, lotus foot, hand-held basket, visual Lake in Hebi red leaves, Enuoduozi. Visitors can cross the West girls, to booths from Jiuqu Qiao, leisurely tea pavilion and Syria, watch the scenery. Bibo is a kiosk in a Western-style landscape architecture, Diaolianghuadong, antique, there is a pavilion on the couplet: "on behalf of different people Ze River; soul on future generations as Heart Lake. "Apparently praised the Reform Movement in Qing Dynasty Six Liu Yiren, one of the first. Is in front of the spacious and bright red lotus pavilion, two winding dragon column, Huan was like, there is also a pillar couplet," Hung Ying and the Netherlands and Japan Panicum Lvliu object in the wind at the end of Der Spiegel; water kiosks around the three visitors were 9 bridged into the picture . "Lean on a railing with a little perspective, lotus lake, or down red-Dutch Lu, Ying-Ying want to drop, rain or white and the Netherlands, bringing a time, just some of open water, Moon, Bristol Pinnacle leaf, green ball plate. Willow look to the shore, Light winds and soft Dangqi fishes, it is exhilarating. Even take up around the West Lake scenic spots and historical sites, the head is too busy . West Lake to the north, there are green and luxuriant five House Hill, the top five-star red Qing Zhao Wei-ran martyrs monument stand, Liu is also the first tomb in the Hill; Lake east Kosai, a famous Qing Dynasty scholar Duan of Fushun county magistrate House, the former site of the school; there is a new theater of the West Lake of the lake and the Drum Tower 10 minutes; south of the West Lake, the Song Yi Master Li Gong, see the book easy to read the hole; south-west of the city there are many hills in 10 minutes of Xiushan, the mountains green trees, beautiful scenery; west of West Lake, built in the Tang Dynasty, the famous ancient temples of the expansion of the Song capital site of Temple, said Luo Fu Tung, a more spacious inside Kongkuo, Dongnuanxialiang Office of the curtain; rock in a new Hall of Avalokitesvara, the Hong Its peak, his followers can not. Dangzhou West Lake, can be easily read from the side of the hole or mouth toad, to bypass the Jiuqu Qiao, red lotus pavilion, with blue booths, wearing a Long Feng Bridge, reaching Huguang Pavilion, Garden Bay, through the lotus leaves Cong , Huguangshanse tours all over, it is refreshing.

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Wang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Temple is located in the city of Central banks of the Fuxi He. Beiyi Longfengshan, is a unique clearance by the middle of construction. The main traditional methods of ancient architecture layout, along axis stage is followed, and open wells in the main hall. Anti-Japanese War when the existing buildings in the urban highway repair were removed. Tongzhi years, "Fushun County," Wang will be under the clip temples and the artesian well as the mouth of one of the scenic spots. Wang at the beginning of this century, the temple has Zigong salt from salt traders have a large boundary Wang Yu. LI Chun-lin made the auspices of Peixiu, local merchants, as enshrined in the town water Wang, as well as viewing the temple, scene tours, tea and hold the Lantern Festival. Wang mountains Water Temple, squat single - Is not only the best construction and a scenic resort. Well-preserved temple of the stage, it is no longer in Sichuan Xin see the Sichuan Opera in the Qing Dynasty stage. Lean on a railing with a little perspective, towering rocks in the river, the river is called Shilong; the other side of the shade trees, peach Um, albeit not very clearly, the old stone. Meandering shore, the Glass Pavilion, right next to the separation of Shinto monument. Old quarry area Engraved with the "fish pond call the" big three seed, according to legend Su handwriting. Temple East Shek Pik, Juan Feng Yuxiang a hand-written "I also rivers and mountains" words, the more enriched by Wang Jing Tian Temple. Tiyong predecessors had: "You Qi born Gap insurance", "good poem temple Wangyehs." Wang is a famous temple for the Zigong Linjiang of the restaurant, during the Spring Festival Lantern Festival, temple lanterns hung on the poles, the poles on the temple are covered lanterns bridge lantern, the temple was put on red wounded, was ablaze with lights and ran. Wang Temple is a beautifully refined on behalf of the construction, covers an area of 1000 square meters. Founded during the ominous, but no later than Tongzhi in the Qing period. Qing Emperor Guangxu 32 1906) and built a new Xilou. Block, north-east to south-west of the temple, with a total construction area of 900 square meters. Xilou for wood lift beam structure, roof-Danyanxieshan, 4.1 m-high, Miankuo 8.9 meters, 8.85 meters into the deep, Xilou 2.8 meters high from the ground. Xilou use carry-wood structure of the building Liang Danyanxieshan-style roof. Zheng Ji both ends of the owl is the kiss, the median home a bunch of Fire Dragon Pearl, the colorful splendor. Wang construction of the temple of science, a unique layout, compact, slim, sleek; ornate, delicate carvings, set in a Diaolianghuadong. Decorative sculpture figures to the scene for more drama. This study is the Sichuan Opera at the time Social practices, customs, have important historical value.

