Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lin soil - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World time immemorial. Mountains in a freeze-frame silent, like a virgin city. Jiaohegucheng Xinjiang as it does not have a history test. Yue Dong is a scene of vitality everywhere; it is not Stone Forest in Yunnan Province as front side edges and corners, there is a unique plain simple and honest. This is from the Xichang City more than 30 km, Huang located in the Union Territory of the Town Lin. Huang Alliance Town as a result of more trees on the hillside named after the Chinese. In the distant past, the five strategic pass of the Silk Road in the South. How much business travel, pack horse, has pass left to live in South Asia can be found. Through the town and, along the Shagou up. First of all, is to see the mirror-like gold duck pond. To turn a quick end. Suddenly in front. Soil - The yellow of the world. In a horseshoe-shaped Shanao years. East West High Low here, with an area of about 1 square km. Proximity to the vast reins Lo Shan, Zibeiernan for peace and River Road in Sichuan and Yunnan, Chengdu-Kunming Railway. 2-long mosquito-like ridge, out of every three winding deep. Lin scattered territories due to the high and low. Gully Wang. A lot of caves. Through which both the mystery thriller. Maogujianran. Also fascinating, fun. Shihlin Department of yellow sand rock texture. Shengongguifu of nature, carved into the thousands of rare art. Lin Qi of the soil, but also varies from person to person, changing, as a result of the situation to another. Childlike eyes. This Is the zoo, Yangtianzhangxiao gallop, Panda Hantaikeju. Qunhou play climbing, according to liger power struggle between. With the intention to form. Everything, Shihlin is the most wonderful evening, when the dim view, the silence only gradually, the fantasy of people will hear all kinds of odd sound, all solidified in this, you need to imagine flying. Geological experts . Shihlin formation. Far can be traced back to 8000 years Yi Yinian to the ice age. Ice water in the deposition phase. Ice water flow brought about by all sorts of things, the formation of sand gravel layer. Sand gravel layer after hardening rock. The new crustal movement by the impact of crack or split (geology, said the cracks). Surface water (mainly rain) along Crack down leakage, and infiltration. As a result of the cumulative gap Erosion and gradually expand to deepen and finally split into a mound, the soil column into an earth-lin. Lin territories of the Department of sand rock, calcium Department of glial junction, less susceptible to weathering, erosion, so mostly mushroom.

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