Monday, January 12, 2009

Shi-dong rural areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi-dong is located in scenic rural Xingwen County in Sichuan Province in the south, as a result of Shilin county, township cave over 17, the "Shi-rural" reputation. Area east of Luzhou, Yibin-West, visitors can Shunan Bamboo-Sea in general and rural Shi-dong even for a whole, the two places have the same road, the journey is only 1 hour.

Hai-dong is the rural development of China's karst region one of the best, many rocks on the ground, like clouds Stone Forest Road South; vertical and horizontal cave on the ground floor, like Guilin Lu Di maze. Wonders of the world is set in one place, matched up and down, and Zhuhai, dinosaurs, HANGING COFFIN four-way tie for the southern Sichuan.

Scenic spots have been found in the size of cave 83, in the area of 10,000 square meters. Zhou is located in his hometown of God's largest wind tunnel, reaching more than 20 million square meters, but the landscape of the richest to the number of the Heung Yee Hing Yan Tian hole. Deep in the hole meters high Wo Hu Ling Ha, bottom-up, divided into 4 layers, is now open 3rd, 4th floor, a total of 7 hall. There are layers underground river, the fish in the water glass. 2,000 m long main tunnel, the highest point reached 100 m, maximum width of 80 meters, with a total area of over 81,000 square meters. Clean air inside the cave, Dongnuanxialiang, the average annual temperature of 13 to 19 degrees Celsius, 3-4 breeze. Tianquan entrance hole wide, 30 meters before the line for Qionglu building "from top to bottom formation, with an area of more than 12,000 square meters. Generals had stones, as long as 340 meters into the" corridor Shi ", Liang Bi covered with stalactites. Deng steps along the" step-You-yun, "hole into the Hall of heart. Office spacious tall, and the entrance hall of similar size.

"Two Mountains and the Chamber of confrontation, Jian-stream, little bridges and recline. Roof of the hall to the right, one day window, into the light, reflecting Feiquan, like a crystal pearl, the Office of the "crash of Lau Kwong-yu." Hall has two pots on the left side of hole, hole before the "rock spectacle bud", after the hole is called the "Stone Forest Bamboo." After the hole, a big bright hall, covering an area of 130 0 square meters, as bright and clean as a mirror on top, named "Tian Ming Palace."

  Not far away from the hole after that there is a bowl-shaped depression, in order to funnel large natural (an geo-specific phenomenon) with a diameter of 650 meters, 208 meters deep, more than the United States claims to be the world's first large funnel Elixibo (straight 330 meters, 70 meters deep), one of the world can not. In 1935, the Red Army left behind a small fighter, the reactionary armed by the local prisoners were thrown depression after heart, it was to be a rock named Red Rock. Xingwen county Xinan Su Ma Wan, the ancient people HANGING COFFIN.

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