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Huan Hou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huan Hou Temple is located at the junction of China Zigong, known as the Temple of God Zhang, also known as Zhang Feimiao, street built, and built on a small hillside on the edge of the road Hom, so people have to go in Singapore Gordon looking up, plus the on-board door Zhang Fei as the Line inscribed, Nufahengmei Oh, Qiao, is respect. Huan Hou Temple was built in Qianlong period, the beginning of the end of the burning Xianfeng, Tongzhi years rehabilitation, and colleagues in the deliberations, "a pig slaughter each, according to the rules pumping money Bowen II", after the public social baht accumulated, and finally in the first year of Emperor Guangxu (1875) was built . The gatehouse has a single-slope construction of the Mountain Gate, the only stand like a wall of the Mountain Gate, cornices The three-wing roof and Xie Shan Zhong Yan-arc wind to give the dynamic firewall, together with the door and painted reliefs of the more dynamic and not rigid. Under the eaves in the middle Menbian "Huanhou palace," the words in the door on both sides of the Danbian also inscribed with a couplet "Jun would like to know the righteous cause of the war when the North east, single heart gram Jian Taoyuan oath; Chong Fung Si temple today to see micro-wind live life the world still Diaodou Ming. "In the hall for Xilou above, the two-story ceiling with books on both sides of the corridors, rising from the courtyard is the main hall, the main hall for the five-room wooden beam carrying construction, the first part of its concept for the show Shangjing the stands, behind the Zhang Fei was dedicated to the tablets Fang, now stood no statues, wind around cigarettes, but still seemed a bit mysterious, somewhat solemn. Huan Hou Temple is a closed ring construction, as the whole building is built on a slope, so visitors had to wear Gate Gallery to be rising, it gives people a sense of high step by step, and the construction of the palace area Huanhou There are more than 1300 square meters, the architect in such a small space arranged so many single building, and not crowded together, cumbersome feeling, did show a high degree of wisdom and skill building. Huanhou stage of the Palace, the Tower Drum Tower caused Xieshanjuanpeng-roof, the roof style, in the past, the use of non-governmental Less, especially in the South zigong this area, appears to be unique style and extraordinary tolerance. Huanhou decorations throughout the palace also known, and the contour of the roof are part of the clay sculpture and bas-relief decoration, painting and helping with decorative tiles, crystal clear, very beautiful, in Taiwan, along the floor, I also decorated with carvings Board, with Zhuchu stone. A few meters along the boards on the floor, engraved with scenes drama 18, only one person on as many as 184 people, there are a lot of accessories Beijing, and the carving will be working fine, we can all be life-like. Huan Hou Temple is the carcass was selling industry from worship of God Hall, who is also a safeguard The interests of others, the resolution of major issues of place.

