Sunday, January 11, 2009

Johnson Drum Tower 10 minutes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Johnson visual fall on the balcony at Johnson County Xiang Xiang Street and the next junction, in order to preserve the current state of Liangshan good old buildings. Johnson 10 minutes before the Drum Tower was built 18 light years (1838 AD). At that time, Main Street, North and South, in all three has Kuixing Court. The Drum Tower in the middle of the existing 10 minutes, as a result of China Tower, said the study in Lau After this false name. Tongzhi 2-year-ching (1863 AD) destroyed in the fire. 13-year Guangxu (1887) to build, destroyed 31 years. Keep this line of the clock tower Xuantong 2 years to the first year of the Republic of China (AD 1910-1912) by reconstruction. Covers an area of 142 square meters, 24 meters high pass. Ceiling with green-knot Arched tunnel. Center Street to the north-south through the arch, the Gate 7 meters high, 4.2 meters wide. There are places on the door, the North said, 'Nantong Mongolian governance', the South said 'do in the north'. Arch above the tunnel, to build the flats and 3 noodle layer 6. Floor 1 denomination 'will be a time when clouds', 2nd Floor North amounts' star Mitsuaki'. 3 floor, the amount of South 'Song of the Wind', the amount of 'on Wing'. At all levels Anti-Yan Jiao Qiao, the wind suspended duo. The magnificent building as a whole. Johnson County has always been to swallow land-intensive, to the outside world are marvel, so enjoy the 'Swallow Panxi City' called. The bell and drum tower is the city's seat of the cluster Yan, Yan Xia, Yenchao floor at all levels of clouds, the call issued by the swallows attractive. You do not eat the oil of salt you eat, the house you live through three years' sentence, according to legend, or the Swallow said it.

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