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Yibin Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

.... Is located in the city of Yibin in southern Sichuan Basin, East by Wan Li Changjiang, the size of Liangshan west, near the south of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan in the hinterland of the north, southern Sichuan-to-win. 1 9 county jurisdiction, the size of 13,282 square kilometers, has a population of about 5,000,000.

Yibin city climate in Central Asia with an area of moist monsoon climate Sichuan, "the South basin," the type of climate, and subtropical climate attributes. Four Seasons plenty of heat, frost-free period for 347 days. The average annual temperature is 17.9 ?, the lowest in January an average of 7.8 ?, the hottest July average of 26.8 ?. The total rainfall for the year 1169.6 mm, often at night rain 73% Right. Climate throughout the city with a "warm Chunzao back soon, the summer heat without long, autumn and late cotton and more rain, less Shuangxue Winter" and "more rain", "little sunshine" and "weak trend" and so on.

Yibin rich in natural resources. 168.52 hectares of land throughout the city, of which a net 64.07 million mu of cultivated land, forest land 4.46 million, 2.81 million mu garden. Have the Jinsha River, Minjiang River estuary and the initial section of the Yangtze River and southern Canton. Yellow River, Ma Kai, and other 55 small streams, the water area of 12. l million. The city's water resources, a total of 240,100,000,000 cubic meters, the total amount of water available for the development of 96,250,000 kilowatt Mining coal, clay, gold and gravel, sand, and other building materials. The main agricultural production of rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane, peanuts, rapeseed, tea, vegetables and so on. There are lychee fruit, longan, orange, Citrus sinensis, such as the dozens orange. Rare wild plants have Ginkgo, cycads, Metasequoia, more than 10 species of tree fern, and so on. Fisheries are well-known sturgeon, white sturgeon, the salamander, eel, yellow forehead, the original rock carp, abalone, and so long kiss. Yibin has a long history of the motherland as one of the earlier development of the south-west. Siwuqiannian no later than the former, that is, human beings live here, for the ancient land inhabited by people stabbed. After the Qin Dynasty belong to the Warring States period, from the Western Han Jian County has 21 Years. Yibin Road, formerly known as thorn in the short term has been renamed the Spurs rule, Jiang outside. North governance to a four-year (1114), Rosa County Road, Yibin County, changed its name before. June 19, 1951, founded the city of Yibin, as the county-level city. Yibin Municipal Government City resident, was founded in 2006 after the Western Han Dynasty high (before 182). Han, Li County government has, since the late Western Han Dynasty for qianwei Junzhi, Liang Rong for the state government, Rong Tang for the state, Nanxi Junzhi, Rong to the state, the state government and Syria, and Syria million for the state road administration, Ming and Qing rule for the Syrian capital, in the latter part of Sichuan for the first Chief Inspector of the District Six resident agency. Since the liberation of Yibin, Sichuan Province, Yibin region has always been for the Administrative Office is located. Accessible Yibin, Sichuan is a land and sea transport hub. There are daily direct passenger ship in Chongqing, Shanghai and the state, Leshan, the new towns along the river and all over, Shun Dong of 2 771 km up to Shanghai. City speed of the train cars a day into the three direct-3 Chengdu, Chongqing can be transferred across the country. New highway linking the city has been 5 Township, the town of Yibin and the region 9 counties, 74 towns and 29 counties within and outside the province and cities.

Yibin in Sichuan Province is to light industry, energy-based emerging industrial city. Here that the developed-handicrafts, Tang, Song had fried lychee, Gobe. Ge fiber, and other well-known tribute, produced by Pitt re-Spring, Michael Snow of the Yao Green branch, and so famous, so that the poet Du Fu once, Huang Tingjian, Fan dumping. In time, the city Lin Lane silk crepe Pago Kangcang exported to the Yunnan-Guizhou, Myanmar exports; Lichuan Wing "Wuliangye" wine has been sold to San Francisco and other places, "the world's Mingzhen," War of Resistance Against Japan, Yibin foundation of modern industrial, energy power generation Enhance Paper-making machinery, electrical porcelain and chemical begun to take shape. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the development of a new machine building, nuclear power components, electromagnetic, electronics, shipbuilding, construction materials, textiles, transport equipment, food processing industries. 1985, 362 industrial enterprises in the city, has more than 60,000 industrial workers. The main 143 kinds of products, won the 29 and maintain Guoyou, Buyou, provincial superior title, there are 18 people one after another into the international market.

Yibin has a long history of cultural, urban and peri-urban Han Dynasty unearthed in stone, stone carving, ceramics, shows a pre-2000 buildings here, music, acrobatics, singing, and other arts Has been developed to a higher level. Song, Ming and Qing three generations, Yibin who works 20 to 30 homes were handed down. End of Qing Dynasty, wood City, lithography, letterpress printing and the type of copper has been Publication 49. Yibin of Sichuan Opera is to send River Ziyang, Sichuan in the river were voiceless Tune birth, growth, "the Syrian government star" in his field listed Popular. After the liberation of Yibin, the progressive development of cultural undertakings. In 1951, has unearthed the world famous "Mamenchisaurus dinosaurs' fossils. Clean up after the excavation of the tomb close to 30. Zhao Yiman a new memorial, museums, palaces workers, youth, and so on a large number of cultural facilities. In 1985, the book Collection has more than 300,000, the museum more than 4 000 pieces of cultural relics. The preservation of the habitat in the city of Tang Dynasty stone Buddha Statue at the theory, Song, the old tower, Wu Zhen Ming Shan Temple group, money Daguan Lou more than 40 ancient cultural relics and ancient architecture for the protection of maintenance, there are 4 provinces were listed as key protection unit .

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