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Gong Jing Tian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tian Temple is located in the city of Zigong Gong Jing Zhu Lincun rural areas Artemsia argyi, have long enjoyed a good reputation in front of the Grand Duchy of well sites, there are days Sihou heart Hill, a left temple Jianfengling Hill, Siyou for the winding-yun. North Korea Monastery Ming Hongwu years have elapsed since the six-year-old. Tianchi Lake Temple as a result of a large pool, named Tian Temple. Tianchi Yi Zhang built around the high, more than three feet wide, stone walls, visitors pass a wall, can enjoy the scenery Gongjing region. There are a hundred years in front Huang Jueshu, shade coverage, benefits by quaint atmosphere of quiet, pine and cypress Terauchi, Liucheng Lin Huai, and a proud Haruki, withered away in the spring, winter green leaves branches, visitors are surprised Tianchi Temple Main Hall for the main hall, the center of worship Buddha Sakyamuni, the Buddha stands on both sides have. There are 800 jin re-grow-foot bronze bell and drum, two major post-lung wound. Main Hall is the back of the permitted Eighteen Lohan, Kwun Yam, Fugen, Monju, as dozens of Buddha. Left Main Hall Shun Yeung is the Temple, and then the right is the Guanyin Hall. Kuan Yin Tong Bao Palace followed by three, three is the Tibetan Treasure Palace upstairs floor. Main Hall is on the right side of the White Horse Temple, with the Hall of Shun Yeung distant relative. Main Hall is the right corner of the abbot, the monk deacon Buddhist temple, the elegant chic, silent. Buddhist temple courtyard around the fragrance of flowers, Yicaotucui. Daxiong Temple, the Temple Chun-yang, between the White Horse Temple has a pool, pool water green, clear bottom, red floating lotus pool, is released back to the lay Buddhist land. Main Hall right corner there are two pools, a red and white flowers, Xi said: Lotus Yan, Chinese Restaurant San Tan.

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Lantern Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zigong Lantern Park is located in Zigong City in prime locations, covering 10.3 hectares, of which the water area of 0.75 hectares, the garden is a pleasure for a comprehensive cultural park. Zigong Lantern Festival is organized by major local venues. Lantern Park was established in 1930, named "Fuming Creek Park , In 1941 changed its name to "Huisheng Park." In 1950 changed its name to "People's Park in Zigong City." In 1988 by the city under the approval of the Zigong lantern leadership of the trade commission, changed its name to "Zigong Lantern Park." Shan Ying in the water, water in the mountains of the Central, "a folder Hill Lake," the Zigong lantern Li Yi Park scenery, picturesque scenery. Nanshan dominating the Pohuan wide a unique style, flavor of the "Museum of Chinese Lantern"; Jade, lush green trees located in the northern style of a strange, complicated and confusing "magic city." Man-made lake rippling blue waves, tree-lined both sides of the strait, Yan flowers; narrowly Recreation Area Fun; bonsai area 22 meters long carved Choi Bonsai "Dong" magnificent, profound idea. Park are currently being Zigong lantern carnivals and cultural theme park development, and better service for the majority of the tourists, increase the investment, development and construction efforts, and I welcome people of insight Co-operation.

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Rongxian of the junta Ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Revolution Rongxian the former site of the military government, the Revolution is Shouyi Rongxian wu independence, and other revolutionaries to deal with military and political affairs. San Heyuan-style Qing Dynasty belong to the ancient buildings with a total area of 700 square meters. Sichuan Province in 1991 was announced by the Government for the protection unit at the provincial level.

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Liu tomb of the first - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu tomb of the first, in the original Zhao Luo Hansi town, in 1984, Zigong City People's Government, Mr. Liu Guangdi Qianzang exhumation in the five-county revolutionary martyr cemetery at the rear of Hill House, and pay for later generations. By Zhao Liu for the first tomb inscribed tombstone.

