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Zigong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Zigong City, Sichuan Basin is located in the south, Fuxi He's the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Artesian-wide municipal, Gong Jing, Da-an, the four districts along the beach, Rongxian, the second Fushun County, covering an area of 4375 square kilometers. In the territory in shallow hilly terrain from the northwest to the southeast tilt, the general elevation above sea level at 250-500 m, Area above sea level, 280-400 meters. Cangjiang for the main rivers in the city water system, River flows through the lower reaches 127 kilometers throughout the city. Fuxi He Cangjiang for the city's main tributaries of the territory, the upper reaches of the River Asahi there, "he Weiyuan note, with a total area of river basin is 3 490 square kilometers. Territory in the western city of River since there are more Rongxian across the south, a line of the Minjiang River.

?? ?? Zigong is a shining pearl of the land of abundance, for the first of Sichuan Province, one of the cities and industrial centers. Artesian municipal, Gong Jing, Da-an, along the beach area and four Rongxian, Fushun County, an area the size 4 73 square kilometers, the urban area of 814 square kilometers. In 1989, the city's total population of 2,943,000 people, 969,400 of the population in the urban areas.

Yishanbangshui Zigong, a beautiful and pleasant environment, "salt of the Millennium" and "dinosaur town", "southern city of light" and famous Wani. Since 1986, the city of Zigong has been identified as national historical and cultural city and the city opening to the outside world, "artesian well - dinosaurs scenic spots" were identified as provincial-level scenic spots. Well Salt because of the history of marketing and the way in hilly terrain light conditions artesian, Gong Jing-oriented city layout and V of the mountains, winding rivers weaved staggered to form into a mountain, water, as one of the city, "City of Castle Peak and a half-tower" of the cityscape of the mountains. Even in the city center area, although irregular buildings, busy street, weaved still see the mountains, clear water separation. In surrounded by green mountains and blue waters, a few hundred in the shade of trees Gurong Can still see preserved intact for all kinds of Salt Association, the Association to help, as well as the traditional stone paved street and tens of Brine wooden derrick - Auto Lagerstroemia days, the city across the Camphor Tree City, Feihongqianyu, salt will be more delicate and pretty decorative, subtle and elegant.

  Well Salt-based culture in order to The very rich history and culture. City heritage of the existing 88 units. The Zigong Salt Museum's Hall and the West Yan sea wells, the country's key cultural units; Rongxian the Big Buddha, Confucian Temple Fushun, in order to focus on the provincial level protection unit. Well-known mountain shop on-site dinosaur fossils have been built Three of the world, one of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum Dinosaur Museum. Zigong Mingzao traditional Lantern Festival at home and abroad, the museum special lantern. Sichuan Zigong Jutan art sensation. Zigong Sanjue folk art known as the "Fan Gong," "tie", "Zigong paper-cut" and "fire-side of beef" Tutemingchan, Feng The historical and cultural connotation of the city. The last, since many of the modern historical and cultural celebrities to make the Millennium Yandu more shiny.

Unique to the world-famous lantern. A variety of textures, colors, different sizes of paper, silk, silk, all of the Zigong lantern material, and glass bottles, porcelain, silk, bamboo, bar - Cloth, and other unique local customs and characteristics of the system of light industry raw materials. Zigong Lantern Festival, especially the many varieties, King light blend to win. The thousands of the dragon, lantern, lamp block, light line, light technology, animal lights, lights figures, flowers and birds ... ... variety of lights, Cuicanduomu. During the Lantern Festival, the landscape garden in the exhibition Qi million lights, There are King, King in lights, lights intertwined King, shape, color, light, sound, moving organic integration, blurred levels, magnificent.

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