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Shunan Bamboo-Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

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  Ling Qing million formerly known as Sichuan is located in Changning, Jiang adjoining counties in the south of the Tianshan even Yu Mo, 50 km away from the Changning county, 81 km from the city of Yibin. 28 scenic spots inside the mountain is thick bamboo, bamboo waves rippling, merging into the sea, through the green at the southern end of the Tianfu. So broad boundless ocean of bamboo Is rarely seen at home and abroad. Shunan Bamboo-Sea in 1988 by the State Council as a key national scenic spots, and in 1991 was awarded "China's 40 best tourist destination" and "Top 10 Chinese natural scenic areas".

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  Legend has it that the Northern Song Dynasty poet Huang Tingjian Zhuhai to have a swim when he Teng Peak, to see such a beautiful chip into the Zhuhai, the praise can not help: "Zhuang Kenya! Bamboo waves thousands of miles, Emei sister ears!" On hearing this, local people have come to offer wine, the poet said excitedly, "I have Xiuse Drunk! "He's excited at the Shek Pik to write on the" million Qing Ling, "the three characters. Zhuhai so far there are still people in two townships Wan Ling Xiang "and" Wanli Township. "

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  Shunan Bamboo-Sea scenic area of 120 square kilometers, 600-1000 meters above sea level, Zhu Jing is the main feature of both cultural relics of scenic spots. Center for 70,000 hectares of bamboo scenic areas around the mountain the size of 28, 500 mt , Into a piece of bamboo, lush green, green and luxuriant, Taosheng off. Looking a little perspective, vast Yan Bo, like the green sea, is spectacular, rarely seen at home and abroad. Premier Li Peng wrote: "The world Tsui Shunan Bamboo-Sea," for the colorful Zenghui Shunan Bamboo-Sea area.

  Zhuhai average altitude 600-1000 meters or so, the lowest temperature of not less than zero degree Celsius, a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius, warm summer is as cool as the East, very pleasant, so here are suitable climate all year round tourism. Climb Zhuhai, a large number of bamboo and Feng Zi was the same as next phase, they hold each other or into a cluster, such as green Land; of catching or dependent, then the sky Tsui; or criss-crossing to form a jade-like maze;-intensive or the side of the road, interwoven into a jade-like arcade; Huguangshanse or stand in the way, do not have the best interest of Qianying waves. Tortuous path turned into the deep shade of bamboo, more green smoke Ai Ai Qing floating air. Xu Qing-feng, the only group Suddenly whirling dance, sway thousands of miles, Zhuhai and beautiful scenery there is really everywhere, everywhere there are poetry, contains all the bamboo fragrance. Zhuhai endless, even the even-chuan Kwu Ling, the situation of its doldrums and will make you drunk.

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