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The ancient town of Sin City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zigong has a history of 1,400 years of the millennium ancient town is important Fuxi He was one of the terminals, building retains the original style, the ancestral hall of the many temples. Sally town Fuxi He leaned in the banks, which experienced the Millennium town storms are still a lot of charm still. Well Salt was once the Sichuan Zigong the necessary land, For the ancient salt along the Pearl, because of the "four Street, stack four or five three-terminal Temple, a three carp of St. Paul, the monument nine, ten land", as well as the exquisite classical buildings and the Buddhist culture and prosperity of the world-renowned. As a result, was approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government for the provincial historical and cultural city and provincial level have been identified as the pilot of small cities and towns in the town ?? ?? Since reform and opening up the ancient town have enjoyed great development. Here is rich in ancient cultural and natural landscape, even the name is derived from the ancient town of beautiful legend: "The daughter of the Jade Emperor, was intoxicated with the beauty of the world, Fuxi He Xiafan side in the shore and sleep soundly Happy 000 - Sally Beach . As a result, ancient architectural art and Buddhist culture of this ancient town is full of charm, the late Ming and early Qing ancient buildings: the South China Palace (built in 1962 AD), the sky palace (built in 1850) Daiwa red walls, the public-ao Gao Qiao, Diaolianghuadong, wooden animals, flowers, fish, different shapes, and lifelike. In the Buddhist culture is also flourishing, many Buddha sculptures, incense-filled year round, the temple bell echoed ancient town, and that "fairy valley", had "the Jade Pool," said Cliff, there are stone, the Guanyin Cave and the moon Well , And other historical sites. Mr. Zhao Puchu calligrapher of the title "Golden Bridge Temple", is now the Sichuan Online travel sites of Buddhist culture, Sin City, many of these cultural and natural landscape, the Government has been planning, protection, development, construction, the ancient town to promote the cause of the economic and social development, which will be famous historical and cultural towns and write a new Chapter.

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Rongxian Second Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Second Rongxian many Buddhist temples along the cliffs, thousands of statues respect, when the Tang and Song "Ya Fu Tu", also known as Qian Foya. Because of their large gold statue of Buddha mounted color, the sun, resplendent, it is also known as the "Jinbi cliff." To cut the Buddha Maitreya Zuofo the Tang Dynasty, Buddhist 5.8 meters high, 2.6 meters wide. About niche wall, inscribed with 28 120 Buddhist shrine made.

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Gap dragon natural tourist district - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gap dragon at the scenic city of Zigong, the elegant environment of the mountain farmers Mission, 18 km from the city, as a result of the canyon like a dragon named after take-off. Eagle's Nest group of agricultural landscape natural forest land to tourist areas and Huguangshanse as the main feature of the area there are 7 major attractions are: Eagle's Nest Lake, agricultural Mission Hill, the Lions Bay Lu Former Residence of chromium, Wing town, the palace, where Le Temple, Jin Yinhu ... ...

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Salt Museum in Zigong City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Salt Museum in Zigong City was built in 1959. China is the establishment of the earliest and one of the Museum of Natural History of Science and Technology. The main collection, research, Chinese salt industry to display historical relics and information. Museum with a clear-cut features and rich connotations. To provide visitors an understanding of the fine Chinese culture window. Well Salt collecting historical collection tools, contracts, books, I-thin invaluable cultural relics, and so on, drilling, well governance is a tool to retain only the ancient Chinese Dayton drilling tools. One display, "Well Salt history of the development of production technology" from the drilling, Brine, natural gas, salt and so on, the display of two thousand years, the ancient Chinese labor The people to human civilization made an important contribution. Museum Journal "study of the history of salt" to the public at home and abroad "Museum" will be quarterly, main made a presentation. Hall is the West Hall building development reached during the heyday of the product. Is the first year to 17 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736 - 1752 years) Zigong businessmen to get rich salt business after the Association to raise funds to build the hall. Light seven to nine years (1827 - 1829 years) and the expansion of the main hall. Two silver absorbed a total of more than 50,000 of the two. The whole museum covers an area of about 3000 square meters. As a result of Guan Yu Zhu Gong tablets, commonly known as the Temple or the Temple in Shaanxi. Deng in 1958 Equal to the central leadership of the Zigong inspection, the West Hall as the Salt Museum premises. In 1980 the West Hall is listed as heritage unit in Sichuan Province. In 1988 the State Council was announced as the national key cultural unit.

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Zigong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Zigong City, Sichuan Basin is located in the south, Fuxi He's the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Artesian-wide municipal, Gong Jing, Da-an, the four districts along the beach, Rongxian, the second Fushun County, covering an area of 4375 square kilometers. In the territory in shallow hilly terrain from the northwest to the southeast tilt, the general elevation above sea level at 250-500 m, Area above sea level, 280-400 meters. Cangjiang for the main rivers in the city water system, River flows through the lower reaches 127 kilometers throughout the city. Fuxi He Cangjiang for the city's main tributaries of the territory, the upper reaches of the River Asahi there, "he Weiyuan note, with a total area of river basin is 3 490 square kilometers. Territory in the western city of River since there are more Rongxian across the south, a line of the Minjiang River.

