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Scenic Bi Fengxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bi Fengxia located 8 km north the city of Ya'an, the two spots for the Valley, 7 km long gorge left and right 6 km long gorge, was "V" shape, and 30-70 meters wide, 700-1971 meters above sea level, relatively high-walled gorge 100-200 meters. Vegetation, waterfalls and gorges King is a distinctive feature of the Bi Fengxia area. Gap in Lin Lush, green want to drop, which rise amid permanent peaks, lofty cliffs sink. Song Zhi Qi from time to time, play high blue sky, sometimes two mts sky combined first-line, multi-types of landscape falls, so that the two-Gap add unlimited view, it is intoxicated. Rush down the stream bottom to stimulate the silver spray with ring the valley, do not have a mood. Along the 1.5 m wide Stone road in the gorge area around tourism, can enjoy the risk, extraordinary show's quiet style of the original. Huanglong scenic spots there are Gap, Xian Qiao days, as well as natural landscapes, Melaleuca rock falls, the Longtan white waterfall, Nu Wa pool, water attractions such as the 60 multiple path along the cliff.

Bifeng Xia Xia Huang and dependencies, 4 km long gorge, the narrowest point only 30 , Hovering in the Longxi River Canyon, fast winds. Qiaoyagazhi the two sides, stand like a wall Cangyan the mountain and a deep valley, the trees Blot out the Sun. Gap Dragon, there are peaks Tigers peak, the peak cat, Lady Feng, Feng Xiao Xitian, various shapes, uncanny workmanship, realistic shape. Cliffs, hanging Fei Bao, gurgling spring. Summer evening, Gu Shen He, Yinghuofeizong, like little stars. Huanglong Gap in a stand of a mountain, like a sitting Buddha statue Chuishou, clear facial features, face charity, the Buddhist state Keju, Huang Ju called natural Buddha. Gap, there are waterfalls, Lake Creek 50, like some silver beads fly-splash, and some, such as Bailian once dropped by air, or layer Off the stack, or a note in the end. Bi Fengxia constitute a unique scenic landscape. White Longtan falls 30 meters high, more than 10 meters wide, rushing down from the cliff, passing water all over the sky, such as White to take off, he could feel the water, Hanqixiren, ghastly You Sui, waterfall sound of shock Canyon, have a strong resonance. The formation of the bottom 10 meters deep , With an area of about 100 square meters.

Melaleuca-high waterfall about 100 meters, 10 meters wide, vacant Baoshui Ban Yao Fei Xie fall into the cliff platform Lam, easing streams from the mountainside along the rocks and Melaleuca, the formation of a great many silver The silver screens, such as hair Xianji, Sasa Durian, from the annual accumulation of layers of the steep Plunge down to form a two-cascade waterfall desktop. Yuanyang falls more than 30 meters high, Fei Xie down by the stream of high-rock block will be divided into first, second, about the formation of two different sizes, different momentum of Yuanyang waterfall. Green Longtan waterfall about 40 meters, 6 meters wide, who falls in the jungle canyons and Fei Liu, wearing several layers of rocks Note The bottom, such as the Tsing Lung power down the mountain. A pit bottom, covering an area of more than 100 square meters.

Water right path along the cliff at Gap travel the path along the cliff, stream water from more than 10 meters high on the uniform and Uncovered Rock Sala, visitors here, the path along the cliff stop and look to the rock water, splashing water, Qinrenxinpi. Nu Wa pool at the White Longtan scenic waterfall , Falls to scour for many years formed the open Tam Chi, Nu Wa for the legend of the bath. More than 80 meters long, 30 meters wide, Chui Chi-week Green Castle, Huaxiangniaoyu, clear water bottom, such as the blue mirror. Bi-feng at Temple Mountain Bifeng Xia Ping, also known as Ping Temple, 1250 meters above sea level, was built in Tang Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty re - . Temple covers an area of 12,000 square meters, building on the hillside and powerful around the axis of the original has Qiandian, the Middle Temple, the main sanctuary, Ling House, and so on Houdian hall, but after Rise and Fall of the existing Kwun Yam Temple, stone arches, stone lions, Incense burner, and so on.

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