Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flow Cup pool - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yibin in the suburbs to the north, Choi Hill Branch (who also Tianzhushan) lie on the occasion. Yamashita, a huge rock in the open to form a natural valley, a deep valley more than 20 meters, the bottom slowly out of a clear spring, around the corner into the stone, a natural wonder. The first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Yuan Fu, a poet, calligrapher Huang Tingjian home state Rong, Wang Fang, "Lan Set order "in the" flow Qushui beginning of "artistic conception, this stone quarry pond for drinking water, said the" flow Cup pool. " Since the Song, after the Memorial human Huang Tingjian, one after another in the flow Cup built around the pool, "Weng Ting Fu", "Weng Fu House," "Valley Temple" or "on the Yellow House" building. Weng Fu is the floor, said Xi Huang Tingjian Friends of the study, play The splash-ink, this left a "Fu Ku Sun," "Green Lai Chi Chung," Zhang Hua Chuan in the future. Huang Tingjian to other people, "Fu" is named. "Weng Fu House," in front of the building reads "Wong Fu embrace of" words for the former vice chairman of the National People's Congress Zhou Jian-person book. Denglou lean on a railing, West Xiuse considerable Hawthorn East can be taken on stream Cup pool scenic spots Small garden King "rest Valley," located in the flow area of the water lily pond Cup Chi Pang, Huang Tingjian dressed in plain clothes, books in hand, Chi Pang sit-in meditation. Crane accompanied by two remain in the water, also known as the King of small, "Wong Fu Double-Crane with" fresh and elegant, Yu profound flavor. Vividly demonstrated Rong Huang Tingjian in the home state of disgrace, open-minded moderate heart . After the liberation of Yibin Municipal People's Government in the flow Cup pool the northeast corner of the establishment of the "martyrs cemetery" and to build a "flow Cup pool," Park. Flow Cup pool and stone have been approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, focusing on heritage conservation unit. Park has a diameter of about four meters of stone Yan Ming Dynasty, known as "Dan Pool point pen," Cheng Temple in memory of Zhuge Liang Nan Zheng Shu Han prime minister is built, was built in the Ming Tak years ago nearly 500 years of history. Houdian the Temple Temple, the province is currently a more complete worship of Guan Yu Temple, "the prime minister and the Temple Inkstone" as a municipal heritage unit. There are other parks Fu Weng Ting, Huang suspended floor, will be Taiwan, Kok Yin, Lai Hung-ting, Garden, and other scenic spots and monuments.

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