?? ?? Zigong is a shining pearl of the land of abundance, for the first of Sichuan Province, one of the cities and industrial centers. Artesian municipal, Gong Jing, Da-an, along the beach area and four Rongxian, Fushun County, an area the size 4 73 square kilometers, the urban area of 814 square kilometers. In 1989, the city's total population of 2,943,000 people, 969,400 of the population in the urban areas.

Yishanbangshui Zigong, a beautiful and pleasant environment, "salt of the Millennium" and "dinosaur town", "southern city of light" and famous Wani. Since 1986, the city of Zigong has been identified as national historical and cultural city and the city opening to the outside world, "artesian well - dinosaurs scenic spots" were identified as provincial-level scenic spots. Well Salt because of the history of marketing and the way in hilly terrain light conditions artesian, Gong Jing-oriented city layout and V of the mountains, winding rivers weaved staggered to form into a mountain, water, as one of the city, "City of Castle Peak and a half-tower" of the cityscape of the mountains. Even in the city center area, although irregular buildings, busy street, weaved still see the mountains, clear water separation. In surrounded by green mountains and blue waters, a few hundred in the shade of trees Gurong Can still see preserved intact for all kinds of Salt Association, the Association to help, as well as the traditional stone paved street and tens of Brine wooden derrick - Auto Lagerstroemia days, the city across the Camphor Tree City, Feihongqianyu, salt will be more delicate and pretty decorative, subtle and elegant.

  Well Salt-based culture in order to The very rich history and culture. City heritage of the existing 88 units. The Zigong Salt Museum's Hall and the West Yan sea wells, the country's key cultural units; Rongxian the Big Buddha, Confucian Temple Fushun, in order to focus on the provincial level protection unit. Well-known mountain shop on-site dinosaur fossils have been built Three of the world, one of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum Dinosaur Museum. Zigong Mingzao traditional Lantern Festival at home and abroad, the museum special lantern. Sichuan Zigong Jutan art sensation. Zigong Sanjue folk art known as the "Fan Gong," "tie", "Zigong paper-cut" and "fire-side of beef" Tutemingchan, Feng The historical and cultural connotation of the city. The last, since many of the modern historical and cultural celebrities to make the Millennium Yandu more shiny.

Unique to the world-famous lantern. A variety of textures, colors, different sizes of paper, silk, silk, all of the Zigong lantern material, and glass bottles, porcelain, silk, bamboo, bar - Cloth, and other unique local customs and characteristics of the system of light industry raw materials. Zigong Lantern Festival, especially the many varieties, King light blend to win. The thousands of the dragon, lantern, lamp block, light line, light technology, animal lights, lights figures, flowers and birds ... ... variety of lights, Cuicanduomu. During the Lantern Festival, the landscape garden in the exhibition Qi million lights, There are King, King in lights, lights intertwined King, shape, color, light, sound, moving organic integration, blurred levels, magnificent.

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Hill Bowang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bowang Hill is located in the city of Yibin in Sichuan Province in Xingwen County, is a mountain at the provincial level scenic spots, with a total area of 10,000 km-60. Bowang Hill area: Shi-rural part of the scenic spots from Bowang Hill, Peak Hill constitute a landscape of the two.

  In the county seat 20 kilometers west of the town of Yan Yang, slot Linked to street traffic leaf, stem Bowang Hill to a few salient, Jueya walls of the air, and the main peak towering Mao Ding, up to 1180 meters above sea level. L Hill lush vegetation, are the vast sea, quiet Jingya; Mountain Gate valley streams, waterfalls and lakes Tam, rock caves and other natural landscape character melt Ye Zhou, totally natural. Set landscape of the essence, the Department of Grand Falls. Bowang Hill from south to north five streams in through the Mountain Gate in the valley so far through, the formation of the large number of various shapes and falls: there are ups and downs of Mengxi Diebao; have been Fei Liu Pu, such as the White Dragon Chu Dong Longquan waterfall: "roared three times to rain on the" voice of the waterfall; there is rain Falls are all of the Po Valley basin Wai waterfall ... ...


