Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long Shan elbow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Shan elbow will be located in the grounds of Longquan county in the northwest territory of the township in the county outside the North, both rural and ginkgo Bay Shian Leou Mi Yixian, Ping Township at the junction of the two. 10 km from the county seat. Long Shan belong to the elbow Luoji Mountain branch, the main peak of 3585.7 meters above sea level, is the third Summit County. Shan its north-south lanes, a long ridge peak 36 km. Peak colder weather, winter snow often, the annual average temperature at about 7 ?. Long Shan elbow dense forest-mao, especially in the "mu cuckoo flowers," featuring, on an area of more than 30 million mu of azaleas each year from early spring to summer, from low-Shan mountains to gradually open race Yan, colorful Zheng Zuoshan dressed as the flower of the sea, attracts tourists and local counties and cities around this concept of flowers, images of photographs.

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