Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wang You - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang You-tourism center is located in Zhuhai Wanling small bridge about one kilometer, Shunan Bamboo-Sea is the most famous scenic spots. Wang You-built bamboo-door, the door engraved with the Alliance: "Bamboo Pole million to sweep Red Dust, a river and a clean play Chun Yun-sun sound." Valley into the door, is deep in the culture of Zhuhai Street. Street is a natural soongorica Paved, the Street is the right of the verdant Mianzhu, ci bamboo and bamboo shade of a clear stream. The left is a hillside of a row of bamboo corridors. Township in Penny Lane Gallery is a place of bamboo chopsticks, bamboo car, a bamboo chair, and other travel range of bamboo handicrafts. Looking Wang, Zhu Ting, Zhu Lou, Walled bamboo, bamboo bridges, bamboo and around the corridors of bamboo Formed a wonderful landscape. The back Valley stream, fighting folding hunting, Zhu Ying Cong Cong. Bamboo leaves of the sun through the gap, the golden light cast a little bit. Qingrun of mountain spring water, flowing all the way, left a five Diepu, pearl waterfall and many other waterfalls, and cheerful toward Taniguchi, follow cotton-like bamboo leaves, watch a An amendment of the bamboo grove, and then listen to the features of mountain spring water, as if exposure to a mysterious "fairy tale" in the world. Forgotten in the Valley is a fast Tianshengqiao five meters long, four meters wide boulder. Yamane attached on both sides of the two, from the stream through the bridge below, as this was the level of the rock-like distribution of soft rock below the In the long-term water erosion has been under Tao Kong, above the hard rock has become a natural bridge. In addition to the Tianshengqiao sandstone is a karst area outside the Tianshengqiao rare natural landscape. Tianshengqiao up from more than 10 meters, a huge stone seemed to appear out of the blue, and Shek Pik on engraved with the "A Bigger Bang" vigorous four ?. A huge break to open the two, from 30-40 cm in every break Several grow bamboo, stand tall. &127; Stone to the side of the street, a huge weight in the bamboo shelter and file, are still twists and turns to grow and eventually reach the clouds. In the face of Cijing, you have to praise the bamboo and its vigorous tenacity of Health Force. At the end of the valley, the curtain falls from a high of diarrhea in the bamboo forest, in order to give people "suspected Galaxy nine days off" feeling. Passing the mist in the sun's radiation, showing a seven-color rainbow Road and night. Gu Wang You, "the Qingling-head with the plan, Ying Ying ears and voice of the plan, and refrain from false and seek God, yuan The quiet and mind work. "Gu Wang You, Mother Nature is the best crystallization of the Aura, the people of this world to forget the complex, noisy work, but also go against kite flying days are looking peak heart rate, to see Lun affairs Valley favorite .

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