  Bo without this, stay-Guzhai, fascinated attractive. Bowang Hill is famous since ancient times. Xi-stone of Dazhai, store large round tie, also known as the South Spring Hill. Since the Song Dynasty, is here to hold all people (that is, the Bo tribe) of interest-bearing land. Set records: Song and the five-year (Year 1115), five Du Yi (Bo of a person) as a base for Hill. Qi Bing get, therefore Bowang also known as Shan Shan Wang Bo. So far, the mountains were also kept by Bo Jian, Zhai Men small, ancient walls, the ancient castle, and other battlefield sites.


  In February 2000, Wang has been Sichuan Provincial People's Government Hill formally approved at the provincial level for key scenic spots. Sleeping Mountain, Xu spring, and happily among the attractions on the lam. With the development of tourism continued to deepen, Bowang Hill is bound by its charming landscape of mountains and rivers, the magic people burn high-quality cultural and ecological environment have become the majority of leisure travelers degrees And sightseeing, and the first to experience the world? Quot; ecological and health, "the theme of content and enjoy the return to nature." Harmony between man and nature "of endless fun tourist destination.

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Shi-dong rural areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi-dong is located in scenic rural Xingwen County in Sichuan Province in the south, as a result of Shilin county, township cave over 17, the "Shi-rural" reputation. Area east of Luzhou, Yibin-West, visitors can Shunan Bamboo-Sea in general and rural Shi-dong even for a whole, the two places have the same road, the journey is only 1 hour.

Hai-dong is the rural development of China's karst region one of the best, many rocks on the ground, like clouds Stone Forest Road South; vertical and horizontal cave on the ground floor, like Guilin Lu Di maze. Wonders of the world is set in one place, matched up and down, and Zhuhai, dinosaurs, HANGING COFFIN four-way tie for the southern Sichuan.

Scenic spots have been found in the size of cave 83, in the area of 10,000 square meters. Zhou is located in his hometown of God's largest wind tunnel, reaching more than 20 million square meters, but the landscape of the richest to the number of the Heung Yee Hing Yan Tian hole. Deep in the hole meters high Wo Hu Ling Ha, bottom-up, divided into 4 layers, is now open 3rd, 4th floor, a total of 7 hall. There are layers underground river, the fish in the water glass. 2,000 m long main tunnel, the highest point reached 100 m, maximum width of 80 meters, with a total area of over 81,000 square meters. Clean air inside the cave, Dongnuanxialiang, the average annual temperature of 13 to 19 degrees Celsius, 3-4 breeze. Tianquan entrance hole wide, 30 meters before the line for Qionglu building "from top to bottom formation, with an area of more than 12,000 square meters. Generals had stones, as long as 340 meters into the" corridor Shi ", Liang Bi covered with stalactites. Deng steps along the" step-You-yun, "hole into the Hall of heart. Office spacious tall, and the entrance hall of similar size.

"Two Mountains and the Chamber of confrontation, Jian-stream, little bridges and recline. Roof of the hall to the right, one day window, into the light, reflecting Feiquan, like a crystal pearl, the Office of the "crash of Lau Kwong-yu." Hall has two pots on the left side of hole, hole before the "rock spectacle bud", after the hole is called the "Stone Forest Bamboo." After the hole, a big bright hall, covering an area of 130 0 square meters, as bright and clean as a mirror on top, named "Tian Ming Palace."

  Not far away from the hole after that there is a bowl-shaped depression, in order to funnel large natural (an geo-specific phenomenon) with a diameter of 650 meters, 208 meters deep, more than the United States claims to be the world's first large funnel Elixibo (straight 330 meters, 70 meters deep), one of the world can not. In 1935, the Red Army left behind a small fighter, the reactionary armed by the local prisoners were thrown depression after heart, it was to be a rock named Red Rock. Xingwen county Xinan Su Ma Wan, the ancient people HANGING COFFIN.

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